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Give The Gift Of A WaySpa Gift Card

Can you believe we are only days away from December? November has been the busiest month, and before we know it, the holidays will be here—and we'll be rushing around as always trying to buy those last-minute holiday gifts for everyone on our list. I start my holiday shopping early (in fact, I am mostly finished shopping for my children!) but there are always a few gifts I leave for the last minute. Partly because I'm busy, and partly because I actually do enjoy the last-minute hustle of shopping for gifts in December. Tis' the season, after all. This year, I'll be giving the gift of WaySpa to many special people on my shopping list, because without a doubt, it'll be the gift that they'll love the most. Seriously, who doesn't love (or deserve) a day at the spa, whether it's for a manicure and pedicure, a fresh blow-dry or a one-hour full-body massage? As a WaySpa Brand Ambassador I'm very fortunate because I'm given the chance to t

Nordstrom Is Hiring—Plus, Get Your Tickets To the Nordstrom Gala Now!

You all know how much I love to shop—and if there was a way for me to shop for a living, well, that would be my full-time job. Since I don't yet make my living as a "professional shopper" I have managed to keep shopping an active part of my life by working as a shopping blogger and expert, and as a Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for brands and stores I love to shop at and do business with. Next best thing, right? As you also know, Nordstrom (my favourite store EVER ) if finally opening in Rideau Centre this coming March. I am beyond excited for this, because Nordstrom is my go-to department store whenever I'm traveling in the United States. (Special shout-out to the amazing staff at Nordstrom in Aventura Mall!) I think having a job in Nordstrom would actually be a dream come true, because I'd be spending time in my favourite store, doing what I love—helping people find things they need and want—and getting paid for it. Not a bad gig, right? Well, if you

Old El Paso Giveaway! Ole!

I love cooking, and preparing meals for my family. I am an organized chef in the kitchen, and cookbooks surround me. I'm Canada's Martha Stewart! Oh, who am I kidding? I actually do not love cooking. I sometimes remember my family needs to eat dinner on my drive to pick up the boys from school—oops! And, cookbooks, for the most part, scare me. However, despite the fact that I'm no expert in the kitchen, I feed my family well, and I am great at making a handful of meals—meals that my children love, and meals that are healthy. I like to make sure my kids are eating healthy Greek meals a few nights a week, and we eat fish at least once a week, too. We also loving our "Mexican" themed nights where we eat fajitas or quesadillas. To the rescue? Old El Paso, of course. Old El Paso has been around for as long as I can remember, and they've just launched their new premium Restaurante product line, so even when we're eating Mexican at home, it feels lik

From Minecraft to Fashion Plates: The Best Gifts For The Kids This Holiday Season

What's number one on your child's holiday wish-list? For my nine year old, anything Minecraft; for my six year old, anything LEGO. Mix it up with some science sets, crafts, and books, and holiday shopping will be a breeze this year—more time for you to enjoy your holiday beverage as you snuggle up by the fireplace! Here are some cool gifts kids will love to unwrap this holiday season, making you the BEST PARENT EVER. Minecraft Creeper Backpack:  My son has been asking for a Minecraft backpack since before school started this year; I haven't been able to find one until now. (Thanks for sharing this, Cool Mom Picks!) Bonus: Minecraft Wrapping Paper ! I think wrapping up my oldest son's gift in this paper will be totally cool, right? Minecraft plush toys: My boy (of course) has most of these, and I love adding to his collection. These are great for stocking stuffers, too and perfect to give as gifts. Minecraft hoodie:  is my go-to place


Can you believe it's mid-November already? I can, because it's damn freezing outside! Time to bring out my Canada Goose parka. Sob. Bright side? The holidays are around the corner! I don't feel ready yet, but here we are—with only weeks to go before Christmas. Last night the kids and I got the house ready and put up some holiday decorations, so now things are starting to feel festive inside. It's been an incredibly busy time for me, and I am so excited that I have partnered with Urban Barn as their Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson as the store expands in Ottawa with a second location in Kanata. I love Urban Barn —and I am always inspired with all the stuff they sell, from the bedroom and dining room sets to the home accents. I want to re-do my entire house with everything Urban Barn! I had a fun segment on CTV yesterday where I talked about different looks for the holidays, from hosting a New Year's Eve adults-only party, to how to make your dinner table look

Gifts Made Easy With Shoppers Drug Mart

It's November, which means we can now officially start talking about and getting ready for... the holiday season! Aren't you excited? There are two times of the year I'm the happiest: summer, and Christmas. I am starting to plan my shopping lists—for myself, and for those I'm buying for this year. I always love shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart because they have a huge selection of gift ideas for my friends, family, neighbours, teachers, and anyone else on my shopping list. This year, shopping is even easier at Shoppers Drug Mart with the new gift finder which is available online. With so many fragrances, gorgeous gifts, yummy treats and the latest toys and electronics, Shoppers Drug Mart has GIFTS MADE EASY for everyone—and it's one-stop shopping—total bonus! I think I'm a smart shopper, especially for the holidays—I make my lists early, I know who I'm shopping for, I ask my kids to prepare their "must-have" lists and I even start shoppin

H&M Opens Its Doors in Place d'Orleans (Plus, An H&M Giveaway!)

One of the main reasons I loved travelling to south Florida and to D.C. frequently was for the shopping. Of course, the warmer weather was always a wonderful bonus, and yes, even the weather in D.C. is better than the weather we have here in Ottawa—but really, shopping was always a highlight of my travels. Ottawa just didn't have enough awesome shopping for me, you see, but recently, so much has changed and all the shopping centres I frequently visit here in Ottawa have been or are under massive renovations. These renovations mean new stores have opened up, like some of my personal favourites: J.Crew, Nordstrom (coming soon!) Express and  H&M!  I'm so excited because H&M is opening its second Ottawa location this November 13th in Place d'Orleans and I can't wait to get shopping. I love Place d'Orleans because it's close to home for me and also, free parking is a huge bonus! This H&M is going to be massive, you guys—20,000 square feet—and it


I'm a giving person. I love the holidays because I love to give presents to everyone I love, from friends and family to other special people in my life. But more than that, I love to give where it really counts—I love to volunteer for charities, and I love to give whenever I can, to a few organizations close to my heart, like CHEO and UNICEF, to name two. I love helping organizations that help children, and I also give in other ways, too—I donate to whatever charity event my family or friends are doing something for and I'll give when I'm out at events that benefit worthwhile organizations. So many Canadians give their time, talent, and money to different charities and by doing so, it makes us better as a whole. Research shows that one of the main reasons people decide to to give is simply because they were asked. It's hard to say no, especially when you're asked. Also, giving feels good, doesn't it? Dare2Give is the latest in the My Giving Moment Ca

Get Cozy With The New Urban Barn in Kanata (And Twitter Party With Us On November 12th, 9-10 p.m.!) #UrbanBarnKanata

Hey, Ottawa—I've got some great news for you! Urban Barn —everyone's favourite furniture store—is opening its doors in Kanata on November 15th, on Hazeldean Road in the Grant Crossing mall. (From 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., so you have plenty of time to shop!) A new Urban Barn in my city makes me very excited, and I've already started planning out my dream rooms—I'm renovating my family room, bedroom , and dining room and I couldn't think of a better place to get all the furniture and home accessories I need. My children are growing up and it's time for me to starting thinking properly about home decor again—the timing is just right, and I can't wait to start shopping. I have spent so much time online recently, looking at all the gorgeous rooms and furniture from Urban Barn,  trying to narrow down which couch to buy... or which new bedroom set I desperate need. Often, though, I find even more inspiration walking through the store—it helps with the decisio