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Mother's Day Gift Guide

As a mom of two adorable, smart, and funny boys, my favourite thing about Mother's Day is... well, just being able to spend time with my children. After all, they're my entire heart and world, and they fill me with so much joy every day it feels like my heart might burst. And every day, I am in awe of how much they've grown, and how they're becoming their own independent people. I cherish all the time we have together, and love that they still want me to put them to bed every night. I know this won't last; so I'll enjoy it while I can. Of course, anything hand-made with love from my boys is the ultimate Mother's Day gift, but what else would a mom love on Mother's Day? I was on CTV Morning Live talking about the great gifts I'd love to receive... and give... this Mother's Day. Here are some great gifts to give for Mother's Day: A luxurious getaway: I was on a press trip to Toronto recently and I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

New On Netflix: Pee-wee's Big Holiday

There are quick a few shows I used to watch as a child that still bring back memories, either because I loved the show itself, loved the characters on the show, or loved listening to the theme song. (Dallas for that theme song—or The Wonder Years—none of us can ever forget those, right?) Of course, one of the shows I remember watching as a child was Pee-wee's Big Adventure. How fun (and ridiculous!) was that show? I remember I'd watch it with my friends whenever we had play dates. Well, Pee-wee is back—again—and this time, a different generation of children are watching. This time, Pee-wee is back and he's not in his familiar surroundings anymore—no more small-time routine for Pee-wee! Pee-wee's Big Holiday started streaming on Netflix in March, and in this movie he meets a mysterious stranger, Joe Manganiello. After that, Pee-wee goes on a very big adventure where all sorts of crazy, unexpected things happen to him. We had a little viewing party at home (tha

The Latest From P&G: A Quick Review

I am a P&G mom. As part of my affiliation with this group, I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities as well as compensation. The opinions in this review are, as always, my own. As a P&G mom, I receive many great product that I put to the test every day at home. The great thing is, I've always loved using P&G, so this partnership has been the most natural fit for the last couple of years. Crest is the only toothpaste we'll use, Pantene is the best conditioner for my over-processed, naturally curly hair, (seriously, nothing works better than Pantene, and as a beauty blogger, believe me when I tell you I've tried every high end hair care product out there!) and well, we couldn't live without our Bounty paper towels. From kitchen essentials to beauty essentials, P&G is the name I know and trust to never disappoint. I put a few products to the test and I'm here to tell you: you need these in your life! Swiffer Duster

On Trend For Spring: What You Need To Buy

The most wonderful season of all is here, you guys... spring. And by spring, I mean almost summer, which means it's time to re-evaluate what's in your closet to make room for all the new pretty things you'll need to rock this season. Step one:  Empty out your closet. Dedicate a day to pulling everything out of your closet and drawers, and make a few piles: keep, toss, and donate. I did a major closet purge recently and it felt so good... especially because of all the room in my closet now! Hello, new clothes... Step two: Go shopping. Not sure what to buy? Here are some of my favourite things right now to make it easier for you! Here are some must-have pieces for spring: A new pair of jean capris: I received these cute jean capris from Haggar Caanda, and they're super comfortable and fun to wear with a little t-shirt and wedge heels. This Dream Capri, as it's called, is a 5 pocket bi-stretch denim that comes out the dryer wrinkle free (yay!). I love to acc

Win A Trip To The Mayan Riviera with Menchie's

It's finally here! Spring, we've been waiting. This weekend was so gorgeous, I bet everyone spent it outdoors. The sun was shining, and it was actually... hot outside. There is so much to look forward to now that warmer days are here... walks to the park, bike rides, flip flops, tanned skin, drink on the patio, BBQ's with friends and family, and... frozen yogurt, of course! I love taking my children to Menchie's as an after-school surprise or just because we're craving something delicious and cold. (And with the new Skor flavour, it'll be hard to keep us away!)  I love that Menchie's yogurts are gluten-free, vegan, and certified Kosher. Everyone can enjoy Menchie's, and with over 128 flavours and 50 toppings to choose from, you're sure to find one you'll keep coming back for! The Menchie's Smoothies bar is awesome, too—made with 100% natural fruit, and four servings of fruit per 16 ounce cup. Sweet! And healthy! Right now, you can sc

Absolutely Ageless With Aveeno

I'm always looking for great skin care products, because I'm always being asked by friends what my favourites are. I love recommending products that are affordable and deliver good results.  A great product and company I trust is Aveeno , so I was happy to be asked to review their new Absolutely Ageless collection. The new Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Collection includes a daily moisturize with SPF 30, restorative night cream, eye cream, nourishing cleanser, and intensive renewal serum. These products work together to deliver real great results for healthier, more youthful looking skin. Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer SPF 30: This moisturizer did a great job providing maximum moisture to my face, especially where it was needed most. It smells delicious, too, probably because of the blackberry leaf extract that's in the product, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.  I noticed a difference in my skin in only a

Putting Tide To The Test (And A Giveaway!)

Disclosure: I am a P&G mom ambassador. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and have been compensated to put Tide to the stain test. The opinions on this blog are my own.  Spring is here, even though the weather hasn't been warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors yet. And what's with all the snow? Despite the less than seasonable weather, I'm still excited for spring. So excited, in fact,  I went somewhere I don't often go... to the gardening store.  I bought the supplies I needed to start planting some indoor herbs and plants, since it's not warm enough to do any outdoor gardening yet. The truth is, I don't have a green thumb, but I thought I'd start somewhere, and planting some herbs isn't that difficult. I love doing things that my boys can get involved in, too. I'm not afraid to get dirty, either—I'm a die-hard Tide fan, and Tide Ultra Stain Release works miracles on clothes that are covered in dirt. Even white

Win Tickets To The National Women's Show

It's spring, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow. That's just not sitting well with me, because I'm ready for warmer days—days where I can just put on a little dress and cute wedge heels and meet my girlfriends for a drink on a patio or shop... outside... without freezing! Even though the weather isn't great, you can still grab your friends and do something fun indoors—like head over to the National Women's Show  at the Shaw Centre. You can shop your heart out at over 250 exhibits, discover the latest fashion trends, watch a few fashion shows, enjoy some tasty treats and drinks, and plan you next getaway (somewhere warm, I hope) with the help of travel pros. It can be a bit overwhelming heading into the Shaw Centre for the National Women's Show, but they've divided up into sections so you can make sure to visit what you're most interested in: Festival of Fashion Business and Career Centre Beauty and Wellness Travel and Adventure World

Tips For A Healthier Smile

I love that spring has finally arrived. Spring means getting organized, packing away the winter clothes and welcoming warmer days into our lives. It’s the perfect time to declutter, rearrange furniture, keep the windows open, and make and keep annual appointments for a clean bill of health.  Along with our visits to the doctor for our annual check ups, I make sure we visit the dentist regularly, too. And believe it or not, my children love going to the dentist.  Every time they've gone, since they were very young, they've loved the experience. We go to a family dentist and everyone working there treats my children so well. Making kids feel welcomed and relaxed is important in helping them have a positive experience when they’re sitting in the chair being examined. Regular visits to the dentist is the secret to a great experience, and regular visits most certainly take away the fear of seeing your dentist. There are simple thing you can do to maintain healthy teeth