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Must-Have Back-To-School Products

It honestly feels like it was just yesterday I was picking the kids up on their last day of school, holding back tears over the fact that another year had come to an end, and where does the time go? (Also, tears of fear, because gosh, summer is L-O-N-G, even when it includes two weeks of tennis camp and a four week vacation to Greece.) Well, guess what? In a few days, kids are heading back to school for another year. As much as I'll miss having my two boys around me all day, I know we're all looking forward to routine again. And hey, some free time for me to work and uh... shop will be just lovely. When it comes to back-to-school shopping, I get really excited. I've always loved shopping for essential school supplies, like backpacks, lunch containers, and anything that'll help keep me—and the kids—organized. I was on CTV Morning Live talking about some great back-to-school products—here are some of my favourites: Net Nanny: Net Nanny is something all parent

50 Shades Of Greece (A Travel Adventure)

I'm home after a four week vacation in Greece. We spent last summer in Greece and had such a great time , we had to go back. The tales of traveling to our destination (a ten hour airplane ride with 11 people including a three month old baby) is an adventure in itself, but I want to talk about the beauty of Greece—the history, the culture, and the food. These are the reasons tourists flock to Greece every summer, and always come back—the lifestyle and beauty of this European country can't be beat, despite the economic uncertainly and questions of what's next for Greece and the European Union. For the record, I didn't notice a single thing out of sorts in Greece—no line-ups at the bank machines, and no shortage of food or hospitality by the local people. Just one look at this country will take your breath away. There are sunsets and then there are the sunsets of Greece, which are mesmerizing no matter where you are.  The sea, the mountains, the culture—travel perfe