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Take The Pledge And Raise A Food Lover

We all lead busy lives—from juggling work to extra-curricular activities, sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. Trying to find the perfect balance can be challenging, but one thing remains constant in my household: connecting around the dinner table. Coming from a Greek family, dinnertime was always a priority, no matter how busy our days were, and this is a tradition we’ve kept with our children. Now that our boys are older (13 and 10 years old) my husband and I often get them to help out when it comes to dinner preparation, and even cooking; I’m happy to say that my even my youngest son can make a delicious homemade tomato sauce, with some ingredients coming from our own backyard vegetable garden, like basil, tomatoes, oregano, and onions.   Growing a garden was a new venture for us this summer, and one we thoroughly enjoyed. It made meal time prep more fun, and also forced us all to eat more vegetables than we were used to.  

Review: The 2018 Ford EcoSport

From driving the new Jaguar I-PACE in Portugal to summer road trips in the brand-new Ford EcoSport , I have found that as much as I love compact cars, I'm also a huge fan of the smaller sized SUV–especially when driving long distances with my family. They love the extra space as much as I do, and I love the clean, simple look of the EcoSport. The Ford EcoSport, with heated leather-trimmed seating, is a super cute vehicle that look good outside and inside, and drives really well. It always takes some getting used to for me to drive a car that is not stick-shift, because I love the control of driving standard, but I still enjoyed driving the EcoSport to and from Montreal. Some of the features I loved about this vehicle: 8-inch touchscreen that works like your smartphone. It's easy to use, simple to understand, and looks good. 4WD. The EcoSport is a really capable vehicle no matter what road conditions are like; this means you can feel just as safe driving in the winter

Summer Travels At Diplomat Beach Resort

Ever since my 13 year old was two years old, we have been vacationing at the Diplomat at least once a year—in the winter, and many summers, too. It's a beautiful resort that's so familiar to us now, it feels like our home away from home. Fresh from a $100 million dollar renovation, the Dip is now better than ever, with new rooms featuring a fun beach vibe. You can choose sunrise rooms, with oceanfront balconies and spectacular sunrises, or sunset rooms, where you can enjoy city views and a killer sunset from your balcony. Whether you're travelling with family or friends, here's why a stay at the Diplomat Beach Resort is an excellent idea: Outdoor paradise The best thing about the Diplomat Beach Resort can be found outside. As soon as you walk out the doors passed the main lobby and hotel bar, you'll be in lush, tropical surroundings, surrounded by never-ending ocean views, comfortable seating around fire pits, and an outdoor bar. The infinity

Avery Products Canada: Giving Back And A Back To School Giveaway

It's almost time for back-to-school–and while this is a good thing in many ways, (hello, routine!) I'm sad my favourite season is almost over. We've had a wonderful summer that included some travelling and we've made the most of these hot, sunshiny days. Even though I'm not heading back to school as a student, I share the excitement with my boys (or for my boys?)–my oldest is going into grade eight (I can't believe it!) and my youngest is heading into grade five. The best part about back-to-school? Shopping for school supplies, of course! I love stocking up on paper, pens, pencils, backpacks, and binders. Isn't it fun getting organized? I love shopping for products that give back, and this year, I'm happy to be partnered with Avery Products Canada because they give back in a big way–and Avery has some amazing products not only for back-to-school, but for the office, too. Avery Products Canada has partnered with the Pinball Clemons Foundation (P

Must-Have Travel Essentials

I love everything about summer—the hot weather, backyard BBQ's and pool parties, time off with my family, and, of course, going on vacation. I travel as often as I can, taking a couple of big vacations a year, with lots of weekend trips throughout the year. If I could travel every other week, I would. From airports to hotels and the journey in between, there is nothing I don't love about getting away, making new memories, relaxing in favourite hotels and just taking in the sights and sounds around me. As you plan for your summer or fall getaway, remember this: you don't need to overpack. Trust me. When you're a smart packer, bringing with you only the travel essentials you need, travelling will be easier, and less complicated. I was on Daytime Ottawa recently, talking about must-have travel essentials. Here's what you need to pack before you travel:  Carry-on luggage I usually pack a large suitcase when I travel—even for weekend getaways. I don't