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What to expect when you become a mom

No matter how much you think you know about becoming a mom—no matter how many books you’ve read on the subject, no matter how many conversations you’ve had with friends, no matter how many summers you spent babysitting as a teenager—until your baby is placed in your arms, you don’t know a thing, really. I was clueless when I became a mom for the first time. I never really spent a lot of time with babies except to ooh and aah over them. When I became a mom for the first time, I didn't have any friends who already had children (except for my best friend who had also just given birth) so it was a brand new world for me. No one really told me what to expect. By the time I had my second baby, I felt like an expert. I worried less. I slept more. And as time went by, life got a whole lot easier. Still, everyday is an adventure... Here are a few things you can expect when you become a mom: You will walk around topless the first week after bringing your baby home because your boobs are c

African Cats

I was sitting in the movie theatre a few weeks ago anxiously awaiting the start of some movie (can't remember which one—I have a terrible memory, and plus, I mostly go for the popcorn, anyway) and a preview for African Cats appeared on the big screen. Within seconds, I was crying. And almost choking on my popcorn, which we all know is like the number one killer. You know how those kernals get stuck in the weirdest place under your tongue and nothing gets them un-stuck? Anyway. As I was almost dying, I was also wiping away my tears, because the preview for the movie was so emotional! The music, (in case you're wondering, the song in the trailer is Life Is Beautiful, by Vega 4) along with the images of the African cats taking care of their babies, nearly did me in. African Cats is a true story that takes places in, you guessed it, Africa. Right away, you know it's going to be a breathtakingly beautiful movie to watch, but what's even more amazing is that the movie is a t

Wearing an apron... but leaving on the heels!

Last week, after breakfast, I baked a chocolate cake. After the measuring, pouring, and mixing were finished, I put it in the oven, set the timer, and looked at the clock on my kitchen wall. "Oh, no! Kids! We have to leave RIGHT NOW for swimming lessons!" I took the cake out of the oven, threw it away, and drove off to the Athletic Club with my family for Sunday swimming lessons. Almost every time I try to bake, or cook, something will go wrong. Without fail. I'm not very domestic . I don't beat myself up over this, though—there are other things I excel at. Although I'm no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, I do very much love food . That's the first step, right? In my quest to become a better cook, I happily accepted the role of being a Life Made Delicious connector with General Mills. As soon as I heard the words 'easy recipes' I was on-board! Also, there are tons of healthy and easy-to-cook recipes for kids on their site, too. In working with General Mi

Time Out

Two days ago, I received a phone call from my mother that almost caused me to have a heart attack at work. She was laughing so hard on the phone I thought she was crying. This happens all the time, when she calls. She'll call to tell me something funny, and she'll be laughing on the phone before she can even say hello back to me, and right away, I think of the worst possible scenario . And it's not because I've been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds; it's because I worry about everything all.the.time. Once I realised that no one I loved was in grave danger, I relaxed. "Dimitry got his first time-out!" she said to me, laughing. My reaction? "Oh, my poor baby!" Followed by: "Oh! My poor baby! Hahahahahahaha!" I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of my child in a time-out. See, we've had it really good so far—our oldest son is the most attentive, most well-behaved child ever in the classroom. Last month, he received

Pure happiness

You know that feeling when you heart is going to burst because you're that happy? And your happiness is a result of seeing your child so happy their heart is about to burst? That's the kind of happiness we experienced this weekend, when we took our son to the Royal Canadian Mint on a tour. Seeing your children happy is the best feeling on earth. It's a million times more amazing than the happiness that comes from a great shopping trip. (Even though a great shopping trip is pretty awesome, too.) My oldest son has four piggy banks and each one holds money for specific things: spending, sharing, saving and schooling. He most recently used some of his 'saving' money and bought his baby niece something when we were in Florida. We spent over an hour looking for the perfect 'something' to gift her with. He often counts his money, while learning about math and the value of a dollar at the same time. We took a tour of the Mint a few years ago, before my five year