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Back-To-School Giveaway With Tag Along Toys

Last week, I appeared on CTV Ottawa Morning Live to talk about budget-friendly back-to-school supplies. I had some great products on display from Hilroy , Thermos, Pottery Barn Kids, Mabel's Labels, and Tag Along Toys, a local toy store we love supporting. My boys enjoy shopping at Tag Along Toys here in Ottawa, because the store carries so many great toys, books, and supplies for school—unique items, too, like the backpack I featured on my segment. The best part about this adorable backpack? When you buy one, the company donates a schoolbag filled with supplies to a child in need. I love that. Tag Along Toys has generously put together the items I talked about on CTV in one package for me to give away to one of my local readers! Isn't that fabulous... and so perfect, since school is days away? (Or maybe your little ones have already started!) Here's what you'll be receiving:  The great backpack I talked about, a LEGO water bottle (how cool is that?)

Friday Night Lights

This past weekend, my family and I had the chance to take a little trip to Toronto (my second home!) to catch a Toronto Argonauts football game, thanks to Old Navy Canada .   It was the perfect weekend—warm and sunny—and the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.  We got the chance to wear the new officially licensed CFL Superfan Nation sports shirts from Old Navy which made us feel like true fans. Go Argos, Go! We loved the shirts so much. They were the perfect fit. The best part? They're completely, ridiculously affordable. We're talking under $20.00 for the men's shirts and just $12.00 for the children's shirts. Total score, right?  (Or should I say... touchdown?)  Usually sports shirts are very expensive, so it's great that there is an alternative now—so everyone can show their love and support of their favourite sports team without breaking the bank! These shirts are so cute, we'll wear them even if when we're not at a

Messy Children

You guys, children are messy. I don't know what it is exactly, but as soon as you put a clean shirt on a child, it'll be ready to be washed within the hour. Especially if you're brave enough to put a white shirt on your child. It seems like no matter what your children get their hands on, it'll end up on their shirt. Ice cream, popsicle, salad dressing, cream cheese, strawberries, mud, sand... the list goes on and on.  Sometimes, their clothes get so dirty it'll leave you in awe... and you'll run to take a picture before you try to figure out just how exactly you're going to get those nasty stains out. For example: Of course this indicates a child had a very awesome day, but oh my gosh. I couldn't believe my eyes when my child walked in, huge smile on his face, as if he knew he was wearing a shirt with the world's most terrible/awesome stains! Sometimes even after I wash my children's clothes, the stains don't come out. I'm

Back-To-School Giveaway For You And Your Children

The only good thing about summer coming to an end is the beginning of a new school year. I could seriously live in flip flops and tank tops all year, but I do love fall clothes and boots a lot, too. You know what else I love? Back-to-school shopping! The pencils, the pencil cases, the lunch boxes and the notebooks... oh, the notebooks! Shopping for school supplies was always my favourite thing to do when I was in school, and now I get to experience it all over again with my children. I came home to an amazing package the other day, and I was as excited as a school-girl—a new binder, tools to keep me organized (like an expense tracker—totally necessary as the school year starts and my boys start registering for their activities!) notebooks, and so much more... here, have a look: Seriously amazing stuff. I am a huge fan of practical, well-made products that my children will use during the school year, and products that'll help me stay on top of things as we begin another s

Back-To-School Shopping With Sears

It's almost (wait... it is!) back-to-school time. With only a couple of weeks left to enjoy all that summer has to offer, we are all getting a little excited to start a new school year. One of the things I loved about back-to-school time when I was younger was the shopping—for things like new boots, new sweaters, new dresses and skirts... it was pretty much my favourite time of year. Although my school days are behind me, I get to enjoy it all over again with my two children. It can sometimes be challenging to get my boys excited to go shopping, (seriously, what's not to love about shopping?!)  but once we're in the mall, they're troopers. It helps that I know what they like, and what size they are—I'm a pretty efficient shopper! I'm thrilled to be part of the Sears Back-To-School Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada , because, well, I love to shop and my children are constantly growing—so we need to fully stock up: running shoes, pants, sweaters,

Celebrating 30 Days Of Beauty

Summer and fall are especially busy times for most of us. From family vacations to weddings and anniversaries, there is always something going on, or something to celebrate. Shoppers Drug Mart is my primary shopping destination for so many occasions: sunscreen for summer vacations; new mascara for a night out with my best friends; a new perfume to wear when I celebrate my anniversary with my husband... the list goes on and on. I love that Shoppers Drug Mart is celebrating 30 Days of Beauty right now—because no matter what occasion you're celebrating, Shoppers has you covered—literally—in some of the best beauty products you can get your hands on. If you're even a little adventurous, or if you totally love to take a walk on the wild side, the 30 Days of Beauty is something you'll love: Shoppers will be showcasing 30 unique looks for 30 different occasions: beach day, high school reunion, first date, wedding, and more. They're offering some amazing in-store of

Getting Carded With Hallmark: Challenge Accepted!

As much as I love Twitter and Facebook (and if you know me, you know this is very true—I just cannot stay away!) I miss communicating the old school way—I miss sending and receiving cards and letters in the mail on a regular basis. After high school, when all my best friends scattered across the country for university and moved to different countries like Australia and England, we all stayed connected through mail. I'd look forward to going to the mailbox every week to see if a new letter or card had come for me. Eventually, the frequent mailing of cards and letters was replaced with email. Email became addictive right away, yet, I still sent out cards as often as I could. I never forget a birthday, and I often send out cards to friends just because. I'm also a huge fan of sending out thank you cards to those people who deserve some extra thanks. I love surprising friends with the unexpected card, too. I was so happy when Hallmark Cards asked me to take part in their Get

Grand Opening of Mastermind Toys And A $100 Giveaway!

I love that Ottawa is home to several fine independent toy stores. Although we have spent more than enough time in Toys R' Us, I prefer spending time in smaller toy stores that carry items I know my children will love—namely, educational toys and books of amazing quality. Mastermind Toys —Canada's largest privately-owned specialty toy store—is opening their second store in Ottawa this weekend! They've been around for over 29 years, so they know a thing or two about quality toys and what kids love. The first Ottawa store opened in May in Kanata, and I was there for the grand opening. Mastermind Toys recently sent my children the amazing and popular Swiss-designed Kickboard maxi kick scooter, and my oldest son loves it so much. Our new daily routine is scooter rides around the neighbourhood right after breakfast, and I can't even keep up! This Saturday and Sunday, you're invited to celebrate the grand opening with Mastermind Toys! The new store in Ottawa'

Relaxing In Massachusetts

I have really enjoyed writing about all the amazing things that Massachusetts has to offer travelers. One of my favourite things is how short of a drive it is to get to Massachusetts from where I love in Ontario, making it a perfect family travel destination.  I enjoyed learning more about the many things Massachusetts has to offer and writing about everything from island hopping to the arts and the great outdoors.   One of the things I love about traveling to Massachusetts is how you can be one with nature without really having to "rough it", if you know what I mean. I personally don't consider sleeping n a tent relaxing. (I'd be up all night complaining about how much I missed my bed and I'd be scared of a bear attack!)  In Massachusetts, you can enjoy both a big city vacation when you visit Boston, and still get away from it all on the same trip. Massachusetts has such beautiful, natural surroundings, offers peace and quiet to people wanting to

Eleven Ways To Get Out Of A Blog Funk

I've been blogging since 2007. At first, blog posts were easy to pop out, because I would write without a care in the world, about whatever topic popped into my mind. As a new mom, most posts were about my children, but now that they're older, I find myself writing more about other things. Sometimes, though, I'll find myself in a blog funk , and it can sometimes be painful to get out of. What happens when you get writer's block, or when you're stuck in a blog funk? Here are some tips to help you get out of the blog funk you're in: 1. Take lots of pictures. There is always a story to tell behind the pictures you take.Take one picture you took this week, and blog about it. What were you feeling? What happened right after you took the picture? Did you drop your phone in the toilet because you were taking another bathroom selfie? Did you finally manage to take a great picture with your children, with all of you smiling? That's totally a blog post right th

Back-To-School With Old Navy (And A Giveaway For You!)

It's August, so that means it's officially time to start thinking about a new fall wardrobe! Okay, perhaps not an entirely new wardrobe—but it's certainly time to make room in your closet for a few new pieces, right? When I was in school, my favourite part about going back (along with seeing all my friends again) was the going shopping part. From school supplies to clothes, it really was the happiest time of the year. Now that I'm no longer a student (I miss those days!) I love taking my boys back-to-school shopping for all the new things they need to start the school year off to a great start. We do a lot of our shopping in Old Navy because of the stylish clothes and the really, really affordable  prices. I love working with Old Navy for their annual Family Day event, too! Whether you're a high school student, starting university, or going into the third grade, Old Navy is full of amazing, stylish, clothes for everyone. And? The Old Navy back-to-school sa

Island Hopping In Massachusetts: From Nantucket to Martha's Vineyard And More!

Summer is going by way too quickly for my liking, and I find myself already dreaming about next summer and where we'll go for our family vacation. I have amazing memories of my family vacation in Cape Cod and Boston, and I know my boys will love vacation in Massachusetts, too. Massachusetts is the perfect place to go if you're planning on doing some i sland hopping.  I've always wanted to visit Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket because these islands are absolutely beautiful and offer so much for families to do during the summer months, and also because these islands are so well-known and loved by locals and visitors, year after year. There are other islands to explore when vacationing in Massachusetts, too: Bridge Island Meadows: You can only reach this island by canoe or kayak, so if your family is especially adventurous, this would be the perfect choice for you. Boston Harbour Islands: Did you know there are 1,600 acres and 35 miles of undevel

The Power Of Eight

Last year, my oldest son, my baby, turned seven years old.  Today my baby boy is eight years old. Eight. Years. Old. In two years, my oldest son will be ten. It is amazing how much my life shifted  from before, to after, the second my son was born and placed in my arms. Life changed for me in ways I'm still trying to wrap my head around. Life changed for the better, and my eyes were opened to an entirely new world. This new world made me much more vulnerable than ever before, much more afraid than ever before, and much more emotional than ever before. Often, I have thoughts of wanting to fast-forward time, to see where we'll be in twenty, thirty years. I feel that only then will I be able to exhale. At the same time, I want to freeze time, because even though I absolutely cherish every second, I feel like time is going by way too quickly. Looking back at pictures of my son and seeing the boy he's become, and the baby he was, makes me emotional. I remember i