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2 months already....

My baby Dimitry is already 2 months old! We had his two month appointment yesterday, and he weighed in at 13 pounds, 3 ounces! My big boy! Christos was 12 pounds, 9 ounces at 2 months old. It's been so much fun staying home with my boys... my hubby has had all this time off work, too, so he's been a great big help, along with my mom, mother-in-law and grandmother. Seriously, though - babies are so easy! I go shopping with Dimitry and I can take my time, trying clothes on, grabbing a coffee, flipping through magazines... it's shopping with a toddler that is a little more challenging! I like the comfort of knowing the shopping centres I go to have nice nursing rooms, so I can go and feed the baby and continue on with my day. Christos is growing and he is so smart. His words and sentences amaze me everyday. He's got the greatest sense of humour, too. He is hilarious! He's also a loving, gentle big brother. I love my boys! I already want another one... I just have to co

Just pictures...

Cause I have not time to write anything now! (No, it's not because of facebook...heehee...) Zafy, Dimitry's soon to be Godmother, and Christos. Me and my baby. Christos having fun in the snow.

My baby boy is almost 2 months old!

Wow, where does time go? I can't believe next week, my baby Dimitry will be two months old! All I have to say is, having a newborn in the house again is amazing, and wonderful, and soooo much more easy then the first time... my precious baby boy is just such a joy, and his never ending smiles, well, they melt me in puddles all day long... not to mention his loving older brother, Christos, who gives him kisses all the time, and says "it's okay, mitry..." if he starts to cry... I have to say, it's been easy. And fun. And I already want another one! Dimitry is probably around 13 pounds now - probably way more since size 6 months clothes are tight on him, I can't wait to find out what he weighs next week! He feeds well, takes the bottle (so I can go out with Christos, go shopping, or hit the gym!) and he sleeps great, too! Thank goodness!