Mom's Time To Shine!

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Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate being a mom, even though we should always take the time to take care of ourselves—to go for a massage when we'd like to, to buy that new shade of lip gloss we've been wanting to try, and to stock up on the latest magazines and put our feet up at the end of a busy day—it's so important to take the time to do something nice for ourselves. I also think we should cherish the time we spend with our children not only on Mother's Day, but every day.

However, it is nice to be recognized on Mother's Day—breakfast in bed, fresh flowers for the home, a hand-written card from the children, and a special gift are all really nice ways to make mom feel special on this day.

I love the convenience of shopping in a store that has it all, and Shoppers Drug Mart is that store—I could spend hours in Shoppers, and I use any excuse to do so, too—we're out of milk, the kids need diapers, we have no toothpaste—really, it is a convenient way for me to stock up on not only the things we absolutely need, but the things I need, too—make-up, perfume, and a new magazine to do my research for all the new things I'll soon need! 

I love that Shoppers carries all the major brands I love, too—from Lancome to Stila to Benefit, it really is one-stop shopping, and it makes it even easier for the kids and the husband to get the perfect gift for me for Mother's Day!

Seriously, all you have to do is drop the hints... for example, I love Burberry Body... and I would love this perfume. It's all I want for Mother's Day... along with kisses and hugs from my little ones.

Of course, in addition to great products, Shoppers also provides added value for gift giving, like gift sets, free gifts and of course, Optimum Points. There's a  20X the points Optimum Points Cosmetics offer taking place from May 4th to May 10th, by the way, if you needed more incentive to shop. Shoppers also carries a huge selection of gift cards from a lot of fabulous stores, too.

Shoppers really is gift-giving made easy for Mother's Day!

Disclaimer: I was compensated to write this post, however all opinions and views are my own and I am a very frequent shopper at Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Difficulty With Saying No

I have a really hard time saying no. Especially when a great opportunity comes knocking on my door, and I have to turn it down. I even had a hard time hitting "Publish" on this post, because that makes it real. And I hate that it's real.

I was asked to be one of the live bloggers for this year's amazing Mom 2.0 conference, in Laguna, California. My ticket was covered, I had a place to stay at the Ritz-Carlton, and all I needed was airfare to get there. I was thrilled, and so thankful that I was asked to participate this way at my favourite conference. What a great opportunity.

Mom 2.0 is hands down the most exclusive, amazing, intimate blogging conference there is. It's just... awesome.

However, this year, the timing was not ideal and I had to make a seriously responsible decision, and say no. It was pretty much one of the hardest things I've had to say no to, because I was at Mom 2.0 last year in Miami and I know what I'm going to be missing. Sob.

You know when you haven't tried something before, and it's okay, because you don't know how great a thing it is that you're missing? But once you've had a taste for the great, you know it's great, so missing out really stings.

Mom 2.0 is the same weekend as Greek Easter, and this is a big deal for me and my family. I tried to come up with a hundred reasons why it would be okay to be away from my children this important weekend, but I wasn't feeling good about it, at all.

I also could not justify the $1000 airfare ticket to get to California for two nights. Last year, I was lucky to receive sponsorship from IKEA, Volkswagen, Tommee Tippee, and Kellogg's to attend Mom 2.0 but this year, because I was fairly certain I was not going to be attending, I didn't pursue this option early enough.

I was so looking forward to hanging out with some of my favourite people again—Jessica, Titania, Ali, NadiaAngella—and finally meeting the first blogger I ever read, (and totally, totally love) Rebecca.

The only thing that makes me feel a tiny bit better? Knowing that this year Marinka won't be there, either.

Next year, you guys? I'm so there. I'm not missing my favourite conference two years in a row. It's a done deal.

I hope it's an incredible time for everyone going, and if you're looking for me May 3-5, I'll be under a rock somewhere in the fetal position with no internet connection, so I don't suffer from a bad case of FOMO!

One Week

What a week it has been.

I think The Onion sums it up pretty well, don't you?

"Following what could only be described by witnesses as the goddamned week to end all soul-crushing weeks, sources all across the nation reported that, sorry, is all this shit really happening at once? Because if all this shit is really happening at once, multiple reports verified, then this might actually be, honest to God, one of the worst weeks of all time."

As we all try to wrap our heads around the latest tragedy that took place in Boston, as we hear about explosions in Texas, gun bill failure (how? how?) and read about yet another sinkhole, we are reminded of the good, at least—the brave people who ran towards the danger, to help other people. We keep the front-line workers in our thoughts as they, too, race towards danger, for our safety, and for justice (this week, and every week) always risking their lives. I don't even live in America, but the pain is felt just as deeply here. We are neighbours, after all.

We're reminded of the good, in posts like this, that touch our hearts and bring tears to our eyes and help us see the important things in life.

It's too much, really, to think about the horrible tragedy that has (yet again) taken place. When children are involved, it is especially difficult. It destroys me. Again, our hearts are torn apart and the wounds haven't even healed yet.

How can any of us feel safe, anywhere? It's too much to think about, how fragile we all are. How places we considered safe—the movies, participating in races, and going to school—are no longer places we can feel absolutely safe anymore.

 It's been a terrible week.  I'm crushed, again.

I am so thankful for the reminders that good still exists.

My thoughts are with those in pain right now... in Boston... and everywhere.

The Movie I Have Yet To See

I like to think I know a lot when it comes to pop culture, because I love entertainment in pretty much every form, especially movies.

I saw E.T. in theatres when I was six years old, and I saw Bambi with my father when I was six, too. Let's not talk about how that movie, and the fact that Bambi tragically lost his mother, was the reason why I started having major anxiety issues.

Anyway, as much as I'm "in the know" when it comes to television shows, movies, and music, there are a few classics that I've somehow not seen yet.

A recent conversation with Ali had her going "Wait... what?" when I was surprised to find out that Mandy Patinkin was in The Princess Bride.

Me: "What! Mandy was in The Princess Bride?"
Ali: "Um... yes? How do you not know that?"
Me: "Probably because I've never seen The Princess Bride..."
Ali: "Wait... what?|

I've never seen The Princess Bride.

I've never seen Goonies.

I've never seen Spaceballs.

I know, I know.

I spent my childhood watching Annie seven billion times, followed by Troop Bevely Hills, and reading every single Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books I could get my hands on.

I have seen other important films like Can't Buy Me Love and Pretty In Pink and Say Anything and Desperately Seeking Susan and Top Gun and Breakfast Club (and everything John Hughes) and Ghostbusters and Adventures In Babysitting and Stand By Me, but... somehow, The Princess Bride fell off my radar of important movies to see when I was growing up.

I shocked a lot of people on Facebook today, too, when I admitted I've never seen this movie.

So, my mission this week? To finally see this...

I have a feeling I'm going to love it, because everyone keeps telling me I will! I'll let you know what I think of it once I finally watch it. Finally...


Fab And Free At Murale? Yes, Please!

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Beauty obsessed. Yup, that's me. One thing I love the most about having an office downtown is the fact that my building is located directly beside Murale. When I found out that Shoppers Drug Mart was opening Murale across Canada, including a store in my very own city, I was so excited!

Murale, in case you didn't know, is Canada's number one beauty destination. Every store is huge and airy, and all your favourite products are easy to find. I love stocking up on my Chanel make-up and my favourite perfumes, and I always get my eyebrows done at the brow bar over my lunch break. In and out in 15 minutes means I'm a very happy customer. All the best luxury brands are available in Murale, too: Bobbi Brown,Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Clinique and many, many more. I can't tell you how many times my lunch hour consists of shopping trips to Murale!

Now you know as much as I love shopping for cosmetics and fragrance, I also love a great deal, and right now Murale has their biggest promotional event going on: the Fab & Free event, available online and in stores.

What's this about, you ask? When you spent $125 (or more) at Murale, you will receive a super adorable tote bag filled with 24 fab deluxe samples that are worth... get this... over $315 dollars.

Insane, or what? Also, totally, absolutely, worth it. I cannot wait! This offer is valid until April 21st only, so hurry! I know I'll be stocking up on my Burberry Body perfume and taking advantage of this incredible offer.

In addition to receiving these 24 amazing products, Murale is also giving you a coupon inside the  tote bag with 20,000 optimum points. Amazing? Yes. This offer is valid from April 22nd to May 19th.

No matter when you shop at Murale, though, you will always receive optimum points which is a total bonus.

Happy shopping, my friends... I'll see you in Murale!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but I am madly in love with Murale and an avid shopper!

Softsoap Body Wash And An Amazing Giveaway!

After a very long winter, it is such a relief to see the snow finally melting. Yes, spring is definitely in the air, and yesterday, I put away my winter boots and brought out my spring jackets. I was even brave enough to wear my skinny ankle pants with a pair of flats—no socks, nothing! Sure, I was a bit cold, but hey—I was so ready!

I love the feeling of the warm sun on my exposed skin, and now that warmer days are here, it's time to make our skin soft and smooth again. I love beauty products, and I love trying new body washes that make my skin smell delicious and feel super soft. Body wash is an essential part of my daily shower experience!

I have always been a fan of Softsoap, especially because of the variety of products they offer, so I was especially thrilled to receive an amazing basket filled with the Softsoap Fragrance and Body Butter Collection. The fragrances and ultra-rich formulas really do transform an ordinary shower experience into an indulgent experience—it's like a mini getaway, right in your bathroom!

The best part?

I'm giving away an entire basket of the amazing SoftSoap body washes to one of my lucky readers! That's right—one of you will receive NINE full sized Softsoap Body Washes, including the fragrance and body butter collection!

So far, my favourites are Heavenly Vanilla, Coconut Body Scrub, and Shea Butter. I love trying a different body wash every day, actually. Variety is the spice of life, after all, right? Look at how pretty they are, too!

To enter to win this amazing Softsoap basket, just leave me a comment below telling me which one you're most looking forward to trying!

Note: This contest is open to Canadian residents only. I will pick a winner randomly on April 8th, 2013.

Disclaimer: I received Softsoap products to review and keep and I was compensated for this post.
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