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The perfect BlogHer outfit!

I've been thinking about what to wear to BlogHer, because it's literally around the corner. (Squee!) I have tried on so many dresses, and while I feel good about most of my choices, nothing screamed "YES! YES! YES!" to me until today. I found the perfect dress to wear to all the fabulous parties for at least one of the nights. I think I'll fit right in, don't you? Oh, and I decided to leave any traces of my roots at home, because really? I don't want to look like a tourist. (Don't you know Canadians always dress like this?) Also, as if I'd wear a pair of pants that accentuate my hips! I think not. More BlogHer posts to come - stay tuned!

Thoughts on a Thursday

When I was in the fourth grade, during quiet reading time, a disruptive boy started acting up. The teacher warned him not to speak loudly again, as he was making too much noise. She said: "If you talk once more after I have repeatedly told you not to, not only will you be punished for 5 minutes after class, the entire class will be punished along with you. Everyone will have to remain in their seats for an extra 5 minutes, quietly." Of course all eyes were on this young boy, who, of course being a young boy, challenged his teacher and laughed. And of course, this teacher meant business. We were all punished. Out of the 20 children in our classroom only 1 child had caused an issue, but the result was we were all going to have to pay for it. They were repercussions to his actions. It was unfair. But then again, so is life. I remember what I was wearing on September 11, 2001, when I got the phone call from my mother telling me a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre. Vis

I miss, I love, I look forward to...

Sometimes I think back to certain parts of my life, and I miss them. The other day I was pumping gas near my high school. I remember my high school days vividly - the walks to the bus stop after school, my friends, my first car, all the experiences. Later that night, as I lay asleep beside my children, I was so happy to be in that moment, to be at this point in my life, an adult, a home-owner, a wife, a mother of two. I love right now. This morning, I thought of the future, of seeing my boys graduating from University, wondering what they'll become, each of them with their different personalities. There is so much to look forward to! (My prediction? Oldest son: scientiest/doctor/paleontologist; youngets son: the next Michael Schumacher!) Even though I miss the days gone by - University, high school, and being a child reading Sweet Valley Twins and long summer vacations with my family in Greece - I love the present. And as much as I love the present, I look forward to what the futu

The new baby girl in my life

My 6 years younger than me sister had a baby girl last week. My little sister, way more independent than I am, is someone who has never needed my advice because she always knows what she wants. Last night, she called me and asked me for advice. For the first time ever. "Can I store breastmilk in the fridge? And after, am I supposed to warm it up?" she asked. Finally. I was asked for some advice! Just a few days ago, my sister became a mother . It is truly amazing how much I am in love with this new baby girl, perfect in every way - it feels, in a way, that I sort of have a third child - that's how much I love her! My boys are loving their new cousin, too. The first time they met her, they could not stop smiling. It was such a sweet moment. I had really easy labours and deliveries, (as in 6 hour labours, pushing for about 20 minutes with both babies, and both times, I was induced) so I sort of expected the same for my sister. Didn't quite turn out that way for her, t


So after stressing over whether I should still go to BlogHer or take a best friends trip to New York City two weeks later - I have decided that this year, it's BlogHer for me. I received a lot of comments, emails and phone calls from my best friends and from fellow bloggers, and the one thing everyone agreed on was that I had a hard decision to make. (I have a hard enough time deciding what to wear when I get up in the morning!) My best friends and I see each other all the time. And we always go on one getaway a year together - so I know I'll be joining them wherever we go next summer. And I know they'll still love me even though I won't be in NYC with them. This is the year for me to go to BlogHer - so my decision (finally!) has been made. And I am so excited! Oh, and can I ask a favour of you? Can you pretty please vote for me for the 2010 BlogLuxe Awards ? I was nominated (thank you!) in the Guilty Pleasure category along with some totally awesome blogs. (Um, I