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Pure happiness...

My children bring me so much joy, each day... right now Christos is really, really into space and the universe - it is amazing how much he understands and knows, and how much he wants to learn! His favourite planet is Saturn. The other night, we had to make the entire solar system out of play-doh... including Jupiter's 63 moons! Thank goodness we had a lot of white play-doh! Today the first thing he said to his daddy when he woke up was, "Daddy, I'm thinking about space. When I grow up I want to be an astronaut and grab all the stars!" Did I mention he is only 3? Wow... Last night, he told me he wanted to be an astronaut, a garbage man, and a construction worker. He is convinced he can do it all! I'm a little scared of his love for space. I have a hard time leaving him for a few hours a day to come to work - imagine if he goes to the MOON? I'll be freaked out completely! Dimitry just turned one years old... I don't know where the time has gone, but he is c

My boys are growing up so fast!

I cannot believe my baby boy is turning 1 years old on Sunday... this year went by in the blink of an eye! I have to say, I have been a much more relaxed and easy going mom the second time around... because I've already been through all these first stages... and I have just enjoyed every single second of baby Dimitry's cuteness! He is the happiest baby there ever was... constantly smiling, laughing, learning... it amazes me the things he knows. I can't believe he is already walking like a pro. and he's not even one years old yet! He practically runs across the room to keep up with his big brother. He greets me with the biggest smile when I come home from work... and seeing that smile makes my day! He giggles all the time... it's the cutest sound ever. He loves food - and can practically open the fridge all by himself! He is the light of my life! I think the reason I am much more relaxed this time around is because we didn't have the worry of health issues like w