Random Friday-before-the-long-weekend-thoughts...

- Happy long weekend everyone, and Happy Canada Day - even if you're not doing anything special to celebrate, let's all take a moment to appreciate where we live. Yes, we can bitch all we like about some things that annoy us, like (for me) the whole crazy bilingualism thing and our sucky legal system, but overall, we sure do live in a great country!

- Cleaning up vomit from a car/car seat is one of the hardest things to do. Especially at 10 p.m., in the dark, with mosquitoes just swarming all around you. Not fun.

- The food court level of Rideau Centre is just disgusting! However, I have to hold my breath and brave the grossness to get my favourite lunch from Marchelino's, do my banking at TD, and get supplies from Shoppers. Blah - seriously - what kind of people hang out on that level? There are some scary looking peeps on that floor!

- My first issue of the newsletter I am the editor for here at HC came out today and I'm so happy! It's great, and it's receivd a lot of positive feedback already. Hoorah!

Our new Maclaren!

My mom bought Christos a new stroller yesterday... (does a day go by when she doesn't buy him something? Seriously! Thanks mom!)we thought this Maclaren stroller would be easier to travel with when we go on vacation, instead of bringing our (awesome) Peg Perego. I love the Maclaren strollers - they are so light-weight, so easy to fold, and you just carry it on your shoulder. We also got a carry bag to put it in so we can check the stroller when we are in the airport. Anyway, I love it! Ours is yellow and navy blue. Christos liked it, too! Now, all I need is a double stroller and I think we're good! :)


Travel with toddler

Ah... the joy of travelling... not much thought goes into it, really, when you're travelling sans children, right? I mean, it's been a couple of years since I've boarded a plane, but basically what I do is pack way too many shoes, of which 3 get worn, and the rest just take up space, and pack way too many clothes, of which only some get worn, and the rest get cursed since they're taking up space from all my new purchases. My purse carries my make-up, wallet, passport, gum, sunglasses. My carry-on? Some form of music, a book, several magazines, maybe a change of clothes, a bikini (in case my luggage is lost, at least I can still swim!)

Unlike most people I know, I totally enjoy spending endless hours in the airports. I love to people watch, I love the excitement, I like talking to new people (sometimes), I like eating in the overpriced restaurants and I love to shop for unnecessary things before even arriving to my destination. Hey - some of my best vacation shoppings takes place at Duty Free!

I know now that going to the airport with my son will be a totally new adventure. He loves airplanes, so we're off to a good start. I think we'll do okay in the airport, walking around, eating, people watching and boarding the plane. It's actually being on the plane for 3 hours that is kind of making me nervous. Thankfully, I've spoken to several moms who have had positive travel experiences. So that helps. However... until we're there, I just don't know what to think or what to expect. After much research and reading and thinking, I've decided not to bring his car seat on the plane with us, and rent a car that comes equipped with a car seat. I know my boy and he would much rather sit in the airplane seat as opposed to sitting in his car seat on the plane. And I trust the car rental companies will have safe car seats. From what I've heard from trusted friends, the car seats are changed every 6 months and right away if they've been in an accident. So that's good to know.

My son will be a few days shy of turning two years old when we travel to Florida. What, oh what, do I bring with me? If I go over-board with my things, imagine how much I'll pack for my son! The good thing is, I am pregnant, and therefore, the vast majority of my clothes will stay in Ottawa. I'll bring a few tops, and a few bottoms, and that's it. So there will be ample room in the suitcase for all his clothes, his 3 pairs of crocs and other sandals, his full-sized adult pillow, diapers, wipes, bath toys (how many of those do I bring?) books, regular toys, his diggers, dump trucks, cement mixers and bulldozers, his portable DVD player with HI-5, Blue's Clues, Mighty Machines and Cars DVD's.. and I think we're good to go! Also, I'm shopping for suprise toys for him (and so is my mom!) that we'll surprise him with on the plane. And, of course, I'm loading up on snacks for him - oh yes, lollipops, Reese's Pieces, other types of chocolate, Pringle's chips... all the good stuff! Don't worry, I'll also bring grapes, cheese, crackers, raisins - the healthy stuff!

The hotel room... ahh... we are staying at the Westin and I know they have amazing, heavenly beds - hopefully my son won't be too bothered by being somewher different and he'll be able to easily fall asleep beside me. After all, he will have his pillow and blankie from home with him! What an adventure! I'm so looking forward to this. I know he'll love the ocean... and I know I will love being at one of my favourite places on earth with him, seeing his joy and happiness splashing in the water, building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean and just enjoying the breeze and the palm trees. Hooray! The countdown is officially on!

Happy Graduation, my little boy!

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What a great Friday morning!

My little son graduated from his toddler playgroup today. It was way too cute, and the pictures will be posted soon! He had the hat, the diploma, and stood up on the little stage and everything. It's such a great playgroup/nursery school. I can't wait for him to go back in the fall - he loves it!

Finally - I also managed to do both our passports so they should be coming in the mail soon - yay - just in time for our vacation!

And last night - we went to Hi-5! Christos LOVED it, as did my sister and I, and my friend Mary and her niece. They are so cool to see in person - and so much skinnier! We stayed the entire show, and left about 10 minutes before it ended so we wouldn't be stuck in traffic leaving the NAC. The NAC was PACKED with children, all having a blast, singing along to the songs, and dancing. We loved it! Pictures to come...

Passport rules for babies - huh?

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So I happily took my son for his first passport pictures the other day. He was in a great mood, as was I. And the cutie-pie sat on the stool and smiled for the camera. And smiled some more. At which point the lady with the camera said: "Actually, he is not allowed to smile. And uh... his mouth has to be completely closed... it's the same rules for all babies, even newborns," she said to me.

I mean, really?

So then I was like... "Okay, Christaki... don't smile... just... um... keep your lips together..." That did not really work. We tried and tried again... I told him to blow a kiss to the lady taking the picture, because he puts his lips together to do that, but he also gave her a full out kiss, hand to mouth, and everything, so that did not work, but I did slather him in kisses for being so cute. So we're still not getting anywhere. Naturally, his mouth is always a little bit open, with his big pouty lips. How do you get a baby and a toddler to just sit there, with their mouth closed? Miraculously... he did it.. and we got the passport picture. I am so mad at this stupid, useless rule. COME ON! Fine, for adults. Although, come on once again - why can't I smile? What is up with that? It makes me a 'bad person' to have a smiling face on my passport? What kind of B.S. is this? Blame the stupid you-know-who's for this stupid rule having to do with travel. I really liked my smiling, happy passport picture!

Anyway... I'm happy my son finally got his picture taken. Sigh. What an ordeal. Poor younger babies who have to go through this, too. This rule has to go.

Black's Photography sucks!

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I ban Black's!

Long ago, I stopped going to Black's, when I discovered places like Wal Mart, Shoppers, and Loblaws all developed pictures for a fraction of the cost and did just as good as a job, if not better, then Black's did. My pictures used to cost so much money, it was insane - and all of a sudden, there was a huge price drop because of these news stores offering this service. Thank goodness!

Today, I went to Black's to get my passport picture taken because I was in the Rideau Centre over the lunch hour and need to get my passport changed to show my married name, and get my son his first passport for our upcoming trip. I did not even think to ask how much the passport picture would be, since everywhere else - Costco, Wal Mart, Loblaws, Mail Boxes Etc. - are all $9.99. So I go to pay. And the total was: $21.65! $21.65 for two identical, tiny pictures? Oh yeah - they did give me a 'free' (ha, free!) passport holder. Well excuse me, but I'd rather have only paid the 10 bucks! Remind me again to never to to Black's? Grr...

Happy Birthday, Cabbage Patch Kids!

Oh, remember your first Cabbage Patch Kid, and how very special it was? I do, I do! My doll's name was Lucy. Actually, her birth certificate said her name was like, Elizabeth Victoria but I wanted to call her Lucy, so there you go. She had brown hair just like, me, in two pig-tails, and wore a blue dress. I loved her so much! I also hated the 'fake' Cabbage Patch Kids - you could spot them so easily! The true way to find out one was fake, though - look on the bum for the signature! (No Xavier Roberts? FAKE DOLL!) Then Cabbage Patch Kids came out with the dolls with the silk hair... oh, so soft! I think I had one of those, too, and a baby one. Then I got too old for them, but still, they rocked!

"Cabbage Patch Kids, growing in the garden, Cabbage Patch Kids, growing in the sun... now the most important thing about a Cabbage Patch Kid - is that they each grow up to be a special one!" Don't even ask me how I remember that song... or this one:

"Otis Lee... Otis Lee... " yeah, that's all I remember from that one. He was the cute bald boy doll, and I think I had a crush on him.

Can you believe they've been around for 25 years? WOW!

So what am I good at?

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As most of you already know, my mom is a pretty well known Canadian artist, whose work is in galleries across the country, including all the Koyman galleries here in Ottawa. Her work is of children, and if you've given birth at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, you've surely seen her work - or on the walls of CHEO on various floors. Of course, my house is adorned in her work. Lucky for me! She even got to meet Princess Diana, and presented her with a painting... as well as Roger Moore, (yup, 007!) and the Chretien's are collectors of her work, as well as Mila Mulroney and Nana Mouskari as well as other well know people. The best thing about my mom being an artist is that she helps many charities, including UNICEF and Children's Aid Society and CHEO, to name but a few. I'm mighty proud of her!

My sister has also followed in her footsteps - except she paints abstracts, mostly. Her work is lovely, too and again, lucky for me, I have a few of her pieces.

I just wanted to know where my talent lies? Yes, I am good mom, and a fairly decent writer when I put my mind to it, but really - nothing huge like art! What is my calling? It can't be shopping, can it?

Another sad story...

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I am sure you have all read, by now the case of the missing pregnant woman who was going to give birth in a couple of weeks. This case sounds all too familiar and creepy - brings back memories of Laci Peterson, and Lori Hacking, who were both pregnant when they were murdered by their 'husbands'. And although this missing pregnant mom was not married, the father of her children had a criminal past. Makes you think he is probably involved in her disappearence...

The saddest part of this story is that her 2 year old son was home when she disappeared. And all he is saying is: "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy is in the rug." Mommy is in the rug? I mean, how sad is that? This little boy had to see God knows what go on in his home. Thankfully, his grandmother found him in time, before any damange could be done to him - there was apparantly bleach all over the floor, and the house was completely destroyed.

Now, a newborn baby has been found miles from where the mom disappeared. The baby girl is being tested to see if it is, in fact, that mom's baby. Officials are thinking the baby is actually not the missing woman's, but they're still checking, to make sure. Where is the mom? What a story... how can there be so many terrible people on this earth, who torture and kill without a thought? Jail is too good for them. I'm thinking this woman did not just voluntarily disappear... I hope answers are found soon.

Goodbye, Sheraton Bal Harbour...

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One of my most favourite resorts in the world is closing its doors on July 1st. Sadly. The Sheraton Bal Harbour Resort is being closed down, and turning into a St. Regis hotel/apartments. I'm sure that'll be nice, but how they could tear about the lush, tropical pool area I don't know.

My mom, sister, and I stayed there in the summer of 2004 - one of my favourite vacations ever, not counting my honeymoon in Aruba and trips to Greece. There is something so wonderful about Bal Harbour to me. It is in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, just this little exclusive area where really, there is this resort, and across the street, the best mall in the United States. The stores in the middle (Chanel, Versace, Armani, Tiffany, Valentino, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, to name a few - are flagged by Neiman Marcus at one end, and Saks on the other end. My favourite Italian restaurant is also at this mall, Carpaccio's. Yum!

So, yes, I was so sad when I found out this resort was closing its doors. But I am glad I had the opportunity to enjoy a fun, sun-filled vacation there. Because it was such a great experience!

Now, we are planning to return to Florida this summer, with my little Christos, too. I can't wait to see him in the water, playing in the waves, on his first airplane ride, and in his first hotel room with me. :)

We will be staying at the Westin Diplomat, another stunning resort just a stone's throw away from the shops at Bal Harbour. I know I will not be able to shop as much as I would like on this trip, because what 2 year old boy wants to be inside, shopping? Luckily, I'll be travelling in my pregnant state, so what do I need to buy anyway? OH yeah - I can finally shop at A Pea In The Pod! Hoorah!

So goodbye, Sheraton Bal Harbour, and hello Westin Diplomat.

Another great weekend

Summer is great, weekends even greater. Anytime spent with my Christos is a great time.

Yesterday, since daddy was working, we went to the Agriculture musuem with my sister and looked at the stinky animals. Christos had fun, and then we went for lunch to Malone's, sat on the patio and had a nice time. Christos even had his own apple juice with a straw, just like a big boy! Then, a walk around Dow's Lake, looking at the enormous and very rude geese and ducks. The geese hissed at us! It was actually funny.

In the afternoon, hung out with my family and played at the park at night. My boy went to bed at 11, both Saturday and Sunday night. That's okay with me, as I'm a night owl anyway!

I finished 'Tis, and it's just as great as Angela's Ashes. Now, I'm on Teacher Man, the last of Frank McCourt's books. What amazing books they are - if you have not read Angela's Ashes yet, please, do yourself a favour, and read it!

Today is my doctor's appointment with my OB/GYN! Yay! Looking forward to going, but not looking forward to stepping on the stupid scale.

This is a busy week for me! Pedi, mani and hair appointments and Hi-5 on Thursday - YAY - with Christos, my friend, and her niece. Then a cousin's wedding on Saturday. Good times!

Um, scary.

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Read this article... makes you never want to trust anything made in China, huh?

Great article on the Thomas recall


Thomas, Why Hath Thou Forsaken Us?

If you can't trust sweet little Thomas the Tank Engine, well, who can you trust? RC2 Corp., the marketer of this hugely popular line of toy trains for toddlers announced on Wednesday the recall of 1.5 million of its products. Why? Because some of the yellow and red ones -- James always was a bit of a bastard -- contain lead paint, which is neurotoxic, especially to children of the precise age the toys target. D'oh! That's very bad news for parents whose two-year-olds have been sucking on the damn things daily for a year.

These trains are everywhere, mind you. Toy stores, bookstores, and daycare centers often have elaborate Thomas train tables set up on the floor. Indeed, it's hard to find a household with a three-year-old these days that doesn't have at least a few around. So this is pretty shocking. It's perhaps most shocking when you consider the brand. This isn't cheap plastic shit direct from China. It's expensive plastic and wood shit made in China. A single Thomas-type train runs about $15, and many parents have spent hundreds putting together a set.

It's well known that Chinese contract manufacturers cut corners, so you might expect the occasional lead paint on some no-name toy from the drugstore. But RC2 has several serious brand reputations to maintain. Besides Thomas, it controls the popular Bob the Builder and The Learning Years brands, among others. In 2006, according to SEC filings, it sold nearly $176 million worth of infant and toddler products, and $229 million in preschool products. The company credits strong sales of its Thomas line, along with a few other toys, for its 20 percent year-to-year growth in the latter category.

And now this recall. On its Web site, RC2 boasts of its high-quality products. "We are not just another toy company or another collectible/ hobby company," it states. "The Company's goal is to achieve leadership in targeted markets worldwide by acting on significant consumer trends, continuously applying innovation, and developing consumer-preferred brands and products distributed through multiple channels."

Great. Now here's another goal to aspire to: Pull your corporate head out of the sand and start carefully overseeing your contract manufacturers so they don't poison your young customers. If RC2 can't do that, then, pardon the sentiment, Thomas deserves to die a slow and painful death -- from lead poisoning. -- Michael Mechanic

Neat sunscreen idea...

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Great idea, found on www.celebrity-babies.com:

With summer on the very near horizon, parents are planning for fun in the sun. And that means sunscreen. Lots and lots of it. For celebrity parents on the go, and lots of other fans in the know, it's time to start stocking up on MD Moms Baby Silk Sunscreen Wipes ($26).

Steven Spielberg called in his order to an East Hampton Pharmacy recently, and at celebrity friendly Petit Tresor in LA, they can hardly keep these easy to use SPF 30 wipes in stock on their shelves.

Jennifer Garner, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Tori Spelling, Mariska Hargitay and Jaime Pressly (son Dezi James' pediatrician created the line) are all also fans. They love the yummy smelling, sweatproof but gentle formula that glides on smoothly and easily with a wipe of the towellete. The sunscreen contains natural ingredients such as marine silk, aloe and oat, and is enriched with vitamins E and B5.

The towelettes make it extremely convenient for parents and kids to stay protected at all times. Tuck one into every tote so you never get caught out without your SPF. They are even slim enough to carry in your wallet.

Exclusively for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Receive free shipping and handling when you use the coupon code CBBFREE now through 8/31/07.

Umm... just wanted to mention that I tried to order some online and it comes up to 67 dollars! I think I'll wait until I am in the USA to buy these!!!

The little things...

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There are so many things I love about my son... and I catch myself daydreaming at work about him and the billion or so cute things he does in a day... right now I'm thinking of how absolutely adorable he is drinking his juice in the morning in a plasatic cup with a real straw. I mean, it's the cutest thing ever!

He never ceases to amaze me. Drinking from a straw like such a big boy! Awww... thank goodness it is Friday! :)


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Thanks to my old co-worker and blogger friend, Dani, I just found out about a major Thomas the tank engine recall.

Here is the information:

RC2 Corp. Recalls Various Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Toys Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Products: Various Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Toys

Units: About 1.5 million

Importer/Distributor: RC2 Corp., of Oak Brook, Ill.

Hazard: Surface paints on the recalled products contain lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.

Incidents/Injuries: None.

Description: The recall involves wooden vehicles, buildings and other train set components for young children listed in the chart below. The front of the packaging has the logo “Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway” on the upper left-hand corner. A manufacturing code may be located on the bottom of the product or inside the battery cover. Toys marked with codes containing “WJ” or “AZ” are not included in this recall.

Recalled Product Name

Red James Engine & Red James’ # 5 Coal Tender

Red Lights & Sounds James Engine & Red James’ #5 Lights & Sounds Coal Tender

James with Team Colors Engine & James with Team Colors #5 Coal Tender

Red Skarloey Engine

Brown & Yellow Old Slow Coach

Red Hook & Ladder Truck & Red Water Tanker Truck

Red Musical Caboose

Red Sodor Line Caboose

Red Coal Car labeled “2006 Day Out With Thomas” on the Side

Red Baggage Car

Red Holiday Caboose

Red “Sodor Mail” Car

Red Fire Brigade Truck

Red Fire Brigade Train

Deluxe Sodor Fire Station

Red Coal Car

Yellow Box Car

Red Stop Sign

Yellow Railroad Crossing Sign

Yellow “Sodor Cargo Company” Cargo Piece

Smelting Yard

Ice Cream Factory

Sold at: Toy stores and various retailers nationwide from January 2005 through June 2007 for between $10 and $70.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should take the recalled toys away from young children immediately and contact RC2 Corp. for a replacement toy.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact RC2 Corp. toll-free at (866) 725-4407 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Thursday and between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. CT Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at recalls.rc2.com

I am sooo going to be THAT mom...

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Next Friday, my darling little 22 month old is going to graduate from his nursery school class! Oh. My. God! My mom, who babysits my boy a few days a week, takes him to playgroup on Wednesdays and Fridays, and stays with him. It's a great playgroup in the Alta Vista area, so wonderful and Christos loves it. I found out that next week, they'll be 'graduating' for the summer until they resume school again in the fall. They even measured his head for a little hat!

Guess who is taking off next Friday a.m. to see her son in his first graduation ceremony! With cameras in tow, and tears streaming down my face, I'm sure... doesn't help that I have all these extra pregancy hormones, either, ya know?

When they were practicing singing their graduation song, my son didn't want to sing, wanting to play outside instead.. haha... that's my boy!

I'll make sure to post pictures!

For fun...

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I borrowed these two meme's from catwoman - Fun!

Rules for the first one: Answer with only 3 words.

1. Where is your cell phone? In my pusre

2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Neither!

3. Hair? Straight and nice

4. Your mother? The best ever

5. Your father? The best ever

6. Your favorite item(s)? Non-human? Designer purses!

7. Your dream last night? Can not remember

8. Your favorite drink? Red, red wine

9. Your dream guy/girl? My husband is

10. The room you are in? Office, large windows

11. Your fear? All insects

12. What do you want to be in 10 years? A great mom

13. Who did you hang out with last night? My amazing son

14. What are you not? Cook, crafty, thrifty

15. Are you in love? More then ever

16. Item/s on your wishlist? A Miami vacation

17. What time is it? 3:13

18. The last thing you did? Chewed Juicy Fruit

19. What are you wearing? Grey banana pants

20. Your favorite book? Way too many

21. The last thing you ate? Chocolate covered almonds

22. Your life? Blessed and wonderful

23. Your mood? Tired beyond beyond

24. Your friends? They are funny

25. What are you thinking about right now? Leaving in 5

26. Your car? A German VW

27. What are you doing at this moment? Loudly typing away

28. Your summer? Grand and sunny

29. Your relationship status? Married mom

30. What is on your TV screen? At home - Hi-5?

31. When is the last time you laughed? Today I did

32. Last time you cried? Hearing sad news

33. School? Miss it sometimes

34. Why did this end so abruptly? Huh? Confused, me too

On to the next one...

Two Names You Go By:


Two Things You are Wearing Right Now:

Grey pants
Black maternity type shirt from Banana

Two Things You Would Want (or Have) in a Relationship:

Laughter, fun

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:

Play and laugh with my child
Read books

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:

To leave work
To sleep

Two pets you have/had:

Don't like pets, but have had a bunny.

Two People Who will Fill This out (please?):


Two Things You Did Last Night:

Played at the park
Danced with my child

Two Things You Ate Today:

Pizza from Quiznos
Chocolate covered almonds

Two People You Last Talked To:

My mom
My son, who blew me a kiss

Two Things You’re Doing Tomorrow:


Two Longest Car Rides:

1. I second any car drive with cranky toddler although that rarely happens.
2. Driving on scary, snowy, winters day

Two Favorite Holidays:

My son's birthday (It's a holiday for me!)

Two favorite beverages:

Red win
Diet coke

Check it out...

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Great new website for moms! With links to lots of other great mom blogs, too!


Fun! And so cute!

What would YOU do with 30 million dollars?

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So, as you all (or as some of you) may have heard, a GREEK family from Ottawa just recently won 30 million dollars in the 6/49. :)

This family is related to my aunt - the mom who won the money is my aunt's neice - and they have 4 children and are a very nice Greek family.

Imagine their excitement and disbelief when they found out they were now millionaires! I mean, 30 million dollars is a whole lot of money!

I know the dad was as the casino the other night handing out thousand dollasr bills to all the Greeks he bumped into. Nice!

A little write-up about the happy family:

OTTAWA (CP) - An Ottawa couple is planning to have proper Greek weddings for their children after winning a $30-million Lotto 6-49 jackpot.

Greek immigrants Anna and George Giannopoulos bought the winning ticket for the May 30 draw at a local gas station. A few days later, George Giannopoulos checked the ticket at a local Home Depot kiosk. He says as soon as he scanned his ticket, he knew he had won something - but at first he didn't know how much.

He says his first thought was of his four kids and the bills that come with having a large family.

When the retailer told him how much he won, Giannopoulos cried and said the prize was for his children.

The family currently lives in a town home, but have been dreaming of buying a house.

Anna Giannopoulos says the money will also help the couple pay for each of their children to have a proper Greek wedding.

Lottery officials say the jackpot is the second-largest single-ticket prize claimed in Ontario.

If I won that much money... well, I'd give a large amount to CHEO, first of all. No questions asked. And maybe buy a whole bunch of news toys and books and DVD's for CHEO as well, paint the walls, add more colourful paintings. My mom's artwork can be seen throughout CHEO already, I'd add more of that, too.

I'd buy new toys for the Greek playgroup, probably to support our church in some way.

What else.. I would buy a condo at the new St. Regis in Bal Harbour. Then, I'd buy my grandparents a bigger place to live in Ottawa. Pay of any family's debt. And save the rest... and spend a lot too, on purses and sunglasses and vacations! :)

So... what would YOU do with 30 million dollars?

Happy Mother's Day to me - I'M PREGNANT!

So I had a great Mother's Day. I know, I know, Mother's day has come and gone but for me, it was extra-super-special, because... I had just found out I was PREGNANT AGAIN! :) That's right... we are expecting another baby. I had a funny feeling I was pregnant, but no huge signs indicating to me that I was... similar to when I was pregnant with Christos... I just had a feeling... by now, all my closest friends know. It is a great feeling. I am tried, but wonderfully, not as tired as I was the first time around. I guess my body knows that no matter how much I want to take a nap, I can't do it - since after work for me now involoved playing and taking care of and cooking for a toddler! :) Most of my pants are already feeling a little snuck. Time to bring up the maternity clothes again, and time to go shopping for new clothes! I have heard that the second time around your belly begins to pop almost right away, and it is true... and glad to know I am not the only one!

Anyway.. that is my exciting and wonderful news. :) We are so happy! And this means I won't be pregnancy at my sister's wedding next summer... big relief there... I know I'll have 8 months to lose all the baby fat, too and be in good shape to party it up!

Cool Mom Picks

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Cool Mom Picks is a great new website I just stumbled across... check it out!


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From www.tmz.com:

Is Knocked Up a Knock Off?


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Finally, a picture of Britney's newest bundle of joy, Jayden James. :) Both her boys are cute.
At least she is out and about and on vacation with her children, which is a lot more then I can say about half of Hollywood moms!

P.S. What B.S. that Paris is out of jail due to a 'medical condition'. Now she has to remain home-bound for the rest of her sentence. Oh, cry me a river... staying in your 10,000 square foot home, with swimming pool and servants and someone to massage you and do your hair and relax and have fun? Whatever! Stupid little girl!

A sad, sad night... but with some great laughs, too...

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The Sens lost last night. Sigh... I am so very upset today. The Sens truly deserved the Stanley Cup. Look how far they came! I mean, they were in the finals! It was in their cards to win, I think. The Cup totally deserved to be back in Canada, won by the best Canadian team, who try so hard, year after year, to make it to that point. And I'm proud they got to where they did... but I really thought they'd win last night. I mean, seriously? California has everything to begin with - like they needed this, too! Most of Anaheim doesn't even know a hockey game that important was going on last night. It's just bummed me out - Cali with it's beautiful ocean, sunny weather, palm trees, amazing shopping... and now they even get the Cup? How unfair is that! Anyway... sad to see no cars had their Sens flags flying today. I guess the whole city is a bit bummed out. Oh well. Maybe next year... and I guess good for the Sens for going as far as they did, anyway...

Luckily, we went to the movies last night to see Knocked Up - seriously one of the funniest movies I have ever seen - we all loved it so much! We laughed our asses off for 2 hours. So at least we had a bit of humour in our night. If you have not seen this movie yet - what are you waiting for!? Run to the theatres! My old co-worker from CRA, Kerry, saw it and posted a good review on her blog, too. I agree with her that although Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan were amazing in it, her sister Leslie Mann and hubby, Paul Rudd, were also the stars of the movie. So funny, so true, so great!

Note to self...

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Next time, don't buy Girl Guide cookies when you're at work all day with the box sitting in front of you. I'll be amazed if I go home with half the box left! Darn it!But aren't they so good?

Trying to stay positive...

So tonight is game 5. The Sens have only won 1 game so far. Things are just not looking good for them, or for the city, or for Canada's dream of bringing the Cup back home.

I can't sit at home and watch the game tonight. Even though when it's on, I usually don't watch much of it anyway as I'm too busy with Christos and too nervous to really watch. But I just can't see it on TV tonight.

Instead, I'm going to see Knocked Up. We went last night but the line-up was insane and so we decided to all go tonight. And not watch the game. And laugh for 2 hours instead and hope when we walk out of the theatres we will hear people talking about how the Sens won. Then I'll have some renewed hope.

Here's something to think about - out of the 28 teams who have led 3-1 in the Stanley Cup final, 27 teams have won the Cup.

The only teamto overcome 3-1 in the final? The Toronto Maple Leafs. And if they can do it... I strongly believe WE CAN DO IT TOO! I mean, the Leafs! We are so much better then them, right? Right! And maybe it's saying something, that the only team to have ever come back from a 3-1 loss has been a Canadian team... maybe this means we'll come back, too! I hope so.

Hi-5 sensation


I am so excited about going to see Hi-5 with my son this month! When I found out they were stopping in Ottawa on their North America tour, I was so excited - I made sure to call for tickets the second they went on sale. In case you do not know, Hi-5 is one of the best children's shows out there! The show has been nominated three times for an Emmy for outstanding preschool series and sold out in Ottawa and Toronto in minutes! They even added a second afternoon show in Ottawa due to the high demand. Hi-5 is based on the original show out of Australia, where the other big sensation for kids came from - The Wiggles. Now, Hi-5 has even topped The Wiggles! And I can believe it... The Wiggles kind of bored me, but I catch myself watching Hi-5 long after my son has gone on to do something else.

Hi-5 is on Discovery Kids, TLC in the mornings (7:30) and also on TV Ontario, channel 2.

"The talented Hi-5 cast consists of five ethnically-diverse role models, Jenn, Kimee, Curtis, Yasmeen and Sydney, who encourage preschoolers to get active by dancing and singing along, while they learn important developmental concepts across all educational categories from logical thinking and math to music and linguistics."

Their CD 'Jump & Jive With Hi-5' earned a Parents Choice Award and I can say this is what we listen to in the car on most days!

Anyway... I'm glad my son enjoys the show. Although, Mighty Machines is stil his all time favourite show and a saving grace when it comes to meal times sometimes. My son loves participating in our dinner conversations and eating with us at the table but I also like feeding him in his high chair with Hi-5 or Mighty Machines on because, well... it works well for us!

I will make sure to post pictures of our fun night at the NAC after we see Hi-5. If you have a child of pre-school age who wants to see Hi-5, there may still be tickets left for the afternoon show they just added.


Aww, cute.....

Maternity clothes shopping can be a lot of fun, but sometimes there are not enough choices out there, especially in Ottawa (how I wish we had a Pea in the Pod here!)... and especially for cute little t-shirts with cute little saying on them. Luckily, when I was pregnant with Christos, my favourite t-shirt was from Old Navy Maternity, and it was a teal coloured t with the saying: 'bundle of boy' on it. I loved it, and wish there were more cute shirts like that out there!

Today, I stumbled across this cute website that has really cute maternity clothes and super cute t's... check it out!

The dream is over...


As far as I am concerned, the dream really is over for the Sens and all their fans. I don't think it's possible to come back from a 3-1 loss in the series. The Sens will have to win 3 games in a row. Of course, I'd LOVE to be proven wrong, but I think after their loss last night, I'm just going to stop watching the games. Way too painful.

I took my son up to bed last night when the game was tied 2-2. He was excited to be watching, saying 'go!' and 'goal!' - it was adorable! And when I took him up to bed, and came down a little later on, I found out the Sens lost. 3-2. Sigh... I was so sure they'd win last night... so sure! I'm glad I was not at the game, to be honest with you. How exciting to be there last night, up until they lost... then, how depressing would it have been, to leave? I hate that they are losing... they really do deserve to win. I think Canada really wants this, our fans are really wanting this and it's just too bad we can't bring the Cup home.

Maybe they'll win tomorrow. Maybe they'll win again in Ottawa... and maybe they'll win game 7. But luck is just not on our side anymore.

Mondays... and random thoughts...

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I so don't love Mondays!

Especially after a really terrific weekend... we did not go to the Children's Festival... after some thought, I didn't think it would be that worth our while to go. I think it's more fun for older kids, and there were all these weird 'troops' from Quebec doing these acts that I think were kinda scary, actually, for a toddler to watch.

Instead... we went to the Carnival! We had so much fun, my son was in awe at all the rides, and he went on his first ride, too! I so wish I had my camera but the written word is just as good sometimes. It was the merry-go-round, and I was standing up beside him and he loved it! That moment will be captured with me forever and ever. :) How fun! We also hung out at Place D'Orleans, played by the waterfall and spend a good 30 minutes in Tiggy Winkle's, both our favourite store, I'm sure. ;) Bought more diggers and bulldozers and a new bridge for his Thomas train set. He is getting into Thomas more, which is great, since he already has the entire set. I'll have to buy tickets now to see Thomas in August! How fun! And how excited am I that Hi-5 will be here in a few weeks and we have front row seats! Well, almost front row seats. :)

The weather was not bad this weekend, until last night, when my family and I took Christos to Hog's Back (but we call it Mooney's Bay, always have, and now my son calls it that, too, so we're sticking with that!) He had a blast and was having even more fun when it started to rain buckets on us and we had to run back to the car... he was finding this sooooo amusing! It was funny, actually.

And of course, we spent a lot of time outside, just exploring, and walking and throwing rocks in the water and having fun. My little boy is 22 months old now! Wow... he is almost 2 YEARS OLD!

Anyway... I'm excited for the Sens game tonight... GO SENS GO! I KNOW they will win again tonight. My friend will be at the game... how lucky of her! I'm sure it will be so exciting tonight. We'll watch from home because I can't switch up where I watch the games for the most part.

And tomorrow, I'm going to see Knocked Up, after hearing and reading so many awesome reviews. I can't wait!

Things I'm loving right now....

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Having to do with food, of course.

1. Skor blizzards from DQ
2. Flatbread pizza from Quiznos
3. Just Right cereal

I could eat number 1 and 2 everyday. Actually, currently I'm eating ice cream in some form every night. I figure that's okay... because it's summer! ;)

Plans for the weekend?

Thinking of taking my son to the Ottawa International Children's Festival. That should be fun! It's right by the war museum and we could take a nice walk after.

There is also a fair going on near our house, so maybe we'll check that out, too. Of course, play outside a lot! I hope it doesn't rain... much.

And I really, really want to see Knocked Up - supposedly it's the funniest movie of the year/summer - it's gotten great reviews from everyone and it's said to be this year's '40-year-old-virgin', which I found really funny!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Read this story... heartbreaking

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I just read the saddest and most heartbreaking story. It's about a family torn apart because a drunk driver killed their child. To read the entire story, click here:


This story will be on Oprah today, however, I know I would not be able to watch. Reading the story was bad enough.

I have zero tolerance for people who drink and drive. Sadly, I know several people who have done this. I believe these people, who shall remain nameless, should never be allowed to get behind the wheel again. This is not a stupid mistake. We all have choices to make and if you're old enough to drink, you are old enough to realize driving after drinking is NOT the right choice. Period. No second chances when it comes to this. Far too many innocent people die because of idiots behind the wheel.
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