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A holiday update

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I can't believe it's over already - that's a little disappointing for me because I love Christmas! Even though I'm sad it's over until next year, I have to say to it was a very beautiful Christmas. It is so much more amazing with children, you know? So many wonderful memories made... so many magical moments! "Mommy, Christmas was so beautiful!" my 4 year old said to me, on the drive home from my inlaws last night, and he's so right. It really is a beautiful time. It was fun, but boy, was it hectic! We hosted a party for about 25 of our friends on the 23rd, and that morning, my 4 year old woke up with a very bad ear infection. Of course, we went to the doctors, and sure enough, Christos was prescribed antibiotics, just like his brother. 2 sick little boys on Christmas - not ideal, but they were still troopers. Ear infections turned into conjectivitis turned into sore throats and runny noses - yet again. It se

2009: A year in review, in pictures!

In 2009, We turned 1 years old... We really experienced a car wash... We cried getting our haircut... We were totally cool with getting our haircut... And we ate a lot of this: We enjoyed the beach at Atlantis in Bahamas... And we took naps under the palm trees. We tried to take a picture where we were all smiling at the same time... We rode our bike around the block... We ate Cheetos off the ground... ... and popcorn, too... We ate Nutella from the jar... ...and enjoyed a Brownie Fudge Cheesecake a la mode from the Cheesecake Factory on my 33rd birthday! We had fun on a few airplane rides... ...and wished my best friends lived here still... We had a dream come true... And we turned 4 years old. We went to nursery school a few times, until we decided it wasn't time yet! We enjoyed the great outdoors... ...and did some sight-seeing... We had crepes for breakfast... Went to the sugar bush... Swam a lot... And played some golf. We learned to share... We enjoyed lollipops with friend