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Happiness is... so many things . It's all the little things that make up our days, the experiences that make up our memories, the things that make us smile, inside and out. It's also the big things in life, like receiving good medical results, and it's all the things in between, like enjoying that well deserved vacation. Happiness is... Watching my children sleep. Hearing their laughter. Playing with my boys, lost in the moment. The words spoken by my 2 year old. Words so often said the wrong way that make them that much more beautiful to hear. (Mickmack = meatsauce, I no no = I don't know.) Affection and love between brothers. Reading to my children. Seeing my boys play with their daddy. Conversations with my curious 4 year old, and watching him exploring and discovering, searching for fossils on his expedition. Seeing my two year old steal the show wherever we go with his happy smile and proud walk. Happiness is also the big things in life, like... Feeling blessed to

A priceless day

$85.00 Museum of Nature membership renewal fee; $40.99 spent at gift shop; $29.00 for a lunch of sausages, hamburgers, chips and drinks; $10.00 parking fee; The experience of re-discovering this fabulous museum with my children? PRICELESS! Yes, we braved the heat, sun, and 45 minutes in a very long line up (don't worry, we spent the rest of the day swimming!) so we could see the newly renovated Mueum of Nature, aka 'the castle', that was six years and $216 million dollars in the making! It was worth the wait. My boys loved it - really, what's not to love? Christos was in his element, among all the rocks and crystals, at the Vale Earth Gallery , and he also loved the Fossil Gallery - seeing all the giant fossils and dinosaurs was really cool! Dimitry especially loved the Water Gallery (you have to check out the real blue whale skeleton - it was massive!) but I think the highlight of his visit was the sausage he had for lunch! I remember frequently visiting this muse

Out with a bang!

Friends, let's talk. Last night's Grey's Anatomy 2 hour season finale - what did you think? Were you shocked? Sitting on the edge of your seat? Drinking from the bottle to numb the pain? Watching with your hands covering your eyes? Yeah. It was a pretty intense 2 hours, no? From start to finish, I didn't know what to expect. I told myself, "Loukia, after last year's shocker finale episode , anything is possible this year, so be prepared." I thought I was strong. I was wrong. A shooter in the hospital. Before I actually watched the episode, I didn't realize just how scary it was going to be. It was really, really scary. Consider yourself warned. Pregnant Meredith. The gunshots. The anticipation. The worry, the fear. Who would die next? Would Alex survive? Poor Bailey! And that scene with Derek and the shooter, with Meredith and Cristina watching, too far to do anything to help? And April - hands up if you just wanted to slap this girl last night! Holy h

Milestones, heartache, and a lost tooth!

It should come as no surprise to you that I am very (in fact, overly) emotional when it comes to my children reaching milestones. Since becoming a mom, I am way more emotional than I used to be. Everything make me cry. Looking at my son's school calendar for the month of June, I see "last day of school celebrations!" and right away, there are tears in my eyes. What a celebration, indeed! My son has blossomed into such a social little boy, with the most amazing sense of humour, compassion and the ability to understand things that most children his age don't. He watches the Discovery Channel, he knows and cares about those in other parts of the world, who don't have food, or a roof over their head, and he asks countless numbers of questions, always inquiring. He is into fossils now, always wants to know how things are made, and has decided rather than becoming a constuction worker, he will be a paleontologist. Watching your child reach certain milestones - the f

It's okay if...

Travelling with young children is not as hard as you may think. My children have flown to Florida numerous times, to Bahamas, and to Washington, D.C . We've also gone on quite a few 'road trips' as well. (Road trip can be even more challenging than flying, believe it or not!) I've posted before about staying sane when travelling with children , and some of the crazy things that have happened to me when on vacation. Here are some more tips for you, if you're about to travel with your little ones - tips to keep YOU and your children relaxed and happy! When on vacation, it's okay if... You totally enjoy the view. You travel with your entourage. I always do. As in, I bring my husband, parents, sister, brother-in-law, and sometimes, my grandmother along. This is great for everyone! For the children, and for me, too. How else would I be able to sneak off to the poolside bar for a pina colada? Your carry-on bag weighs a ton. (This means you have enough DVD's, to

I just don't understand...

One of the great things about having children is being able to watch cartoons again. I'm not talking about shows that should have never been on the air, like Barney and TeleTubbies. I'm talking about shows like Bugs Bunny and Sesame Street . Shows that make me laugh a little (Besides Eric Cartman, Bugs Bunny is the coolest cartoon character ever!) I also like watching shows that teach my children a thing or two - like The Electric Company, How It's Made, and Mighty Machines. (I can tell you with absolute certainty the difference between a backhoe and a front loader.) And my 4 year old's current favourite show - Man vs. Wild . I'm not so into that show, to be honest with you, but I'm a girl, and well, I don't like the idea of eating larvae from a tree. Anyway. Some shows, my children never got into. And with good reason, I think! Shows like Yo Gabba Gabba . (There's a party in my tummy... so yummy, so yummy!) Now, I know many children love this show, b

Mystic Mess

I went tanning tonight. But because of a recent scare I avoided the regular tanning beds, instead, giving Mystic Tan a try. "How hard can it be ," I thought to myself, "Jessica Simpson does it." It takes a total of 60 seconds, and then... boom... just like that, I'll have a nice golden colour, just in time for the weekend. "Hi," I said to the girl behind the counter. "I'd here for a Mystic Tan." "Have you shaved and exfoliated today?" she asked me, with a serious look in her eyes. "Yes." I replied, nodding. "Are you wearing any perfume or moisturizer, any make-up?" "A little." I answered, truthfully. "You'll have to take it off. Here is an exfoliating wipe. Also, you are not allowed to sweat for 12 hours after you get the Mystic Tan. And no exercise or physical activity. Oh, and you can't shower for 24 hours." she said, as she walked me into the dark room at the back of t

A mother is...

Four and a half years ago, on a sunny day in August, I sat outside a Starbucks patio with my husband - for the last time as a family of two. Within a few hours, we were at the hospital, welcoming the arrival of our first-born son. That sunny day in August, my life changed in a way I never dreamed possible. I became a mother. I fell madly, head-over-heels in love with my newborn baby, and experienced the very same feeling - instant love - with the arrival of our second son two years later. Being a mother means many things to so many people, but to me, being a mother is simply the most amazing experience there is . It is what life is all about. There is no greater joy than hearing your children laughing, watching your children sleeping, or seeing them grow, strong and healthy. I am never fully satisfied unless my boys are happy too. My life has a greater purpose now. I love playing with my children, talking with my children, and reading to my children. I feel fulfilled with the simple th