On The Road To Rio With Crest: Win An Oral-B Black 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush And a Visa Gift Card

Summer is all about travel and no matter how hard I try to not pack too many items in my suitcase, packing my beauty essentials is something that's non-negotiable for me. Even when I'm on the road, or on vacation, I always pack my Crest 3D whitening strips and toothpaste. Having a white smile is always important to me—even while on vacation or when I'm travelling.

This summer it's all about the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and I love that Canadian athlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton is sponsored by Crest—the only toothpaste I use! Brianne knows a thing or two about travelling and being on the road all the time.

Here are some of her useful travel tips:

1. Adapt yourself to the routine of your destination's time zone as soon as possible. (This is not always to do, as I've learned when travelling overseas with my children, but it sure does help get everyone used to the new time zone sooner.)

2. Check the expiration date on your passport—make sure you've got enough time to get you passports renewed!

3. Take your time when packing—this is sometimes hard, and complicated, but if you're a careful packer, you'll take up less room room in your suitcase, you won't forget the items you need, and you can even try to talk yourself out of packing yet another pair of shoes you will likely not wear.

4. Keep the basics in a carry-on. If your suitcase gets lost and you have to wait a day or two to get it, make sure you've got a change of clothes in your carry-on and the essentials, like Crest White Brilliance 2 Step Toothpaste, since the tubes are under 100 ml each.

5. Eat healthy! This is not always easy when travelling through airports, so pack your own snacks to avoid the temptation of eating badly, which can make you feel groggy.

6. Plan some downtime. While you're relaxing in your hotel and charging you phone, you can even use Crest 3D Whitestrips to give you an even whiter smile for those pictures.

These great tips will help you #SmileThrough it all.

Another thing to make you smile?

I'm giving away a $50 VISA gift card so you can buy your travel essentials and an Oral-B Black 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush! This toothbrush is no ordinary toothbrush; it's worth $239.99, and is available at select retailers across Canada. Used together with Crest 3D White toothpaste, you're guaranteed a perfect smile and healthy, sparkling teeth.

Here are some cool things about the Oral-B Black 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush:

  • It works in tandem with a mobile tracking app, delivering real time guidance and records your teeth brushing activities to provide personalized oral health data. 
  • The power brush has a built-in timer to ensure that you brush for the dentist recommended two minutes and notifies you once complete. The app also provides news updates to keep you busy while you brush, and it signals and decelerates speed when the user is brushing too hard.
  • It removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular toothbrush.
  • It stores your date, helps you stay informed, and helps you become a better brusher. Anything I can do to avoid multiple visits to the dentist—I'm a big fan of! 

To win, just leave me a comment below telling me what your travel essentials are. I'll pick a winner randomly on July 10th.

P&G is participating in this giveaway only as a prize supplier and is hereby released from any and all liability which may occur through the promotion, administration, and execution of the contest. This contest is officially sponsored by Loulou's Views. 

Disclaimer: I have been compensated by Crest, and all views and opinions are my own. 

Thank You, Mom: The Road To The Rio 2016 Olympic Games With P&G And Crest

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I've loved the Olympics since I was a little girl, and no, not just because I'm Greek, although it does make me proud that Greece is the birthplace of the Olympics. It's so much more than that for me, though. Watching my country compete against other countries from around the world makes me happy and excited. I love the beauty of seeing countries come together this way—the Olympics unites us in a wonderful way, no matter the sport, no matter who wins.

The beauty of it all truly lies in the story of the athlete—wherever they are from—and how they overcame obstacles and worked extremely hard to make their dreams a reality. Of course, none of that can be accomplished without the support, love, and tears from friends, coaches, trainers, and of course... family. Especially mom. (I'm going to start crying here!)

Every single time I watch a Thank You, Mom P&G video I cry. It doesn't matter how many times I see the same video, it brings me to tears. Maybe because I'm a mom, maybe because I can absolutely picture myself feeling that proud of my children, no matter what they do, or achieve. It take me back to when I was a child, competing in certain sports, and knowing that my mom was always there for me, proud of me, no matter the outcome. It is the greatest feeling in the world having that unconditional support and love from family.

If you haven't already seen the new P&G Thank You, Mom video yet, titled Strong, watch it now:

I mean... tears of joy, happiness, and just overwhelming emotion, right?

Being a mom is the hardest job there is. And as children grow, the challenges get bigger, too. It's how we teach, guide, and support them in whatever they love and are passionate about that'll help keep the bond strong. As part of P&G's dedication to bringing the best to moms around the world every day, P&G brands have partnered with Olympians and their moms on their journey to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, across 21 countries around the world, including Canada.

I'm happy to be supporting Crest and athlete Brianne Theissen-Eaton, who is a double Silver Medalist at IAAF Outdoor World Championships, Gold and Silver Medalist at IAAF Indoor World Championships, Commonwealth Gold Medalist, and a Pam Am Bronze Medalist.

P&G will be hosting a P&G Family Home in Rio de Janeiro, where athletes will enjoy a home away from home during the Olympic Games complete with beauty treatments from Pantene, Gillette, Tide, and of course, Crest. I love that P&G recognizes moms who support their children this way, and I truly love how P&G created the Thank you, Mom campaign.

Stay tuned for more from me as I work with Crest on a wonderful giveaway for one of my readers. In the meantime... time to start getting excited for the Olympics... and make sure you have some tissues to dry the emotional tears.

Disclaimer: I am a Crest Brand Ambassador. I have received compensation for my post and all views and opinions are my own. 


Look Ageless This Summer With Olay PLUS A Skin Care Giveaway

I'm not ashamed to admit how many beauty products I have in my bathroom, and no, I don't think it's an unhealthy addiction to be obsessed with skin care and beauty products. On the contrary, I think as we get older, taking care of our skin and changing up our beauty routine should be a priority.

I love experimenting and trying new products, and there are two things I'm looking for when it comes to skin care:

1. Proper protection from the sun's harmful rays.
2. Skin care that's designed to help keep my skin look youthful.

To the rescue: 

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream with SPF 30: This cream provides UVA/UVB protection, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and skin looks and feels firmer in days.

Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30: This moisturizer fights the signs of aging, like age spots and dryness, like minimizing the look of line and wrinkles, and firms skin with continued use. Bonus? The build-in SPF 30.

Now that we're in the midst of summer (the best time of the year) it's time to take extra care of our delicate skin. I don't know about you, but I'm outside most of the day, and in direct contact with the sun, because I do love feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Sun exposure is always happening, so wearing moisturizer with a built-in SPF is absolutely necessary for me.

Olay is a name I've trusted and used for years—in fact, Olay is the first moisturizer I ever bought. These tow products have been incredible on my skin, especially during these hot and sunny months.

I love these products so much I'd love you to try them, too. I'm giving away an Olay prize pack with some excellent products you'll love, valued at $165. 

I'll pick a winner randomly on June 30th, so good luck! Just leave me a comment below telling me how you take care of you skin.

Good Luck!


Grow Your Garden With PC Lawn and Garden

Summer is going by so fast, even though it wasn't until yesterday that we celebrated the first "official" day of summer. I can't get enough of the great outdoors in the summertime, and any time I spend outside with my boys makes me so happy... even when I'm gardening! Or, even better, when I am enjoying the beautiful gardens surrounding me.

PC Lawn and Garden products are perfect for any garden, and shopping PC Lawn and Garden is a great experience, too—from the helpful service to the plants, flowers, and tools I need, it's my one-stop shop for everything I need for my home, front and back.

I love bringing fresh flowers inside the home, too—especially when I've grown the flowers myself!

Whether you're growing your own food—and who doesn't love fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs to pick from your own backyard to use in your summer salads?—to beautiful flowers in gorgeous, vibrant colours, PC Lawn and Garden truly has it all. If you're new to planting "edibles" in your backyard garden, try starting with PC Framberry strawberries, a delicious strawberry that has a sweet, almost raspberry flavour, to it. And here's something truly unique: try the PC Ketchup and Fries, a unique tomato grafted onto a potato plants. Isn't that so cool?

No matter what you're planting this summer in your garden, know that PC Lawn and Garden has all that you need, and if you'r like me—someone who doesn't normally do a lot of gardening—it's a great place to start, because helpful workers will answer all the question you have, and you'll leave knowing a thing or two about planting and taking care of your new garden all season long.

Happy gardening!


Saving You Mommy Minutes With Click And Collect Plus A $100 President's Choice Gift Card

Disclosure: I am a P&G mom ambassador. As part of my affiliation with this group I have been compensated to test the Loblaws Click & Collect service. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

Although I sometimes love grocery shopping, I prefer to be doing more important things with my time, like spending time with my children, working out, reading a book, catching up on other important errands, or having lunch with friends.

I have been using Loblaws Click and Collect for a few weeks now, and it's been so great—mostly because of the time I have saved.

The entire process is so simple, and makes shopping fun. If you haven't tried it yet, you totally should. Just go to shop.loblaws.ca, and start clicking away! Select your pick-up location (where you'll be picking up groceries from) and then browse each "aisle" by category or brand. It's simple and easy to shop, and takes no time at all, leaving you with more time to do the things you really love. You can choose your pick-up time, too, so it's the ultimate convenience. Once you're there, just call the number, and wait in your car for your groceries to be delivered to you.

I've saved so much time using Click & Collect. I've been able to attend events at my children's school, attend a few more classes at the gym, go to the hair salon, and clean my house—and my fridge—without feeling rushed to go grocery shopping. And it's a great way to stay on track with purchasing the items you really need. Since you're not physically browsing the aisles, you're not buying items you probably don't need anyway... like that bag of chips. (So hard to resist, I know!)

I'd love for you try Click & Collect too, so I'm giving away a $100 President's Choice gift card! I'd love to hear how your experience was, and how much time you saved, too. 

To win, just leave me a comment below telling me what you would do with all the time you save by using Click & Collect. 

I'll randomly pick a winner on June 30th. 

Good Luck!


Summertime Fun (And Messes Made Easy With Tide Ultra Stain Release)

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Disclosure: I am a P&G mom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and have been compensated to put Tide to the stain test. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

Ah, the joys of summer... with only a few weeks left of school, my boys are definitely already taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we've been having—by spending all their time in the great outdoors, being kids. Bike rides, playing at the park, soccer games, shooting hoops, and swimming. Without a care in the world, as it should be, when you're a child.

I truly love watching them be kids, despite the fact that they don't seem to care how very dirty they get when they're running around the soccer field. Grass stains? Check. Juice-stained shirts? Check. Of course, none of this really matters because they're having such a good time, and also, I know these stains won't be tough to get out, because I've been using Tide Ultra Stain Release, and it does the job in removing all the stains on my children's clothes. Even the impossibly hard stains. In fact, Tide removes over 100 stains in one wash. That sounds about right, because that's how many stains my kids get on their clothes each and every day.

Tough stains on clothes are no problem for Tide Ultra Stain Release—even when we're dealing with very stained WHITE shirts. I simply remove all excess stain debris from the clothes I'm washing, if it's seriously stained, with a wet cloth with water, and I pre-treat the stain using Tide Ultra Stain Release with its Zap!Cap as a pretreatment. Then, I just wash the garment as usual on my regular wash cycle.

For more tips and tricks on stain removal, check out Tide.ca.

Happy summer, everyone!


Father's Day Gift Guide

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I had the pleasure of talking about some great Father's Day gift ideas at all price points today on CTV Morning Live, no matter your budget... so you'll definitely find something here that will be perfect for the dad you're giving to this Father's Day.

Gillette Fusion ProShield Razors and Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Get Plus Skin Care: This is a great and affordable gift to give dad, especially if you put these products in a nice package, and get the kids involved in the shopping, too. At under $20, the kids can contribute their money, and feel like the gift is truly from them, along with a hand-written card. And who doesn't need or want an excellent new razor, right? The FlexBall technology is simply the best, and the new design of the shave gel and cream will provide maximum protection.

Fuego Box: For the dad who loves to cook, spice things up in the kitchen, or just loves to eat, Fuego Box is the gift to give. It's a hog sauce of the month club, and this one is called "Dad's Spicy Box of Awesome". Sure to be a huge hit, especially for summertime BBQ's with friends and family. It's only $49.99, too.

Vivescal Man: This great supplement for men helps support healthy hair growth from within. It's 100% drug free and formulated with AminoMar C Marine Complex to nourish the hair, so men can have thicker, fuller-looking hair. Just take twice daily, and see results in a couple of months. (There is a women's version as well, and Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston use it, too!) This is available at Shoppers Drug Mart for $59.00.

Micro Pedi Man: This is perfect for the dad who doesn't want to go to the spa, because it's an at-home spa solution to remove dry and rough skin on feet, leaving feet soft and smooth. The micro-mineral roller gently buffs dry, hard, rough skin from the soles and heels in seconds. Perfect for the athletic dad or the busy dad, and fun for kids to help give dad a pedicure at home, too! You can get this at Shoppers Drug Mart, too—for only $39.99 (on sale!).

Casamigos Tequila: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila... more? If you love good quality tequila, this is the bottle you'll want to gift this year. It's the famous tequila created by George Clooney and Rande Gerber. It's very smooth, and has an excellent, almost whiskey-like, taste. Available at the LCBO for $69.85.

Adidas Golf: For the golf lover in your love, Adidas Golf has some gorgeous pieces for summer, from shorts with elastic waists to great polo shirts, jackets, and hats. All range in price from $35 to $115. Looking stylish but comfortable on the golf course is what it's all about this season!

Star Wars helmet by Bell: This helmet is ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts and features MIPS Brain Protection Technology. It retails for $399.00, but if dad is a hard-core biker, and a Star Wars lover, it's perfect for him.

If you're looking to give more of an experience than a gift, how about taking dad away to Toronto for a stay at The Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville? This hotel is absolute luxury, with gorgeous, sexy rooms, a five-star restaurant, ONE, and a great spa.

Right now, The Hazelton Hotel has two special Father's Day specials:

Men's Discovery Package: 30 minute body scrub, 60 minute facial, eye collagen mask, sports manicure, sports pedicure. (For $219.00).

Second Package: 90 minute massage, 30 minute body scrub. ($199.00).

Another great idea? Take a trip to New York City and stay at the Langham Place—my favourite hotel in New York. This hotel is gorgeous, and has huge suites, with ceiling to floor windows, and incredible service... right on Fifth Avenue.  There is even car service—dad will love being driven around in a Maserati!

Happy gift giving, and Happy Father's Day, everyone!


Blow-Outs And Bubbly: Grand Opening Of Society Salon In Ottawa

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What's your guilty pleasure? Mine is weekly (or sometimes bi-weekly) blow-outs at hair salons in Ottawa. When I'm traveling to other cities, I always do my research and book hair appointments too, because I love getting my hair done. I like the reassurance of knowing no matter where I go, there's somewhere I can do my hair, and I love that we have a variety of great salons to visit in Ottawa, like the new Society Salon.

Society Salon just celebrated their grand opening on Sparks Street to a full house, including members of Ottawa media, Mayor Jim Watson, fashionistas and bloggers (who are always rocking perfect hair!).

This new salon is located at 167 Sparks Street, right downtown, and it's the perfect place to do your hair on your lunch break, if you work in the downtown core. It's so convenient for government workers looking for a great place to do their hair before, during, or after work. This full-service hair salon (with three cut and colour chairs, and a new blow-dry bar) has expanded to provide clients with all they need in a salon.

I love that the blow-dry bar has a menu of styles to choose from, in case you're not sure what look you want to go with. You can also purchase blow-out packages of five or 10, too—these make great gifts to give.

The mission behind Society Salon? To provide high quality hair styling services by highly educated stylists, using renowned hair products, so every client feels confident and leaves looking their best.

I'll be checking out the salon soon and I think I'm going to try the Centretown Sleek... can't wait to experience this new salon!

For more information, call 613-462-6949 or visit www.societysalonottawa.com.


Books To Match Your Travel Destination

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If you haven't already planned your summer vacation yet, it's time to start. Vacations and book go hand in hand for me, so I’ve rounded up some great places to visit and paired them with some great books set in each location to make your vacation even more memorable, and I chatted about it on CTV Morning Live. 

New York City is always a good place to visit, no matter the season—and if that's where you've headed—whether by car or plane—you'll want to get reading.

Here are the perfect books to read while you're in the Big Apple: 

The Great Gatsby: This classic Jazz Age novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is such a great book. I've read it several times and I love it.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn: This beautiful classic by Betty Smith will take you back in time in NYC about a family and their lives in Brooklyn from 1902-1919. 

Both these books will make your trip to NYC even more special and while you’re in NYC, take time to explore the different neighbourhoods and streets, and visit the New York Library, right by Bryant Park—a great place to sit and read while you're people watching.

Heading overseas to London? 

Wuthering Heights: I remember reading this book for the first time when I was 15 years old during my first trip to England. The setting made the book even more enjoyable. 

Sherlock Holmes: It’s a long read, but worth it, especially on your long flight. Sherlock Holmes is the most famous character in crime fiction, and it's a great read.

Paris is a beautiful place to visit in the summertime, and I loved reading:

The Paris Wife: This book is about Hemingway’s true love, his first wife, and their lives in Paris during the Jazz Age, and their friendship with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. A story of love and betrayal, and a definite page turner while you're vacationing in Paris. 

All The Light We Cannot See: This is a more serious book based mostly in Paris, about history, and World War Two.  

The Da Vinci Code: Who hasn't yet read this great book? It's mysterious, and a suspensful page turner of a book which also takes place in Paris. 

If you're vacationing in Maine, read anything by Stephen King, my favourite author of all time. 

11/22/63: This book is next up for me to read, and I can't wait. I've heard great things about this book that deals with some strange events, and time travel, having to do with the Kennedy assassination. Except a good read here. If you've already read this book, why not re-read a classic King novel, like The Stand, It, or Stand By Me? No matter what you read from Stephen King, you won't be disappointed. 

Happy summer vacation reading, everyone! 


Lego Imagine Nation Tour Comes To Ottawa

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If your children are anything like mine, your house is basically all LEGO. Sure, LEGO is so much fun, and yes, I love seeing my children spend countless hours creating with LEGO—it just really hurts to step on the pieces that are left all over my house!

Anyway, here's something to get the family excited: The first ever LEGO Imagine Nation Tour is travelling across Canada this summer, and I'm excited to take my boys to this fun event. They were so happy to receive a special package filled with some great LEGO sets. The LEGO Imagine Nation Tour is going to be in Ottawa June 10-12 at the EY Centre. This brick building extravaganza is basically a LEGO lovers dream come true—no matter how old or young you are!

There are 13 pavilions of interactive digital experiences, hands-on building activities, and 20 cool life-sized LEGO models.

The Imagine Nation Tour includes activities for each play theme your kids are interested in (from Star Wars to Ninjago). You can also learn building techniques from a Master Builder, contribute to a 40' community-built LEGO maple leaf mosaic, and so much more, like:

  • Build anything you can imagine in the Brick Pit, full of thousands of LEGO bricks of every colour and size.
  • Demo the newest LEGO video games.
  • Test your building prowess in the Bridge Build Challenge and compete to create the strongest bridge.
  • Show off your LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, LEGO Star Wars, or LEGO Minecraft model as part of a large themed model display area.

The event offers five sessions throughout the weekend. For more information on this fun event, and ticket information, click here.


Five Reasons To Stay At The Hazelton Hotel In Yorkville

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I love travelling to Toronto, whether by car, train, or plane. Every stay in Toronto is memorable and enjoyable, especially when I'm able to stay in the heart of Yorkville—after all, there is no better place in Toronto to dine, people watch, and shop.

I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at The Hazelton Hotel last week, and it was every bit as wonderful as my previous stay.

The Hazelton Hotel is simply luxurious, in every way imaginable.

Here are five reasons to choose The Hazelton Hotel in Toronto:

1. The service: The service is second to none at The Hazelton Hotel; the concierge service is there to help in any way possible, from providing child care services, a personal chef, priority tickets to sporting events, airport transfers, and a personal car service to get you around Toronto. (Truly incredible!) There is an in-house doctor on-call, too.

2. The food: You can enjoy ONE restaurant on the patio, indoors, or through 24-hour in-room dining. You're guaranteed priority reservations at ONE restaurant, and you'll want to experience the wonderful food celebrity chef Mark McEwan prepares. Everything on the menu is delicious, and there is no better place to people watch in Toronto.

3. The rooms: The rooms are spacious and luxurious, with comfortable beds, a pillow menu, floor-to-ceiling windows in the large dressing room, deep soaker tubs, separate glassed-in rainfall showers, heated floors, and mirrors with a built-in television in the bathroom. The dark marble is stunning, too. The hotel has 62 rooms and 15 suites.

4. The spa: The spa at The Hazelton Hotel is the ultimate for relaxation, whether you're enjoying the pool, or getting a manicure and pedicure. There are plenty of options for both men and women, too, and the spa provides everything you need so you can escape into a tranquil, relaxing environment during your treatments.

5. The neighbourhood: What's better than a hotel that has excellent service, incredible food, spacious, luxurious rooms and a world-class spa? A hotel that's in the perfect neighbourhood, one where you can walk everywhere to experience all the city has to offer, from shopping to fine dining and more.

The Hazelton Hotel is simply the best in Yorkville, and I think this summer would be a perfect time for you to check it out, too. You'll love every minute of your time spent at The Hazelton Hotel, and you'll be planning your second trip back before you even check-out. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line and I'll help answer any of your questions.

Thank you, The Hazelton Hotel, for the must wonderful and luxurious stay. I can't wait to see you again soon!

Summer Of Colour: Top Gardening Trends With #PCGarden And A Gardening Giveaway

I admit it... I don't have much of a green thumb, but I love beautiful gardens and flowers in the summer. Whether it's at my place, my in-law's, or my parent's home, I appreciate pretty flowers and a lovely garden, and so do my children.

Now that the first long weekend of summer is behind us, we're totally in summer mode. I was even motivated to get my garden ready. However you're imagining your outdoor living space, I'm sure it involves some greenery, plants, vegetables, and flowers, right? It just makes everything look and smell so much prettier!

President's Choice has excellent Garden Centres so you can pick up all all you need in one place. And  they make it easy for you, too, because they'll be able to answer your questions, and they already have in store what you're looking for, from the latest trends (think bright, happy colours with dazzling shades and hues) to the gardening tools.

This year, I wanted to bring more colour into my home, and to just sit back and enjoy summer nights with my family around our patio or by the pool. I was inspired by the Garden Centre to create a look I'd love, but one that was easy to maintain as much as it was beautiful.

PC Lawn and Garden sent me all the tools I needed to get started, and I do love a good challenge. Anything I didn't have at home already, I could easily get from the Garden Centre.

I love that you don't have to spend hours actually gardening; you can buy low maintenance annuals like PC Gigantic Selosia Dragon's Breath, PC Super Gigantic Confetti Garden Mixes, or PC Coleus Flame Thrower Spiced Curry, to spice up your planters. You can also try pre-planted garden mixes, if you're unsure of how to start. See? Simple solutions for everyone, no matter how green your thumb is!

PC Lawn and Garden products certainly helped get me in the mood to garden, and also assisted with all the work I had to do in my backyard and front yard to bring my garden to life this summer. Next up: growing our own food! We want to try planting some herbs and vegetables in our backyard, so we'll have fresh tomatoes and cucumbers to eat all summer long—perfect for my delicious Greek salad on a hot summer day!

I want you enjoy your summer garden too, so together with PC Lawn and Garden, I'm giving away a gardening kit including seeds and gardening tools as well as a $50 PC gift card so you can get whatever else you need for your garden!

How to enter? 

1. Leave me a comment below, telling me what you're planning on doing with your outdoor living space this year.

2. Tweet about it! "I entered to win a #PCGarden kit and a PC gift card from @MrsLoulou to help my garden grow. "

3. Come back here and leave another comment telling me you tweeted about it, and you'll be entered twice.

Good Luck and Happy Gardening!

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