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10 things that make me happy!

This week's writing assignment from the fabulous Mama Kat is to list 10 things that make you happy. 1, My children make me happy . I know, no big surprise here. My children are my life, my reaon for living, and they make me so darn HAPPY! How could they not? They're cute, funny, adorable, kissable, smart, and just so... wonderful! 2. Vacation. Vacation makes me very, very happy . I love to travel. I love airports! I love people watching. I love beautiful resorts, big comfy beds, balconies overlooking the ocean, and massive pools. Sightseeing. And swimming with my boys - that makes me the most happy ! 3. Shopping makes me happy . I love it. I could spend all day talking about how much I love shopping because it makes me feel so good and there is nothing like the wonderful smell of certain stores and how happy you get when you buy that new purse or pair of shoes or sunglasses... but I'm trying to keep this short! 4. Food makes me happy . Yup, I love to eat. I'm Gre

Life before children

How did you find life before children? I found it rather boring - but you can read my entire post here, on this fabulous website: Hope you enjoy reading it! Would love to hear your comments - either here, or there . Happy reading!

Too much of a good thing?

“The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.” B. F. Skinner Do you think there is such a thing as too much positive reinforcement? If so, I think I would be guilty of that. As a mom, I love to teach my children. The alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours. I love to see them dance to music, sing along with a song, clap their hands, laugh. I get such enjoyment from seeing them happy and active and learning. And I'm always praising them. My oldest son, who is turning 4 this summer, is learning to write letters. Every time I see him write a letter I get giddy with excitement, practically jumping up and down from joy. "Oh my GOD, Christos, good for you! Way to go! That is THE MOST perfect letter C I have ever seen in my entire life! I'm going to frame this! You're the best ever!" Seriously. That's me. And it's genuine. I'm that happy. And I'm not quiet, either, at the park. Recently, my son climbed the 'climbing w

Fun at the fair

This weekend, I took the boys to the fair. Don't you love taking your kids to the fair in the summer? Despite all the questionable and scary looking people that roam the grounds? Especially the scary looking ride operators! But don't worry - I was prepared - I carried about 5 cases of Purell with me and my boys took a 5 hour shower as soon as we got home. But while we were at the fair, we did have a lot of fun. And they did eat a lot of junk food. I'm not kidding - they ate everything you can imagine! First up - winning a totally useless prize for my boys! All I had to do was pay 5 dollars, pop a few balloons, and my boys got to walk away with these little turtles. Which, by the way, are either somewhere in the trunk of my car now, or in the garbage. Their excitement over these turtles lasted about 14 seconds. Time for the rides! No fair experience is complete without a ride on the Merry-Go-Round, right? Here is my big boy having fun. He got on and off all by himself this


I think it is pretty amazing that so many of you awesome bloggers are not only gifted with the words you write, you are also gifted with taking pictures. It amazes me how so many of you are fabulous photographers! I have a great Sony digital camera and I know if I took the time to learn how to propery use it, I, too, could take some 'professional' looking pictures. Although I'm not unhappy with any pictures I take of my children, it would be so cool to take pictures with blurry backgrounds, you know? I consider MckMama to be an amazing photographer - I'm sure you all know her, as she is quite the popular blogger! She has dedicated an entire post about how to take blurry backgrounds in pictures. I just don't know if I'll ever learn! Luckily for me, my sister's husband has one of those awesome Nikon (or Canon?) cameras with a huge lens. This is his camera for the next few months, because he's on a photography course for his job - he's a police offi

Kindergarten anxiety

My baby boy starts kindergarten in September. That's just a few months away. I'm very emotional about this, because I'm just not ready. Not at all. My baby boy, my first born son, is going to start school in the fall. How can that be? How can this little baby be ready for school already? I was reading a 'Kindergarten Readiness' checklist the other day, and here are some things on the list: Speaks in complete sentences most of the time - yup. Understands and follows directions with at least two steps - yup. Understands vocabulary related to direction, size and comparison - yup. Makes simple predictions and comments about a story being read - yup. Participates in repeating a familiar song, poem and/or nursery rhyme - yup. Matches three letters with the sounds they make - yup. Demonstrates independence in personal car - yup. Copies figures such as circle, straight line, etc. - yup. Hops, jumps, runs - yup. Interacts with other children - yup. Separates from parents b

I love you to Mercury

You know how some moments you'll just cherish forever? I had a moment like that over the long weekend with my oldest son. We were in bed together, trying to take a nap. Cuddling, and just enjoying eachother's company. Which was great, because I hardly get any one-on-one time with him, since I'm always with my baby boy. "Mama.... I love you," my big boy told me. I melted. I smiled. I will forever remember that moment. Because my child is not one to say this sort of thing often. I mean, I know he loves me. But to hear it? Wow. Music to my ears. Forever engraved in my memory. Which makes the following statement he said to me last night not that dreadful. "I love you so much, Christos!" I said. (I say this a billion times a day. I think he gets bored of hearing it sometimes, to be honest.) "I love Daddy to the middle of nowhere." (He's talking about, like, infinity. Never ending love. How sweet, right?) "And how much do you love Mommy?&qu

Interview with a 3 year old, take two!

I have a journal that I keep about my children. One for each child. I'm actually on my second journal for my oldest son, not including his baby book that I filled during his first year. Right now, I'm loving interviewing my oldest son. I include the things he says in the journal. For some reason, these interviews always take place during bath time. I love hearing his little answers to my questions! How old are you? 4 . Actually, you're 3 and a half. Forget about it - I'm 4, not 3! What makes you happy? Turquoise. What do you love to do? Construction stuff. Who do you love? Daddy, Mama, yiayia Katerina, yiayia Georgina. What about Dimitry: I love him too! What's your favourite movie? Transformers... ahhhh... Favourite song? No One. What is your favourite animal? A chickie . Favourite Season? Snow. I looked at him like, what? you hate winter! and he said: "It's because I love following snowplows around, mommy!' Then I said to myself: hmmm... what el

Q's and A's!

My wonderful bloggy friend Jessica from This is Worthwhile tagged me for this fun meme... and of course I had to play! 1. What are your current obsessions? Blogging, writing, organizing and trying to stay on track with losing weight. 2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? Lulu's at home, any pair of pants from BR for work. So practical and comfortable! 3. Last dream you had? A few nights ago, I had a dream I was visiting my grandparents in Greece with my children. My grandparents were dancing. This may seem like a good dream, but apparently,(at least to Greeks) seeing people dance in your dream is a very bad thing. So, this dream sucked. 4. Last thing you bought? An orange sweater and white long sleeved shirt from Banana Republic. 5. What are you listening to? My baby babbling in the background. 6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? Aphrodite, of course - Goddess of love, lust and beauty! (I wish!)I'm more like Mother Goddess . 7. Favorite holiday spo

Tales from the park

One of my favourite things about being a mom is going to the park with my boys. I don't need an excuse to sit on a swing again, and I love to laugh along with my boys as I push them higher and higher and higher... and playing in the sand and watching my children go down the slide - it's so much fun! It's great, too, because all that playing totally tires them out and that means they're ready for bed by the time we get home! It's also fun to socialize with other parents from the neighbourhood - talking about our children, the weather, the long winter, whatever - I enjoy it. But sometimes, the strangest things also happen at the park... Last week, these 2 boys who were probably 5 or 6 years old ran right up to Christos, nearly knocking him down, and stared hissing at him! Like: "Hisssssssssssssss" and they kept doing this, over and over again. "Hisssssss..." I was a little freaked out, as was my son, who started walking towards me, losing a Croc


I feel very blessed being the mother of my two boys. And I feel like my family is complete, especially when I see my two boys interacting with eachother - when I see Christos trying to teach Dimitry something, or overhearing him say: "No Dimitry, that is not a good toy - it's not made in Germany!" Moments like that always make me smile. Even seeing them fight over a book or a rock is sometimes funny. I love both of their little personalities. But then... I see a stroller go by with a baby inside, and all I can think about is how badly I want another baby! If you ask my husband, he will tell you he is absolutely not having another child because he is very happy with his two boys and he would probably tell you that he doesn't think I would be able to handle another child. And he's right, for the most part. Because taking care of two children - two boys - is not an easy job. In fact, it's pretty darn hard. But along with all the hard parts comes the most amazin

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies! As you all know, there is no greater gift on this universe then being a mom. I think that it's impossible to describe the love a mom has for her children... so I won't even try. I know you know what I'm talking about. The greatest days of my life were the days my two children were born. They are my whole world, and on Mother's Day, all I want to do is be with them, and thank them for allowing me to be their mommy. Because there is nothing I love more. I have got to start taking some original pictures of my boys and I!

7 things about me!

The fabulous Melissa from Spoiled Mommy passed this bling to me and the meme is to divulge 7 unknown, yet awesome facts about myself, and then pass the bling on to a few others! So... hmm... 7 yet unknown, yet awesome facts about myself? 1. I have a little heart tattoo. And I'm thinking of getting another one, with my son's initials. 2. I turned down an intership at CNN in D.C. and went to CBS instead. I based that decision on the shorter subway ride from my place in Bethesda. I totally regret this decision now, but I was in my early 20's, and well, I wasn't as smart, I guess! 3. I met Princess Diana years ago, when my mom was presenting her with one of her paintings at a hospital event. She was beautiful, and had the nicest, longest legs ever. 4. I hate what carbs do to me but I love carbs too much to give them up. I could eat pizza everyday! I love you carbs! I hate you, carbs. 5. I love the ocean... love the smell, the sound, and swimming in it! I wish I lived in a

The perfect mom

A great post was written by PHD in Parenting and it got me thinking about what makes a perfect mom . We always question whether we're pefect moms, don't we? Does the perfect parent actually exist? We all make mistakes. We all have questioned things other mom do, and we've maybe even announced it loud and clear that we're not fans of 'their' way of parenting. I know I have. I don't understand how someone can let their child cry it out - my boys so much as sigh in their sleep and you should see how fast I run up those stairs! Is it wrong of me to tell other moms that I'm not a fan of this method that they have chosen, that works so well for them? I don't think it's wrong of me, because I respect these moms no matter what they choose for their child. If it works for them - great. I don't care if a mom breastfeeds or formula feeds. I absolutely do not think a mom is less a mom because she did not breastfeed - for whatever her reason. My mom nev

The Great Adventure

I didn't realize how many wonderful things there were to do in this city until I became a mom. Ottawa has a lot of museums - Science and Technology, Museum of Nature, Agriculture Museum, War Museum and the Aviation Museum - but my favourite is the Museum of Civilization. Why? Because of the Children's Museum ! We go to the Children's Museum all the time - there is always so much to do, no matter what the season. And my boys just love it there! It's non-stop fun for children of all ages. The museum's theme is The Great Adventure , and it truly is a great adventure! Children get to 'travel the world'. When you enter, children pick up a little passport and go around getting it stamped as they travel to different destinations. Children can 'cook' in a kitchen, shop at markets from different parts of the world, try on costumes and put on a show, build a wall, paint, visit a 'bookstore', walk through the pyramids of Egypt, and so much more! Christ

Who needs perfection?

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get my two boys to sit together for a decent picture. This is the best I can get, on some days. But pictures like this? Totally make me giggle.

Daily dose of laughter

Do you children make you laugh all day? Mine do. They are seriously keeping me young, despite years of sleep deprivation I suffer from! Yesterday, Christos was looking at Dimitry's head and paying very close attention to his hair. Brushing it this way and that way, with his little fingers, as Dimitry was trying to run away. "Christos," I said, "What are you doing?" "I'm looking for white hair. To see if Dimitry is getting old". I could not stop laughing. I have no idea where he came up with that - I have never in my life talked about white hair and neither has my husband. The things kids say! So cute. And it seems like I've been talking more about Christos then Dimitry lately - Let me just say, little Dimitry is a ray of sunshine! He wakes up beside me every morning with a smile on his face just ready to take on the day. I attack him with kisses, just to hear his gorgeous laugh. He then watches me as I shower, put on my make-up, and get dressed

For the love of be-o!

Since I've been telling you all about my son giving up his 'be-o's this week, I thought I'd end it with this picture that was taken a few months ago on our way to Bahamas. See how many 'be-o's' Christos has? There are a lot of them. Can you correctly guess the amount? Wish I could give the person who answers correctly a prize, but I don't have anything right now. I'm working on that! Anyway - this picture pretty much summarizes how much he loved his be-o's. I had to put them all on his soother-holder-thingy at the same time. Isn't that ridiculously funny?

Flashback Fridays!

I thought I'd participate in the Flashback Friday party that Scary Mommy is hosting today and re-post this post that is not that old, but still... timely. My grandparents have left for Greece and I will miss my grandmother terribly until her return in August. She is a life-saver and a true saint, and my boys love her so, so much. Things are much harder when she is not around to take care of us all! ________________________________ Originally posted February 24th, 2009 A living saint This is one of my favourite pictures of the four generations - I so badly wish my son Christos was in it, too! It's my sister, my mom, my grandmother, me and baby Dimitry. This is my beautiful grandmother with my two children. My grandmother is the most amazing lady that ever walked the earth. I'm not kidding. This is the woman who raised two great children - my mommy, who is my closest friend, a wonderful mom, amazing grandmother, successful artist and just overall terrific and funny person. M

A Friday update

It has been a few days now since Christos has give up, on his own free will, his 'be-o's' . I'm still really proud of him! Last night, before bed, he asked for one. "Mommy, I just want to try it to see if I really did quit." I laughed, and gave him one. He sucked. Then asked for another. And sucked that one. And then? "Yup, I quit still." He handed them back to me, I put them away, read him a few books, and he went to bed. This morning, after I left for work, my husband was getting ready, and then he went to Christos's room to get him dressed. What does he see? Christos, surrounded by about 8 be-o's, just sucking away! "Daddy, I just needed a little break with my be-o's." Then he put them away. That's will power! In the meantime, Dimitry is very happy to have inherited all his big brothers be-o's. (Don't worry, I'll sterilize them all!)