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Reduce Morning Chaos With Jergens Moisturizer For Wet Skin

I'm not a morning person, despite the fact that I wake up at six a.m. every day. (Thanks, children!) Waking up at six o'clock has a lot to do with the fact that I'm a mom of two early risers, and even though I don't fall asleep until well past midnight, waking up early is my new normal. Despite waking up at the crack of dawn, getting out the door on time can still be a challenge. The morning hustle is real, you guys. I'm glad Jergens asked me to try their new Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin , because it's truly helped save me time getting ready in the morning. I love products that promise to save me time, and Jergens is a name I already trust to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth. I enjoyed using both the Green Tea Oil and the Coconut Oil moisturizers. I applied the moisturizer after I turned off the water in my shower, and quickly dried off with a towel. The moisturizer actually stays locked in, and my skin feels soft all day long.  These moisturizers

The Struggle Is Real

I always have time to go to the salon to do my hair, even if it's just for my weekly blow-dry.  I always have time to go to the mall. I always have time to check Facebook. I always have time to catch up on my favourite shows on Netflix. So, really, there's no excuse for why I sometimes can't find the time to go the gym. "Want to go to BodyPump?"  "I can't—I have no time!" I don't like excuses, but sometimes, that's exactly what I'm using when I try to get out of going to a class at the gym. And sometimes, it truly does feel like I have no time for the gym, but that's only because my priorities have shifted—and that should never be the case. After all, it's my health. And my future. So why do I find it so hard to stick to a fitness routine, one that'll benefit me now and in the long run? I get into great routines with working out, usually in the summer and before a vacation when I know I'm going to be spending my d

Jack Astor's Lansdowne Delivers A Great Night Out

In case you didn't know, Lansdowne Park (in the Glebe) is the place to be in Ottawa. Lansdowne's got it all: TD Place, where you can catch a Redblacks or Fury game, an awesome park for children, heritage buildings, shopping, and many fine restaurants and bars. Hanging out at Lansdowne Park is especially fun in the summertime, with all the busy patios, but it's great year-round, too, whether you're enjoying breakfast with the family or a girls night out after a football game. When I received an invitation from Jack Astor's Lansdowne to come in with my husband and a group of friends so they could treat us to their delicious new menu, I said yes right away. Obviously! I love the service at Jack Astor's, (shout out to our awesome server, Courtney!) and the fun atmosphere. Jack Astor's in the Glebe has the traditional "Elvis booth" they have in each of their locations, and they have some great display cases featuring very cool antique artifacts

One Year Later, Ottawa Remembers

Exactly one year ago today, a terrible event took place in Ottawa that shook us all. A young father, and a Canadian soldier, was shot and killed while he stood sentry at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Ottawa's War Memorial. As I mentioned last year, through darkness, comes light, and as Canadians (and decent humans) we came together in amazing ways—we went back to work the next day, we left flowers and letters of love at the War Memorial, and we wore red, while saluting our fallen soldier on the Highway of Heroes. We mourned the loss of this young man, because of all he represented; life, youth, a Canadian, a soldier, a father, a son, a friend. My mom, artist  Katerina Mertikas , created a painting that day, because she was so sad and overcome with emotion.  She had no idea this painting—the original which now hangs in our Mayor's boardroom— would cause such a buzz and would be so well-received. With the help of Koyman Galleries and The Ottawa Citizen, prints we

A Sweet Morning Escape With Herbal Essences

Ah, the hustle and bustle of the morning rush. As a mom of two busy boys, there really aren't enough hours in a day to get through everything, but it's always important for me to start the day off feeling somewhat refreshed—despite the lack of sleep I get. I try to wake up before my early-risers (hello, six o'clock in the morning!) so I can take an uninterrupted shower—which is always the best way to start my day. If I'm able to get ready, put on my make-up, and have a cup of coffee before my kids wake up, it's a good thing. I don't like starting my day without my hair and make-up done, to be honest. As a beauty product junkie, I love trying out new hair products, especially because my hair is sometimes unruly, dry, and over-processed. (It's not easy being blonde!) Herbal Essences is a name I've used for years and it's a name I trust to get the results I want for my hair, so when I was introduced to the new Naked Volume Collection , I couldn&#

Above The Rim With The NBA

As a Canadian, I love hockey. Of course I do. Another sport I love? Basketball. Not only because my oldest son is an awesome basketball player, but also because it's a super fun game. I was so excited to attend my first! ever! NBA game last week, thanks to Marriott Rewards. My husband and I enjoyed the game in a sweet suite which was catered (wine and basketball and Golden Palace egg rolls? Perfection!) and full of great energy and people. And also, awesome music. Basketball and music go hand in hand, I think. The legendary former NBA player Chauncey Billups hung out with us in our suite, too—I took a picture with him (he even called me sweetheart, and he was so nice) and I got his autography for my basketball loving brother-in-law. (Thanks, Billups!) (You're welcome, Sean!) After the game, we hit the after party. And it was a great time, despite the fact that the Raptors lost the game. (We were all on a high, though, because even though t

Toronto Raptors Hit The Court In Ottawa

I've had the pleasure of staying at a few Marriott hotels in Canada and the United States and our experience has always been excellent, from the service to the beautiful, spacious rooms.  I love the privileges Marriott Rewards loyalty members receive, too, from free wifi to free nights and other perks. Marriott has teamed up with the NBA as the Official Hotel Partner of the 2015-2016 NBA Global Games  and loyalty members are being rewarding in a big way—with exclusive access to NBA games and events going across Canada. This is especially exciting for those living in Ottawa, who don't usually get the chance to watch an NBA game in their own city, but will get that chance this week. Marriott Rewards members will not only be able to catch an NBA game in their city, they'll also enjoy a private meet-and-greet with NBA legends and players and a post-game reception. I've so excited to have been invited to watch an NBA game  in Ottawa (Toronto Raptors against the Mi

Prepare Your Home For Thanksgiving With Mr. Clean (And Win!)

Now that fall is here, we've settled back into a regular routine without missing a beat. Sometimes the morning rush can be pretty hectic, but overall, the transition from summer to fall was smooth and we're loving everything about the season has to offer, from apple picking to wagon rides at the pumpkin patch. This Thanksgiving long weekend, we'll be celebrating with family and friends, and eating more than we should. But that's what the holidays are all about, right? I'm thankful for so much—especially spending time with my family and friends. We are of course planning a big feast, as we do for Thanksgiving; we're even celebrating twice, because we've got a big Greek family and we love food. Before we sit down to eat (and eat and eat!) I'll be cleaning, as I always do—but since we're entertaining in our home this long weekend, ALL the cleaning supplies come out. Greeks have a thing for good food and they also have a thing for very clean hom

Celebrate The Ottawa Senators Home Opener With Canadian Tire

"Hello out there, we're on the air, it's Hockey Night tonight.  Tension grows, the whistle blows, and the puck goes down the ice.  The goalie jumps, and the players bump, and the fans all go insane.  Someone roars "Bobby scores!" at the good ole' hockey game."  Canada and hockey go together like bacon and eggs. Basically, if you live in Canada, you are born loving hockey. Although many play the sport, few are great at it, but that doesn't matter, because we can all appreciate a good ole' hockey game, right? After all, it's the best game you can name. I've been cheering on the The Ottawa Senators forever, and maybe, just maybe, this will be the year they'll finally take home the Stanley Cup. The 2015-2016 season is about to kick-off, and I'm SO excited. Seriously. So pumped. The first home game will be on Sunday, October 11th at the Canadian Tire Centre. Canadian Tire wants to get hockey fans in the mood for the fi

A Fall Menu For Busy Families

October is here and the carefree days of summer are behind us. Our calendar is packed, from birthday parties to extra-curricular activities like swimming and tennis. We've set up a homework station at home, organized the bedrooms so the children always know where to find the things they need, and embraced the change in routine. I've said good-bye to summer dresses and I've even given up on flip flops. There is some sadness associated with fall, but... fall is also a beautiful, busy time—from wagon rides at the pumpkin patch to Thanksgiving and Halloween. Our house is bustling with energy from the moment we wake up and once the boys are off to school, I  start working, and start thinking about what to prepare for dinner. With such busy schedules, what I feed my family is really important to me, and I try my best to make sure my children are eating food they love that's healthy for them. Mornings are rushed, for most of us. In fact, nearly 70% of Canadian parents surv

Celebrate The Little Things With McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cakes

The shift from summer to fall happened quickly, and now it's already October. (What?) Summer was, of course, beautiful. Many new memories were made for our family, from tennis camp to a month-long vacation to Greece. I almost didn't want summer to end, but, of course, all good things must come to an end—and all endings lead to new beginnings. My children started school—grade five and grade two—(what!) last month, and we have quickly settling into new routines, after-school activities like swimming and tennis, and weekend getaways, for fun. It's scary how quickly time goes by—and how quickly kids grow up. I've got to say, time has been moving way faster than I ever thought possible. That's why I think it's important to really, really cherish every moment. Quality time with the family is the most important thing in the world to me, and I love celebrating the little things. Fall is a great time take in the beauty that surrounds us, and to celebrate those litt