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Friday afternoon post...with pictures!

Not much to say except bring on the weekend! Tonight is my son's nursery school's auction, which I'm excited to go to! The rest of the weekend will involve shopping for a perfect pair of winter boots for my little one and trying to stay out of hubby's hair as his finishes the new nursery for baby Dimitry's room... he'll be installing the hardwood floors, just like Christos's room. Here are some cute pics of my son in Toronto last weekend, with my best friend's little girl. They had 2 dates; one, in our hotel room, where they ordered room service for lunch; and 2, in Pottery Barn Kids... awww... how cute are they!

The best news, ever....

Yesterday was Christos's ultrasound appointment and meeting with his urologist, Dr. Pike. He's been going for u/s's every 6 months to monitor his hydronephrosis that he is outgrowing - basically it's just a (common) condition that little boys get when they are born and they usually outgrow it by the time they are 2 to 3 years old. Christos had 2 really bad UTI's that required hospitalization at CHEO - the first time, at 3 months, the second time, at 6 months. I know I've talked about that before here, so I won't get into how horrible an experience that was for all of us - I just wanted to share the news that his u/s results from yesterday were EXCELLENT! No more antibiotics needed! Yay! Well, he stopped taking his antibiotics a few months ago, anyway - but still - to hear it told to us officially from his doctor was great news. So, he has outgrown his condition... we are so thankful. :) Thankful also for his wonderful doctor that has taken such good care of

Random Friday post...

I don't have anything specific to talk about... I mean, I would if I could think straight for two minutes but I've been busy! With work and taking care of my toddler, there is never enough time! Lord knows how I will manage with a newborn and a toddler, but I'll manage, everyone does. Plus we have lots of help so we'll be fine. The lack of sleep is kinda scaring me, but hey... again, I'll get through it! So we are off for our trip to Toronto tomorrow, for my mom's art show, to hang out with our awesome friends Suzanne, Eamon and their baby girl, Katherine - she is 3 months older then Christos and last time they saw eachother (a year ago!) they had fun together. I can't wait for them to see eachother again. Also, I'll be doing some serious damage at Pottery Barn and especially Pottery Barn Kids. I have a ton of stuff on hold there already. The last time I was at that Pottery Barn location, it helped me conceive... as two days later I took a pregnancy test

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Okay now I am officially in the Christmas spirit! The red cups are back at Starbucks! I am sooooooooooo excited about this, you have no idea. Nothing gets me in the festive Christmas mood like the red cups at Starbucks! Christmas is officially around the corner... and I have tons of shopping to do and decorating to do! Lucky for me my mat leave starts mid-December so I'll be able to get the house all decked out in time for Christmas. And... a visit to Pottery Barn and PBK in a week? Perfect timing... the only thing that could make it any better would be a trip across the border because let's face it... shopping in America is the FREAKING BEST! And our dollar? 1.10!!??!?! How come it wasn't like that when I lived in D.C.? Sigh... Anyway... go enjoy a red cup beverage today at my favourite coffee place... Starbucks!

A wonderful weekend... and a surprise baby shower!

Yesterday, I arrived at my sister's house for a quick visit only to discover a surprise baby shower was being thrown in my honour! My awesome sister arranged it all at her house (that she is not even moved into yet!) with a lot of help from one of my best friends and cousin-in-laws (who made the most amazing cookies!) and help from my cousin as well. I was so surprised and happy to see all my dear friends there and to see how nice everything looked! Baby-boy-to-be will certainly be over the moon with happiness, too, at all the amazing presents he received! Thank you everyone for such an enjoyable, memorable afternoon... it was absolutely perfect! It was nice and intimate with my closest friends (a few couldn't make it, sadly) and we ate, and ate, and ate and had a great time. My first baby shower was big and held at a banquet hall, sit down lunch, etc. It's nice to have experienced both types of baby showers... I am so very thankful! THANK YOU again and again for the lovely