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Our visit at CHEO

Our vist to CHEO yesterday went better then I thought it would. Christos's ultrasound lasted only about 10 minutes, because he was very cooperative and brave and strong. He cried the entire time, but listened and was aware of what was going on. I'm so glad that is over and done with! We meet with his urologist in two weeks, but I'm confident the results will be good based on his previous test results. Thank GOD! What troubles me is when we arrived at CHEO, we saw police tape all around the front entrance. We ducked under the tape, and proceeded to walk in (as everyone else was doing the same thing, and there were cops there) We noticed a lot of broken glass and smashed in newspaper boxes. We didn't know what to think... perhaps it was an accident? When I got back to work yesterday, I found out it was a man high on drugs carrying a loaded gun (I believe he had a few guns on him) and he crashed into the front doors at CHEO, and tried to get in. THANK HEAVENS the doors we