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My cutie-pie

Just random recent pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words and I am too tired to write any more!

Socks are for colouring, too

Or so my baby thinks... ;)

Pictures of the weekend

The weekend is almost over... and it was so much fun! We celebrated my hubby's birthday on Saturday night with all our friends at MeKong, and ate way too much... and topped the night of with a Cartman cake, made by Denis. (Thanks, Denis!) It was super yummy, as usual. And there is Maggie in the background picture of the girls. So cute!

A little purse obsessed...

Okay, so I admit it - I'm totally into designer purses - however, there is a limit to how much I will spend on a bag! (And truth be told - I usually receive them as presents so it's not even really my money that is being spent on them!) Check out the new Louis Vuitton purse: I wonder who would buy this? It's not even that nice! AND it costs $42,000! That is an insane amount of money for a purse! OMG! $42,000? Wow. It is called the Tribute Patchwork Bag because it is made up of actual pieces of old bags - the different styles LV has done throughout the years. Who cares! If anything, a patchwork purse should be cheaper!(There are only 2 circulating right now). Kimora Lee Simmons has, reportedly, the largest LV collection in the world - do you think she has 1 of them? Anyway... anything over a thousand dollars is something I just won't think about. Although... I do want a Chanel bag and I think those start upwards of 2 thousand dollars. Sniff. This is me with my purses fro

Ottawa's best kept secret

I'm going to have to spill the beans. I have a cake guy. And he makes the most amazing cakes, ever. I found out about him through my friend Marcie, who told me one day when I was planning my wedding that this awesome guy makes cakes from his house and her sister had an awesome and (key point here) YUMMY wedding cake. I went to see Denis, the cake guy, at his house, and showed him the 4-tiered wedding cake we wanted. Circular, with a bow on the top, cascading down. With our monogram on the third tier. We were about to pay 900 dollars for the exact same cake from the cake store on Preston Street - thankfully, we met Denis at the right time! He made us the exact same cake, even bigger - it fed 400 people - for 300 dollars. O.M.G! It was also the best tasting cake ever! He also made my bridal shower cake, a 2-tiered Tiffany blue box cake with the white bow and everything. I will have to post pictures of these cakes soon. My shower cake was the prettiest cake ever! I mean, how can y

Thoughts of 9/11

Who can forget 9/11? I remember that day so vividly - I went to work in the morning like most people, and got a phone call from my mom saying a plane had crashed into the WTC. I was in shock... how could that happen? A short while later, another phone call... another plane had crashed into the other tower. Okay. So that was when we all started to think that something was wrong, way more wrong then just a plane crash. I thought about how a short while back, while visiting NYC, I enjoyed the view from Windows of the World. How could a plane have crashed into that building? Then, another plane hits the Pentagon... and then, another plane crashes in the field. By this point, everyone at work had gathered around the TV to watch as CNN was showing live footage as the towers came crashing down... it was such a disturbing image - it will never leave me. It was the momen t in our lifetime that we use to describe 'before' and 'after'. (Well, that and 'before' becoming a p

Why I can't wait to get home everyday...

And why I wish I could work part-time! The love of my life...

Happy 19 month birthday, babycakes!

Today my little Christos is 19 months old. Wow, 19 months old... where has the time gone? I can't believe my little 8 pound baby is growing up so fast. He's already 30 pounds! I remember bringing him home from the hospital, never taking my eyes off of him. And ever since that day, I have always sat in the back with him when I am not in the drivers seat. He was so aware from the second he was born, eyes wide open, looking at me, looking at his daddy, looking at his grandparents, and aunt, and checking out the hospital room. The next morning, he lifted up his neck and scanned the room. We were in shock at how strong he was, to be able to, at 1 day old, lift his neck and head like that. I was clueless about burping. Breastfeeding, for the most part, I got - but burping, wow, whole other story... I had to buzz the nurse every few hours. I couldn't believe, once we got home, we were alone with a baby. I was a jungle woman those first few days, not knowing what to wear (I actuall