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Read The Label, Lick The Spoon

I'm sure if I told you to jump off a bridge because it was fun, you'd think twice about doing it, right? I mean, I'm sure you'd look over the bridge, to make you'd be landing in some deep ocean water, hopefully free of sharks, rather than into oncoming traffic on a busy highway. And even then, you'd probably still question me. As a mom, I'm always trying to make the right decision for my children. I'm a pretty laid-back mom, and despite the fact that I worry non-stop and am constantly on my toes waiting for a disaster to strike, I'm relaxed about the snacks my boys eat, as long as I know they're generally eating well-balanced meals. And they are. I am lucky to have family look after my boys when I'm at work, and since we're Greek, it's almost a given they'll be eating extremely healthy every day. We basically follow the Mediterrenean diet , which is full of food that is good for you. The snack of choice for my boys? Greek salad.


There are many things in life that annoy me . I mean, like really annoy me . Of course, those are the things I blog about when I want to complain. I have a lot in common with George Carlin, you know. Top of that list? Having major psychotic f*cking hatreds towards things, not just minor pet peeves. People who can't drive? People who are mean?  People who don't understand elevator etiquette? People who can't operate a revolving door? People who are ignorant? People who do gross and obnoxious things in their office when other people are around? People who don't read? People who don't know what's going on beyond their own backyard? Yeah, combine that with a bad day (i.e. waking up late, a rainy day, a bad hair day, zero job security, a fight with my spouse, an ill child, five pound weight gain, nothing to wear, depression) and well, my pet peeves can take a turn for the worse. There is always something awful on the news that can make me seriously depresse


Change. It's the one thing that is always certain, and it's the one thing I hate the most. That, and waiting. I have no patience, you see. I'm constantly begging my boys to HURRY UP, and well... they never listen. I don't like change, especially when I don't want it, and especially when I'm not ready for it. I like when things go according to plan. My plan. However, as we all know, change happens, and we have to deal. Roll with it. Accept it. Move on. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end, right? The end of high school was brutal for me. Depressing. Of course, summer was a blast, and high school was a distant memory once university began. Once university was over? Brutal. Depressing. And then, well, you move on, you adapt, and the memories (amazing, foggy, hilarious, wonderful) replace the sadness. And on and on it goes...  each milestone my children reached was met with applause and tears from me. Change... not my favourite thing.


Thanks to The Bully Project for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website to join the movement and learn more. As a mom, I worry a lot about my children. It seems the worrying doesn't go away, ever. I remember when I was a new mom I thought sleepness nights and constant diaper changes were going to be the hardest part of motherhood. As my children grow, I realize that each stage brings new challenges. My oldest son is in grade one, and he loves school. He has great friends, wonderful teachers, and happily looks forward to school every day. I literally have to drag him home after school, after he's played with friends on the school yard for almost an hour every day. It is wonderful to see his innocence and happiness, and I hope it will always be this good for him, and for my youngest son. I'm sure they'll have rough patches like all children do throughout their childhood and teenage years, but I pray that they never experience being bullied. When I was in midd

Catching Up

Jumping back into blogging can sometimes be as hard as trying to find the perfect time to jump into a game of double dutch. I haven't blogged in a while, and I miss it. I miss reading blogs, and I miss writing. You guys, I need more time. Perhaps less time on Twitter would help, but only a little bit. I need like, 24 hours more a day to get it all done. Balance? I don't have it. So here it is. A random post, because there is so much to say. My boys were sick, and as soon as they were on the mend, I got sick. I had a high fever that lasted one week. I visited my doctor, slept all day, had blood work and an ECG done, was seen in the ER, and broke out in a huge rash. Boy, that was fun. And then? I got an eye infection that resulted in me rushing to the Eye Institute for an emergency appointment. Of course, being sick meant I couldn't go to work, so when I was well enough to return to my job, I had a lot of catching up to do. Which means I had even less time to do the things