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Great weekend!

Going back to work on Monday is really no fun, especially after a terrific weekend. Sigh... Yesterday was just one of those perfectly wonderful days, from first thing in the morning until after we hit the sheets and fell asleep. In the morning, Chrisots helped me around the house and then we went to the Children's Museum along with my dad - he had such a blast! Each time we go (we are members at all the museum's in Ottawa, since we frequent all of them often, especially the Children's Museum) he has more and more fun... growing up more and more with each visit. I love how everything is so hand's on, and educational. Yestereday he built a brick wall, stacked lots of wooden blocks, coloured, mopped the big boat, was the captain of the boat, shopped in Greece, Mexico, India, and ran around getting stamps for his passport. Oh yeah, and played music and rode the bus. In the afternoon, we just played so wonderfully at home, ate dinner, and went to Greekfest where my entire fa

Vacation memories...

We are back from our vacation! We had such a wonderful time in beautiful Florida. We stayed at the gorgeous Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa, and had a nice room with a huge balcony overlooking the Atlantic ocean. It was so peaceful to sleep with the balcany doors open at night and hear the waves.... most importantly, though, was how incredible my son was on the trip. From the very beginning, he was a trooper! When we got on the first airplane, he got a bit scared but settled down in his chair in no time, and we had a great flight. I was amazed at how well behaved he was! Then we landed in Newark, and had to get on another plane to Fort Lauderdale within 40 minutes. He loved the airport, and liked the bigger plane, too. Thank goodness, I have to say, for our portable DVD player and Mighty Machines - that kept him occupied for well over 30 minutes. When we arrived in Fort Lauderdale, we rented a car with a car seat, and thankfully, the car rental people installed the seat for us. Christos