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My very exciting news!

This weekend was busy and fun and filled with exciting news. We were blessed with hot and sunny weather on Saturday (while our thoughts were with those battling the hurricane on the East Coast) so we were able to spend the day swimming and enjoying a nice BBQ. That's what summer is all about, right? I was also invited to take part in the Volkswagen freedriving tour . I've been a Volkswagen driver since the day I got my license when I was 16 years old, and my family has only ever owned German made vehicles. We brought the kids along with us, and they had a blast. You can read all about my experience on my Yummy Mummy Club blog ! Now for the really exciting news ! I recently applied to be the new co-host of a lifestyle talk show here in Ottawa called Daytime (on Rogers). It's a wonderful show that's all about the great city I live in. It covers entertainment stories, community events, cooking, and so much more. I was on the show a few months ago as a guest, speaking ab

Reasons to celebrate

As a mom, I find reasons to celebrate every single day. I'm a v ery enthusiastic person, to say the least. I started doing a happy dance complete with jazz hands the first time my oldest son wrote his name by himself. I'm the loudest cheerleader at my children's swimming lessons, or when I'm watching my son play soccer. "YOU KICKED THE BALL! IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! GOOOOOO CHRISTOS!" Yeah, you could say I'm overly enthusiastic and always in the mood to celebrate my children's little—and big—victories. I am always proud of my children. Well, except when they say bad words in public, really loudly, or throw epic temper-tantrums in the grocery store. At times like those, I don't feel much like celebrating. At times like those , I want to to disappear into a black hole. But I digress... We're talking about celebrating, right? Here's a reason to celebrate: I've been selected to work with Mom Central Canada as part of t

What a difference a year makes...

The hardest part about going to BlogHer for me was not about what I was going to pack. Or how many shoes I was going to bring. The hardest part for me was getting on a plane without my children , praying I get home safely and in one piece. So when my husband received this text message from me as I boarded my last flight home, I had a minor panic attack. Was it some sort of premonition? Stupid auto-correct. Anyway, the good news is, I'm back from San Diego. And yes, I packed too many shoes. But! I did manage to wear at least three different outfits a day, making good use out of all the clothes I brought with me. My experience this year was different from last year . I had expectations this year, whereas last year, since it was my first time at BlogHer, I didn't really know what to expect. Maybe it was a little more fun last year, but still, this year was worth it and I have no regrets. I think the fact that I was so far from my children made it that much harder


August 1st, 2005. Before, and after. Nothing changes a person like the day they become a mom for the first time. My life completely shifted the day my son was born. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, I just didn't know how powerful the love would be. I was in a definite zombie-like state for at least the first six weeks, scared even to sleep, for fear of something happening to my baby. I look at my child, still very much my baby, and am amazed at the things he knows and understands. While he loves to do normal six year old things like build with LEGO, make sand castles on the beach, read books, play with his army people and master Angry Birds better than his parents, he's different. He's wise, wise beyond his years. "In World War II, moms and babies and people who were not bad died, too, right mom? How did Hitler die? Why was there a war?" (I usually tell him to ask his father when the questions are too hard for me to answer.) "Mom, what exactly did Einst