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The Jaguar I-PACE: Luxury And Sport Combined For A Sweet Ride Into The Future

I've always been a car girl. My father was in the car business his entire life and I grew up learning a lot about cars. I was most familiar with European vehicles, as they were almost exclusively what my father sold on his lot. I had a lot of fun learning to drive stick-shift in an old VW Rabbit when I was 17, and that began my love affair with driving. One of the first question I ask people is what they drive. I like to find out why certain cars appeal to people, and if I don't like their answer, I try to sell them their next vehicle. A car is not just something that takes you from point-A to point-B. I think driving should be an experience that gets you excited; even if it's your morning commute to work. As we head into the future with the vehicles we purchase, a lot will be changing. Electric vehicles are where it's at—and I've got my eyes on the new Jaguar I-PACE. I was invited to Portugal with Jaguar Land Rover last week to test drive the brand-new