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Travel with toddler

Ah... the joy of travelling... not much thought goes into it, really, when you're travelling sans children, right? I mean, it's been a couple of years since I've boarded a plane, but basically what I do is pack way too many shoes, of which 3 get worn, and the rest just take up space, and pack way too many clothes, of which only some get worn, and the rest get cursed since they're taking up space from all my new purchases. My purse carries my make-up, wallet, passport, gum, sunglasses. My carry-on? Some form of music, a book, several magazines, maybe a change of clothes, a bikini (in case my luggage is lost, at least I can still swim!) Unlike most people I know, I totally enjoy spending endless hours in the airports. I love to people watch, I love the excitement, I like talking to new people (sometimes), I like eating in the overpriced restaurants and I love to shop for unnecessary things before even arriving to my destination. Hey - some of my best vacation shoppings ta

Happy Graduation, my little boy!

What a great Friday morning! My little son graduated from his toddler playgroup today. It was way too cute, and the pictures will be posted soon! He had the hat, the diploma, and stood up on the little stage and everything. It's such a great playgroup/nursery school. I can't wait for him to go back in the fall - he loves it! Finally - I also managed to do both our passports so they should be coming in the mail soon - yay - just in time for our vacation! And last night - we went to Hi-5! Christos LOVED it, as did my sister and I, and my friend Mary and her niece. They are so cool to see in person - and so much skinnier! We stayed the entire show, and left about 10 minutes before it ended so we wouldn't be stuck in traffic leaving the NAC. The NAC was PACKED with children, all having a blast, singing along to the songs, and dancing. We loved it! Pictures to come...

Another great weekend

Summer is great, weekends even greater. Anytime spent with my Christos is a great time. Yesterday, since daddy was working, we went to the Agriculture musuem with my sister and looked at the stinky animals. Christos had fun, and then we went for lunch to Malone's, sat on the patio and had a nice time. Christos even had his own apple juice with a straw, just like a big boy! Then, a walk around Dow's Lake, looking at the enormous and very rude geese and ducks. The geese hissed at us! It was actually funny. In the afternoon, hung out with my family and played at the park at night. My boy went to bed at 11, both Saturday and Sunday night. That's okay with me, as I'm a night owl anyway! I finished 'Tis, and it's just as great as Angela's Ashes. Now, I'm on Teacher Man, the last of Frank McCourt's books. What amazing books they are - if you have not read Angela's Ashes yet, please, do yourself a favour, and read it! Today is my doctor's appointment

The little things...

There are so many things I love about my son... and I catch myself daydreaming at work about him and the billion or so cute things he does in a day... right now I'm thinking of how absolutely adorable he is drinking his juice in the morning in a plasatic cup with a real straw. I mean, it's the cutest thing ever! He never ceases to amaze me. Drinking from a straw like such a big boy! Awww... thank goodness it is Friday! :)

I am sooo going to be THAT mom...

Next Friday, my darling little 22 month old is going to graduate from his nursery school class! Oh. My. God! My mom, who babysits my boy a few days a week, takes him to playgroup on Wednesdays and Fridays, and stays with him. It's a great playgroup in the Alta Vista area, so wonderful and Christos loves it. I found out that next week, they'll be 'graduating' for the summer until they resume school again in the fall. They even measured his head for a little hat! Guess who is taking off next Friday a.m. to see her son in his first graduation ceremony! With cameras in tow, and tears streaming down my face, I'm sure... doesn't help that I have all these extra pregancy hormones, either, ya know? When they were practicing singing their graduation song, my son didn't want to sing, wanting to play outside instead.. haha... that's my boy! I'll make sure to post pictures!

For fun...

I borrowed these two meme's from catwoman - Fun! Rules for the first one: Answer with only 3 words. 1. Where is your cell phone? In my pusre 2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Neither! 3. Hair? Straight and nice 4. Your mother? The best ever 5. Your father? The best ever 6. Your favorite item(s)? Non-human? Designer purses! 7. Your dream last night? Can not remember 8. Your favorite drink? Red, red wine 9. Your dream guy/girl? My husband is 10. The room you are in? Office, large windows 11. Your fear? All insects 12. What do you want to be in 10 years? A great mom 13. Who did you hang out with last night? My amazing son 14. What are you not? Cook, crafty, thrifty 15. Are you in love? More then ever 16. Item/s on your wishlist? A Miami vacation 17. What time is it? 3:13 18. The last thing you did? Chewed Juicy Fruit 19. What are you wearing? Grey banana pants 20. Your favorite book? Way too many 21. The last thing you ate? Chocolate covered almonds 22. Your life? Blessed and wonderful 23. Yo

Happy Mother's Day to me - I'M PREGNANT!

So I had a great Mother's Day. I know, I know, Mother's day has come and gone but for me, it was extra-super-special, because... I had just found out I was PREGNANT AGAIN! :) That's right... we are expecting another baby. I had a funny feeling I was pregnant, but no huge signs indicating to me that I was... similar to when I was pregnant with Christos... I just had a feeling... by now, all my closest friends know. It is a great feeling. I am tried, but wonderfully, not as tired as I was the first time around. I guess my body knows that no matter how much I want to take a nap, I can't do it - since after work for me now involoved playing and taking care of and cooking for a toddler! :) Most of my pants are already feeling a little snuck. Time to bring up the maternity clothes again, and time to go shopping for new clothes! I have heard that the second time around your belly begins to pop almost right away, and it is true... and glad to know I am not the only one! Anyway.

Aww, cute.....

Maternity clothes shopping can be a lot of fun, but sometimes there are not enough choices out there, especially in Ottawa (how I wish we had a Pea in the Pod here!)... and especially for cute little t-shirts with cute little saying on them. Luckily, when I was pregnant with Christos, my favourite t-shirt was from Old Navy Maternity, and it was a teal coloured t with the saying: 'bundle of boy' on it. I loved it, and wish there were more cute shirts like that out there! Today, I stumbled across this cute website that has really cute maternity clothes and super cute t's... check it out!