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The Hazelton Hotel Voted Number Three Best Hotel In Canada

Every trip to Toronto is made even more memorable for me when I stay at The Hazelton Hotel, located right in the heart of luxurious Yorkville. 

I've had the pleasure of staying at the Hazelton Hotel many times over the last several years, and with each visit, I fall in love with the hotel even more. The Hazelton Hotel is most definitely a perfect escape for a couple looking for a romantic getaway and it's also perfect for a best friends weekend trip, a work retreat, or simply, any visit to Toronto.

The Hazelton is "Canada's first and only Forbes five-star independent luxury boutique hotel" and though it's considered a boutique hotel because it only has 77 (very spacious) rooms and suites, it feels very grand and luxurious. The hotel is constantly ranked the #1 hotel in Toronto on TripAdvisor (five years and counting!) and was just voted the Number Three Best Hotel in Canada Conde Nast Traveller's 2022 Readers' Choice Awards. I have to agree, because this luxurious hotel is perfection, from the moment you arrive.

Here are three reasons why I love The Hazelton Hotel: 

1. The service. Most five-star hotels cater to their guests and provide excellent service, but I have experienced the best consistent service at The Hazelton Hotel, from check-in to check-out. The attention to detail, pleasant and helpful staff, and warm welcome upon arrival, make each stay feel extra special; almost like you're being welcomed back home again. 

2. The rooms.  Yorkville is my favourite place to be in Toronto, because of the fine dining options, people watching, and shopping, and of course, because it's home to The Hazelton Hotel. The hotel has 77 rooms and suites, and all are spacious, modern, and luxurious, and many have walk out balconies with comfortable seating areas. The beds in the rooms are extremely comfortable, and come with a pillow menu so you can select your choice of pillows. The large, floor-to-ceiling green granite and marble bathrooms with heated floors, large soaking tub and mirror-mounted television screen will make you never want to leave. 

3. Dining and Wellness. Hazelton is home to Toronto's popular ONE restaurant, where you can experience classic Italian and French cuisine, with fresh and local Ontario produce. The large patio is one of Toronto's best, and always bustling with action in the warmer months. ONE also offers 24-hour-in-room dining, and has the most delicious breakfast options. I've enjoyed many wonderful dinners at ONE, and waking up to in-room dining is amazing, too. You can also enjoy the Spa by Valmont, with many spa treatments available, an indoor saltwater pool, and fitness centre.

The Hazelton Hotel delivers in more ways than one and I can't  for my next stay here.  Congrats, Hazelton! 


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