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BlogHer: What to expect!

With BlogHer only two! weeks! away! I thought it would be an excellent time to offer some advice about how to prepare for this conference. I wrote a Top 5 Reasons To Be Stressed About BlogHer post before I arrived to BlogHer last year, because I was a bit overwhelmed. (Keeping track of the party invitations alone was a full-time job!)

My fears disappeared as soon as I popped the Ativan on the airplane. I travelled with some awesome bloggers, so that helped calm down my mommy guilt, since it was my first time flying without my boys. This year, the 'party plane' as it's been dubbed, will be filled with awesome Canadian bloggers including the girls from Mom Central Canada!

In summary, BlogHer last year was an absolutely amazing experience, which is why I'm going again.

Without further ado, here is my BlogHer advice to you, if you're going for the first time:

If you want to meet someone, don't be shy. Run up to that famous blogger you love, professing your love for them and shoving your business card in their face. Don't forget to hug them really tight, too! The worst thing that'll happen? They'll stare at you like you're crazy and walk away, leaving you sobbing all by yourself, as you put your business card back in your wallet and head to the bar to drown your sorrows in a row of shots.

When you're at the Expo Hall, make sure to run to each booth and greedily say: "Is this free? Is this free? Is this free? Oh, look! A pen! Yay!" That's what networking is all about, and it's a sure-fire way to make great connections and to secure future business opportunities with the amazing companies who helped sponsor BlogHer.

If you're sharing a room with someone you really like, but have not met before, make sure to take hours in the bathroom getting dolled up, making them wait for their turn to shower and get ready. Leave your clothes scattered about, and keep the room as messy as possible, so you're reminded of the state of affairs back home, keeping your "I miss my kids!" tears at bay.

Take full advantage of the free cocktails at all the parties you'll be attending. Don't stop drinking! Nothing is more glamorous than when you're so drunk you can't even walk straight anymore. People will definitely remember you!

In all seriousness, just have fun, and be yourself. Yes, this is the number one piece of advice you'll hear from everyone else, too, but it's true.

Also, remember this: you're a BLOGGING conference. That means all 3,000 of us? We are there for the same reason. We love to blog. And it doesn't matter if you blog about fashion, entertainment, health, life, or motherhood—we share a common interest. And we're all a little geeky.

Introduce yourself to new people. Sure, you're hopefully going to see (and hang out with) the bloggers you've been wanting to meet, but you should also talk to the girl in front of you in line for drinks, or the people staying in the hotel room next to you. You never know who you'll end up clicking with and spending time with!

Exchange numbers with bloggers and friends you want to hook up with before hand, so you'll be able to reach them once you're in San Diego.

Don't be stressed about what to wear. Your best accessory is your smile and personality. Sure, I loved getting dressed up for the parties last year, and BlogHer is a great excuse to get that new dress or pair of shoes you've had your eyes on, but you don't have to shop for a new wardrobe before BlogHer. Wear what you love, and the fun will follow!

I pack all my 'party' clothes and shoes in my carry-on, so that way, if my suitcase gets lost? I won't have to worry about the clothes situation once I arrive to the hotel. The fewer things I have to worry about, the better! Oh, and bring a big suitcase. Last year there was a lot of swag!

Bring lots of business cards—you will be exchanging cards with people you meet all the time.
(I'll be giving away business cards with Tiny Prints this week, too, so stay tuned!)

Don't worry about what parties you're invited or not invited to. The most fun can happen when you least expect it. I had a blast having drinks with Jessica, Pauline, Adam, Emily, Muskrat and Sam at the rooftop bar of Hotel Gansevoort. And going on a quest for a slice of pizza with Jessica at 1 a.m. was quite memorable, too!

Plenty of fun random get-togethers will take place in the hotel lobby or bar. I plan on spending a lot of time outside by the pool talking to friends this year. And working on my tan!

I'm not going to give you a list of all the things you should bring (or not bring) with you, but comfortable shoes are a total bonus. And don't forget your cell phone charger, a laptop, or your ipad. And money and a camera, of course!

I met so many fabulous people last year, too many to name here, and I can't wait to see new friends (like my roommate Lotus! Yay!) and see old friends again in two weeks.

I hope you have a great time in San Diego. Even if you spend some time solo, you'll be fine. You will learn a lot and you will have a fantastic experience if you make an attempt to do a few things that scare you. Smile. And have fun!

Oh, and if you need new amazing business cards? I have a $50 Tiny Prints giveaway just for YOU! Tiny Prints was nice enough to make my cards for me last year and again this year, and now they're giving YOU some business cards, too! Just leave me a comment below telling me how excited you are about going to BlogHer11 and I will pick a winner on Friday, July 22nd!

See you in San Diego...

P.S. I'd like to thank my friends at Mabel's Labels for partially sponsoring my trip to Blogher!

P.P.S. In case you didn't know, I'm a new blogger over at Yummy Mummy Club! My blog is all about what I love most in this world, after my children... that's right: shopping! And right now, I'm giving away a pretty awesome cosmetics gift from Luxe Box! Check it out!


crazypants said…
I feel privileged to say I was sitting RIGHTTHERE when you took that pic with Momma's Gone City. ANd I do recall, when waiting in line for our conference badges, MyMessyParadise and I were looking around pointing everyone out, and you and BOREDMommy were the first two we spotted floating around. Freakin' Canadians.

Looking forward to seeing you this year and stealing more of your time!

Nolie said…
Have a fantastic time. I would love to go to BlogHer one day.
Krista House said…
I'm going this year for the first time and I am super excited. Two. Weeks. I'm freaking out!
Unknown said…
I cannot WAIT to hug you and I'm SO excited that we finally get to meet!!! I hope we can hang out some too. See you soon! WOHOO!!!
designHER Momma said…
oh how I wish I was going to be there this year sipping down an expensive bottle of vodka with you again! It was so very very fun!!
Miss Britt said…
I didn't know you got a partial sponsor - that's awesome!!!!
Liz Mays said…
The exchanging of numbers beforehand is crucial. That's the only way I've ever for sure met up with people!
Stephanie said…
Oh I love this post! Your BlogHer post is much more calming then mine, thanks for that!~ Can't wait to see you:)
Stephanie said…
Forgot my own PS!! Congrats on the amazing Yummy Mummy gig and the Mabel's Labels Sponsorship:)
Hooray! I enjoyed our night on the roof as well. See you soon!
Awesome post! 2 weeks!!!!
I'm looking forward to meeting you.
: )
That's Ron said…
;) have a nice time
Avitable said…
So, what you're saying is that you're not going to obsess about what to wear at all? Hmmm.
Excited for our party plane ride :)
alimartell said…
I really don't even understand how we did not meet last year...or how I didn't even know that you were there...
Sabrina said…
This sounds so exciting! I tend to awkwardly approach people and shy away from asking if the samples are free, so (if I was going) I'm excited to push away those quirks and be out there to meet and greet!

Sounds like a great networking opportunity!
Summer said…
I MUST win these cards!!! This is my first ever bloggin' conference and who would I be without business cards? =)

Super excited to see you girl!!!
Jenna said…
This will be my first year at Blogher & I am excited to meet some of the friends I've made online and see San Diego too. My first cross country flight as well!
Maura said…
I'm getting more exited the closer the day comes to my traveling to San Diego!

I'll look for you by the pool, as I don't think we met last year! :-)
I'm so excited to go to BlogHer and get free stuff. I heard Angelina and Brad are going to raffle off Suri this year!
I'm very excited - sun, sand and San Diego! The Canadian contingent will be smaller than last year but we'll still be there for each other, just in case.
I'm not going to BlogHer this year.. boo! But I just wanted to chime and say YES - it is a great way of connecting with people. Meeting people in real life is my favourite part of conferences like these. After I meet them I read their blogs in a totally different way. Love it.
Cannot wait to see you again! I am so sad we didnt get a pic together last year! We will have to change that in San Diego


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