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W Costa Navarino: A Luxurious Escape in Greece

We are back from our month long annual summer vacation in Greece, and this year, we had the pleasure of staying at the brand new W Costa Navarino resort. 

I was invited to the W to review the new property and surrounding areas and it was a wonderful experience! My entire family loved every minute, especially the pools, rooms, and dining choices. We stayed in two gorgeous and spacious rooms, both with a large, infinity-style shared private pool right off our back balcony decks.

The W Costa Navarino is a beautiful escape for those looking for a getaway unlike any other. From the Navarino waterfront, to the vivid and bright design and architecture, the hotel prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to everyone, in luxurious surroundings that include rooms with private swim-up pools, airy and modern one and two bedroom suites, and stunning beachfront villas overlooking the Ionian Sea.

If you're planning on visiting Greece this year or next, you should definitely visit the W Costa Navarino. This area in the southwest Peloponnese is one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking areas in Greece, surrounded by crystal clear beaches. Costa Navarino is also home to three other 5-star deluxe hotels: The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, The Westin Resort, and the Mandarin Oriental. It is also home to two spa centres, (Anazoe Spa and Away Spa) four signature golf courses, over 20 dining venues, a wide range of sports, outdoor and cultural activities, and an array of 5-star services.

The W Costa Navarino is exclusively for adults and kids over 12, so if you're travelling with younger children, book a stay at the nearby Westin Costa Navarino.

Here are the top five reasons you should book a stay at W Costa Navarino: 

1. It is the prime sustainable destination in Greece

Costa Navarino has a philosophy driven by a desire to promote Messinia, while protecting and preserving the natural beauty of the area and the cultural heritage dating back 4,500 years. The entire property was created as a Greek coastal village, promoting local culture and heritage in a sustainable yet luxurious manner. 

 2. W Experiences 

At W Costa Navarino, guests can indulge in their luxurious surroundings by relaxing at one of the hotel’s many pools, getting a treatment at the AWAY spa, swimming in the sea, working out in the gym, and more—like taking a wine master class with wine experts, or enjoying a cooking class. 

3. The Navarino Agora

New to the W Costa Navarino is the Navarino Agora, a five-minute walk from the hotel grounds. There are hotel shuttles transporting guests to and from the Agora, as well. The Agora has 22 high-end retail stores from Greek and international clothing brands, exclusive cosmetics and perfume stores, beachwear and eyewear boutiques, jewelry, handcrafted hats, souvenirs, and more. The Agora also has a hair salon, nail salon, an outdoor cinema, and eleven dining venues.

4. Accommodations

The W Costa Navarino has 246 villas, suites, and rooms. The rooms are spacious, modern, and luxurious, and some of the first floor rooms include shared private pools located off the private back balcony deck, complete with loungers, chairs, and tables. Staying on the first floor was great because it meant quicker access to the other pools, as well as the restaurants, bars... and the sea! I loved the large marble bathrooms, complete with Davines amenities--the shower was heavenly! The beds were also next-level comfortable, and had the most incredible pillows I've ever slept on. (You can shop the W store online, and I'm definitely buying a couple of those pillows for home). 

Guests can also stay at the W two-bedroom suites or the W villas.

5. Dining

Costa Navarino prides itself on bringing a real ‘farm-to-table’ experience to guests. You can visit the vegetable garden, collect seasonal produce, and enjoy delicious meals outdoors surrounded by nature.

There are several dining venues at the W: Parelia, a vibrant Greek inspired beach club that transforms itself to a stunning seaside dining venue in the evenings, with a modern, upscale Greek cuisine, featuring traditional recipes on the menu. Local and international DJ’s are also part of the experience and they play music every evening on the beach, so guests can enjoy late night music, fun, and dancing.

Platia is the hotel’s culinary space  and where guests can enjoy the delicious breakfast buffet across four areas: The Bakery, The Deli, The Coffee Shop, and The Cookery. Guests can fill their plates with fresh baked bread, Greek yogurt, a variety of local honey, fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, eggs, and more.

You can also relax at Between for drinks, and enjoy cocktails and appetizers at the poolside W Lounge—day and night. (We had a delicious wood-oven pizza one day for lunch, poolside--delicious!). 

A stay at the W Costa Navarino allows guests access to all of the of the other Costa Navarino properties, too, including the Westin (which includes an NBA Basketball camp for kids, a bowling alley, outdoor cinema, a water park, and more) and access to the property’s four signature golf courses, 16 tennis courts, rock climbing, hiking, yachting, and sailing.

Our experience at the W Costa Navarino was the definite highlight of this summer's Greece vacation, and so many people have asked me about our stay, and the hotel. It makes me so happy to give a five star review to everyone who is looking to book a stay here, too. I highly recommend adding this hotel to your itinerary for your upcoming Greece trip--it was perfection, in every way, and we can't wait to be back. A true luxury escape. 

Thank you, W Costa Navarino, for the amazing service and for welcoming us. We are so very thankful!


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