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48 Questions, 48 Answers

Back in days when I used to blog without the distraction of Twitter, I'd sometime take part in fun little meme's, like this one. These are so much fun and can really get the writing juices flowing. Here we go... kicking it old school: 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Yes! I am named after my grandmother from my father's side, Loukia. She's Italian (but the rest of me is Greek!) and so her real name is Lucia. In English, my name is Lucy. A lot of my friends call me Loulou, too. 2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? This morning, on my drive to work. I hadn't had my coffee yet. But really, I was in tears because my little kindergartener didn't want me to leave him and he was teary when I dropped him off at school. My heart! 3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? If I try really hard, yes. Otherwise, no. It also totally depends on the pen and the colour of the ink, too. 4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Um... bacon? Bacon is always the answer. 5. DO

Making The Switch (And A Great Giveaway For You!)

If you have children, you've probably witnessed them putting weird things in their mouths. You know, things like sand, marbles, lego pieces, erasers, dog food, or even cleaning products. My youngest son, who just turned five, has kept me on the edge of my seat since the day he was born. He's the one I worried about the most at the park when he was younger, as sand would often be his snack of choice. Last year he came into my room with a glowing smile. He had taken a bite into a glo-stick and the fluorescent substance was in his mouth. After some online research, we figured out that he was going to be okay, but I was totally worried. Now, I'm just convinced he has superhero powers. Last week, I heard him call out to me: "Mommy, why is there sand in the bathtub? I just tried some..." I ran upstairs, and discovered he had licked some bathroom cleaner. You know, toxic bathroom cleaner with bleach? Yup. Of course, I panicked. That prompted me to start looking f

Five Years

My baby boy— my second child —is now five years old. I don't know how the years have gone by so quickly or how I am still able to function after all these years of getting no more than five hours of sleep a night, but somehow, here we are. My little D is a ray of sunshine. He's happy, he's lovely, he's in love with me, and with his family. He looks up to his big brother "Ito", and he is one heck of a trouble-maker. He can charm anyone, and people stop to talk to him wherever we go. He's got a way with his words, he's bold, he's loud, he's funny. He is a character, and he can act. If we lived in Hollywood, he's no doubt win an Oscar. He's a drum-playing, Queen-loving, alligator-obsessed just turned five year old. He's all drama, and he's mastered the perfect poker face. He can play a game of cards better than half the adults I know, and he's smart beyond his years, much like brother. He understands things on a lev

Golden Globe Awards Summary

Dear Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: I am still laughing. Really, I am. And I'll get back to talking about who I think was last night's best dressed at the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards, but I had to take a moment to thank you for being such amazing (and gorgeous and smart) hosts. On behalf of everyone everywhere on the planet, thank you. Also, please see that you host every single awards show from this day forward, thank you very much. However, I'd totally be okay with Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell hosting next year, too. So what did you love about last night's Golden Globe Awards? Besides the always funny Tina and Amy and Will and Kristen? Did you love Bill Clinton introducting Lincoln? Let's talk about fashion, because sadly, I've only seen one of the nominated movies. At least now I have added even more to my "must-watch movies" list that I'll someday get around to watching. (When you have kids, a night out at the movies is just... not somethi

The Day The Internet Died

Last night, the Internet stopped working. It wasn't just in our house—it was all over the province and across Canada. Of course, being the calm and rational person I am, I didn't think much of it... okay, that's a lie. My first reaction was: ALIENS! OH MY GOD, ALIENS! Followed by a more realistic thought: We are at war. We're doomed. We can't communicate with anyone and this is the beginning of the end. The Mayans were right! They were only off by a couple of weeks! And then I was annoyed that of course this had to happen late at night, when all bad things happen. And then I was all upset because I couldn't even get onto Twitter to complain about the fact that the Internet wasn't working. No Twitter, no Facebook, no blogs, no Google to find out what the heck was happening... nothing. Radio silence. Oh, right—the radio! No reports of why the Internet wasn't working there, either. I didn't know what to do! I was too scared to move. I turned o

On Change and Resolutions

Ah, 2013... a new year filled with so many possibilities. Oh, the pressure to be better than the year before! Sometimes, thinking about making major changes can be paralyzing. Instead of giving myself a bunch of hard-core resolutions like I usually do, I'm going to go easy on myself. I resolve to: Take more pictures with my real camera. Spend less money.   (Because I lost my job.) Take a picture where both my boys are smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. Start watching Breaking Bad and Newsroom. Stop breaking my iphone. Ski more often. Swim in the ocean more. Sit and patiently wait for Homeland and Mad Men to start again. Go to the gym a few times a weeks. Be happy. Cook more often without burning the house down. Yell less. Write more. Find a career I'm passionate about. Become my own boss. Shop responsibly. Blog like it's 2009. Leave more comments on blogs I read. Read more books. Be present. Give it to temptatio