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It's Just A Number: The Ageless Giveaway With Olay

What is age, really, but a number? Although I'm in my late thirties, I don't feel a day older than twenty-something. I love when people ask my age and always guess years younger than I really am. Yes, age is just a number, and more and more, Canadian women aren't feeling defined by their chronological age—and why should we? Olay recently unveiled their Ageless program—an initiative that explores how Canadian women and women around the world  think about aging and what their expectations are when it comes to beauty. There is no denying I'm in my late thirties; after all, I get excited when 90's music plays on the radio, I wore jeans with safety pins, teased my hair, loved Who's The Boss and Growing Pains , and rocked out to New Kids On The Block. My favourite bands include Tom Petty and The Eagles, and I shed a tear when David Bowie passed away. I went through the awkward teenage stage that I look back and laugh at now (bright blue eye shadow, anyone?).

Get Fit With Best Buy Canada And The Gramin vivosmart HR Fitness Tracker

It's mid-January and hopefully, we're all on track with our resolutions. After over-indulging in December, I'm taking better care of my health—making sure I'm staying active, and eating well. I've been faithfully going to the gym because the truth is, nothing feels better than a great workout—which makes you feel—and look—great. (Also, getting ready for bikini weather and an upcoming vacation down south is great motivation to kick up your workout routine!) There are other ways to monitor your health, too, and Best Buy Canada is the place to go to get all that you need to make sure you're staying on track with your health. Best Buy gave me the awesome new Garmin vivosmart HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor , and I love it, because it measures my heartbeat which helps me improve my fitness regimen. It's stylish, and easy to wear. The vivosmart HR uses exclusive Elevate heart rate technology to measure my heartbeat directly from my wrist.

Winter Skin Care: From La Mer to La Prairie, And Everything In Between

I'm a beauty product junkie, and I love trying new products, especially products I know my skin will love. Winter is harsh, but that doesn't mean there isn't a way to save our skin from the elements. I was on Daytime Ottawa today talking about what my favourite products are that'll help save your skin this winter, from La Mer to La Prairie, and everything in between. Here's what I'm loving right now:  Laboratoire Dr. Renaud: I'm a fan of the Dr. Renaud skin care line. This complete skincare brand addresses all skin conditions, from dryness (which we're experiencing now) as well as acne, anti-aging, sun-care, and more. This Canadian company has a rich history of innovation spanning over 50 years—so I do trust the products they put out! I'm loving the 3D Lifting Serum . This serum is a cream-based, won't leave your skin oily, and helps firm skin, while preventing wrinkles. It's also super moisturizing, as well. Dr. Renaud ExCe

Gold Bond® Ultimate Giveaway

Winter is in full swing, and although summer is my favourite season, I've learned to make the most of the long, cold months we have, even if it means bundling up and heading outside when it's minus 20 celsius. Oh, the things we do for our children! My boys love playing in the snow—snowball fights and building snow forts can carry on for hours outside, and sometimes I get in on the fun with them. We also love after-dinner walks around the neighbourhood and taking part in all the winter celebrations. My favourite part? Coming inside after the outdoor fun, with rosy cheeks, ready to warm up with hot chocolate around the fire place. The down side to all the outdoor winter fun is the toll the weather takes on my skin. Even though I dress in layers to stay warm, winter destroys my skin, making it very dry. My go-to skin-care brand is  Gold   Bond ®  Ultimate . These lotions and creams have saved my skin this winter, and they are the number one product I recommend to my friend

Travel In Style With RIMOWA Luggage: The Original Luggage With Grooves

Two things I love: to travel, and to shop. Of course, travelling with gorgeous luggage makes vacations that much more wonderful, and one luggage company I've always loved is RIMOWA —you know, "The original luggage with grooves" company? Well, they   just send me their RIMOWA Salsa Deluxe suitcase for my upcoming vacation to south Florida. I am in love! I've never felt a suitcase so lightweight—yet so durable—before. This suitcase is guaranteed to last a lifetime, and I travel often. It also has enough room so I can pack all my travel essentials: bikinis, shoes, more shoes, and more bikinis. (Truly, though, this suitcase fits a lot.) It's the  attention to detail that makes RIMOWA one of the world's bestselling luggage manufacturers, (especially in Europe) and also, because they are so incredibly stylish. Here are just some reasons why I love RIMOWA: Countless numbers of celebrities and athletes use RIMOWA luggage for their travels—and they de

Save Your Skin This Winter With Gold Bond Ultimate

Winter is here, and there is nothing we can do about it. I know, it's not the most pleasant thought, considering it's only January, but here we are, so let's make the most out of it! Despite the fact that I'm still thinking about the days of backyard BBQs, summer dresses, and flip flops, I'm now happily rocking my new ankle booties, skinny jeans, and stylish scarf. And although the transition to winter isn't always easy—especially because the harsher weather tends to dry my skin—I make sure to take extra special care of my skin, from head to toe. Because I'm a beauty product and skin-care addict, I try to find the very best moisturizers for my dry, winter skin—a moisturizer that's guaranteed to make my skin feel soft and smooth. I have put  Gold Bond ®  Ultimate  lotions to the test for over one month, and I'm so happy to report that these lotions are incredible! Actually,  Gold Bond ®  Ultimate lotions are the only daily body lotion made

Six Ways To Get Healthier And Happier in 2016

Happy New Year! How  cliché to  start my first post of 2016 talking about ways to get healthier and happier, but the start of a new year excites me and I look forward to challenging myself, writing down new goals (that I may or may not stick to—hey, resolutions are tough !) and trying to get healthier than the year before. Of course it's important to stick to an exercise routine and eat well throughout the year, but December is a month of partying and overindulging more than usual, so getting back on track in January can sometimes be difficult... but not impossible. Here are six simple ways to be healthier and happier this year: Be thankful. It's easy to complain about the things in life that aren't going exactly as we'd like them to go, but if we take a moment each day to remember all the good things we have in our life, we'll complain a lot less. Be thankful for what you have—family, friends, home. We have it good, and if you need a reminder to be thankful,