Thursday, May 31, 2007

2 drownings in a week....

2 children, aged 2, have drowned in under a week. The latest victim died in CHEO overnight. He was found floating in his parent's pool. I can't stress enough how important it is to be safe around pools. If you have young children, never, ever leave them out of your sight outside - especially if you have a swimming pool. This is so sad, and something that could have been avoided. How tragic.

You can help CHEO today by calling 613-755-5491 (KIDS) and buying a CHEO ticket. At the same time, you put in a request to hear any song you want on HOT 89.9 - they'll play ANYTHING today! That's why on the drive in to work this a.m., there was some awesome songs on that station that are normally not played!

Is there any hope left?

What a horrible hockey game last night! It was dreadful to watch our Sens playing so badly.

Thank goodness for Ray Emery - our only saving grace! He was the only true player on the ice last night. I hope this is a wake up a call for our boys. Perhaps they did this on purpose, so they can win the next 2 home games for us here in Ottawa. I hope. I still have a bit of hope left but it's slowly fading...

Highlight of the game last night? SNOOP DOGG! He was awesome... LOVE HIM!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The waiting game... and other random thoughts...

Today at work, I'm doing a lot of waiting. Waiting to get things finalized before launching our new strategic plan, and waiting to receive the layout of the first issue of the HECS newsletter I put together for this month. I've already got stories lined up for the next issue, and am working on a few other projects as well, but at the moment, it feels like a waiting game. Hurry up and wait, is what today has been all about. But things are progressing nicely. And I really love working here! It's refreshing and interesting and I'm learning a lot.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post this great website I just stumbled across: - a fun site, check it out!

And, more importantly: GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping they'll win tonight.

P.S. The Terminator is in town! Pretty neat. And somewhat scary, considering I think the first and second Terminator movies are the most scariest movies, ever.

From the Hips

When you're pregnant, you cannot read enough about pregnancy... and coming across a good book is sometimes hard! So here is a great book that everyone will enjoy reading when they're expecting. It's gotten rave reviews and it's written by two friends who are also moms.

Their blog is:

The book is:

So check it out, if you're a mom, a soon-to-be-mom, or someone who will be having children in the near future!

Backyard completed!

I'm so excited that our backyard is close to being finished! Thanks to my amazing dad and father-in-law, my backyard looks like it's out a magazine now! They landscaped our backyard with gorgeous interlocking stones and build beautiful stairs as well. It's a masterpiece, and I'll post pictures soon. They worked day and night every weekend and some weeknights for the last few weeks. My son loved watching them work, and even helped with his little shovel!

We also got a brand-new BBQ to replace the one we received for our wedding almost 4 years ago... it was a good BBQ but we used it all the time so it was time to get a new one. We also got a nice shed for the backyard to store Chrisots's 'stuff', like his little bike, wagon, car, etc.

We have a little area with grass for the swingset, and we'll plant a couple of trees soon, too.

Last summer, my husband finished our front yard landscaping, and the stones match the backyard now. My husband is such a handyman - he painted our entire house, put crown mouldings throughout the house, and thick baseboards throughout, installed ceremic tiles, finished the nursery, including installing hardwood floors, crown moulding, chair rail, and baseboard, painting it, and finished our basement - hardwood floors, paint, pot lights, and built-in bookcases. He practically lives in Home Depot and I swear, he's amazing! I'll post pics soon of all the projects he has done on his own. So back to the backyard - I can't wait to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday outside this summer and enjoy our patio for many days and nights to come!

Yay for summer and thank you to my dad and dad-in-law for their incredible hard work and love. :)

It is a sad, sad world

This story is beyond sad. Thanks goodness the little 8 month old survived and will now, hopefully, be raised by loving parents. What bothers me the most about this story is the fact that so many innocent children are killed by their 'mothers', who are then found innocent in court. Excuse me, innocent? I don't care what form of depression you may be suffering from, if you injure and kill your child because you can't handle life, you should not only go to jail, you should go to jail and never be given a drop of water to drink again. You should have your hands tied behind your back and thrown off a cliff into shark infested water. There is no excuse. CLEARLY they are INSANE or they would not have killed their poor children. So being found innocent is just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

HUDSON OAKS, Texas (AP) -- A young mother who may have been depressed apparently hanged three of her small daughters and herself in a closet using pieces of clothing and sashes, authorities said Tuesday.
A fourth child, an 8-month-old daughter, was also found dangling in the closet but was rescued from the family's mobile home.
"It's horrendous. That's all I can say," Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said.
The woman was identified as Gilberta Estrada, 25. The infant, Evelyn Frayre, was in good condition at a hospital, Fowler said.
Authorities did not immediately identify the other children, but Fowler said they were apparently ages 5, 3 and 2.
Filly Echeverria, who said she was the children's godmother, identified the dead as Maria Teresa Estrada, Janet Frayre and Magaly Frayre.
After Estrada failed to show up for work, her sister, who lived nearby, forced her way into the locked residence in the Oak Hills mobile home park, about 25 miles west of Fort Worth in this rural community of 1,600 people.
The sheriff said the sister rescued the infant when she realized the baby girl was still alive.
The sheriff said the hangings appeared to be murder-suicide because the trailer's doors were locked from the inside and a relative said the woman had been depressed.
The young mother and her girls were last seen alive Monday evening, he said.
The sheriff said Estrada had won a temporary restraining order in August against Gregorio Frayre Rodriguez, who was believed to be the father of the infant and some of the other children, after an attack on Estrada.
The sheriff said the couple had stopped living together in February. Tuesday was the first emergency police call to Estrada's trailer, and authorities said there was no evidence that Frayre abused the girls.
A telephone listing for Frayre, 38, could not immediately be located.
"I just got a big kick out of watching the kids play over there on her porch, and today it's sad, very sad," neighbor Joyce Harris said as other trailer park residents milled about on their porches, some crying and talking softly about the deaths.
Estrada's trailer was dilapidated, with paint peeling off the brown and white mobile home. Cactus plants and a rose bush decorated the front. Toys and a bicycle littered the back yard.
Texas has seen a number of child killings by mothers in recent years.
Less than five years earlier, another Hudson Oaks family was torn apart when Dee Etta Perez, 39, shot her three children, ages 4, 9 and 10, before killing herself.
Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the family's Houston bathtub in 2001. In 2003, Deanna Laney beat her two young sons to death with stones in East Texas, and Lisa Ann Diaz drowned her daughters in a Plano bathtub.
Dena Schlosser killed her 10-month-old by severing the child's arms with a kitchen knife in 2004.
All four of those women were found innocent by reason of insanity. Yates initially was convicted of capital murder, but that verdict was overturned on appeal.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's all good...

So, the Sens lost last night, but it's all good because I had a great night with my boy. We went for a long walk down the ravine and through the beautiful path with the huge trees near our house, and threw rocks in the water and played in the park and even saw 2 bulldozers! So, it's all good!

And, I'm sure the Sens will win tomorrow night.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A good thing to read

I'm working on an article about summer safety to be published in our newsletter here at Health Canada, and I thought I'd also post it here, since it has some pretty important information on keeping safe during the summer months!

Now that summer is here, we can enjoy all it has to offer... from outdoor BBQ’s to lounging around the pool and enjoying the sun and heat... however, we can never be too careful! Here are some tips to help you have fun in the sun while saving yourself or a family member a trip to the emergency room!

Sun safety

If you are a parent, you probably already know how important it is to put sunscreen on your children. However, you may not know that it is more effective if you apply the sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before venturing outside. And make sure to put on a wide-brimmed hat on your little one(s), as well! They’ll look cute, and they’ll be protected from the sun. After a couple of hours outside, and especially after swimming, make sure to re-apply the sunscreen. Have a big pitcher of water and ice nearby to keep the little ones well hydrated, too. And, outdoor fun in the summer can still be enjoyed in the shade, so find a big tree to sit under... and enjoy!

Pool safety

Now, here are some tips for pool safety... because summer means enjoying a dip in the water, too, but it’s of the utmost importance to keep children safe around the pool.

- Make suer to install a fence at least four feet high around the pool. Make sure the fence has no openings big enough that a young child could get through or under.

- Make sure pool gates self-close or self-latch at a height children can’t reach.

- Never, ever leave a children alone in or near the pool - even for a moment! Forget the phone that is ringing inside, or the doorbell... unless you bring your child with you, it is just not that important. “I was only gone for a second...” is something you really don’t want to be saying to the paramedics.

- Make sure to have rescue equipment near the pool, including a life preserver and even a portable phone for emergency phone calls.

- If your young children use ‘floaties’, remember - they are not considered approved life preservers.

- Even though many children take swimming lessons before the age of 4, they are not developmentally ready for swim lessons until after their 4th birthday. Swimming lessons for children under 4 years old should not be seen as a way to decrease the risk of drowning.

- If your child is in or around the water, an adult should be within arm’s length, providing ‘touch supervision’.

- We'll all heard this a million times before but remember: Never run around the pool... walk instead!

- If the weather turns bad, exit the pool immediately.

- Make sure not to leave any toys lying around the edge of the pool, and children might reach out for the toys and accidentally fall in the pool.

Insect safety

Along with all the fun summer has to offer, there are still some things that bug us all... like bugs! Here are some tips on dealing with pesky insects:

- Don’t use scented products, like scented soap or hairspray, on children.

- Avoid areas where insects nest such as stagnant pools of water, uncovered foods and gardens where flowers are in bloom.

- Try to avoid dressing your children in bright clothing.

- To remove a visible stinger from skin, scrape it off with a credit card or your fingernail.

- Insect repellent products are a great way to keep the bugs away from you and your children, but make sure your child is of age (usually over 6 months old) before applying it on them. There are children’s versions of most insect repellent’s, like DEET and OFF, but it’s always best to check with your child’s doctor or a nurse beforehand.

Other tips:

- As fun as they look, don’t buy a home trampoline, and don’t let your children use home trampolines.

- Always supervise your children at the park and on play equipment to make sure they’re safe.

- Children should always wear a bicycle helmet, no matter how short the bike ride is and no matter how close to home they are. Many accidents happen in driveways or sidewalks close to home - not just streets! And whenever you’re going for a bike ride, put on a helmet, too. Children learn by example... so be responsible!

- If your child rides scooters or skateboards, they should wear helmets as well as other protective gear.

- Children under 12 should not use lawn mowers, and children under 16 years old should not be allowed to use ride-on lawn motors.

Book update...

I'm almost finished Angela's Ashes. I am loving this book... I had the book for a long time, but never got around to reading it. I'm glad I finally did. I'd say it's one of my favourite books.

I also just bought A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner. If you haven't read The Kite Runner yet, (Really? Some of you haven't? ;))then read that first!

No matter how hectic and busy my life is, I always find time to read before going to bed. This usually means lights out after 1 a.m. but for me, it's worth it! And I'm happy to report that my son also has a love of books and reading. This is a wondeful thing!

Supper Works... works for me!

Mondays are hard. I hate coming in to work on Monday, because after having spent 2 days at home with my little boy, it's just... really hard leaving him! We have so much fun together. And have I mentioned how this age is simply the best age ever? Yeah, I think I have, countless times before. He is just so smart and aware and adorable and FUNNY! Oh, is he ever funny. He keeps me laughing all day long. He's my favourite little person in the entire universe. I am thankful also that when I drag myself to work he is loved and cared for by his grandmothers and great-grandmother (who is only in her 60's and has way more energy then I do!) So, he is in great hands. But still... I miss him! I can't wait to go on maternity leave again, and spend a lot of time with both my children. Anyway, the reason for my post was to talk about Supper Works...

Have you heard of Supper Works yet? I received a flyer the other day on my door, and I am totally intrigued. I think I will try it out for sure. You all know that I don't like to cook... probably because I can't really cook that well and also because there is just NO TIME to prepare a meal after work, and after picking up my child and taking care of him. I mean, really, I have tried it, and it's tough! So, this Supper Works is a great invention. "Supper Works - taking the work out of supper" is their logo. Doesn't that sound so cool? So basically, here is how it works: you get to prepare 'tasty, nutritous meals without the time, without the hassle, and without the mess' by going online to and viewing the menu selections, then here is what happens:

You move from station to station and prepare one entree at each station.

Every ingredient for every recipe will be washed, chopped, grated, sliced and ready for you at each station.

Each station is also equipped with a recipe, all necessary utensils, and containers.

Once you’ve completed an entree, store it on your own shelf in our refrigerator.

Just leave the mess and move on to the next station. NO clean-up - the do that for you.

When you’ve finished preparing all of your entrees, pack them into your own containers.

Once home, place the meals in your freezer. When you’re ready to eat one of your SupperWorks entrees, simply thaw and cook. We provide all cooking instructions.

That sounds amazing... and yeah... I'm totally going to try this! The menu items sound really mouth-watering, too. The new store is located in Orleans, and it's a huge thing in Toronto already. What a great idea for moms who are very busy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A good thing to watch

I am a fan of Nancy Grace. I know a lot of people don't really like her - but she doesn't rub me the wrong way. Today is National Missing Children's Day and her show tonight is called: "Snatched: Protecting Your Kids". I think it would be a good show for all mom's to watch. We can never be too safe when protecting and looking after our children!

Here is a summary:

In a Wednesday special, Nancy Grace investigates cases of missing children that touched all of our lives.

From 12-year-old Polly Klaas, who was abducted from a slumber party and murdered, to the still unsolved case of missing Minnesota boy Jacob Wetterling, who was violently kidnapped while riding his bike.

Their families, and others, speak out about what parents can do to protect children.

In honor of National Missing Children's Day, Nancy Grace turns these parents' tragedies into must-see life lessons for all.

Wednesday, May 23 at 8 p.m. ET.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm sure you have heard by now...

Sad news... little Elgin-Alexander passed away over the weekend, on Saturday, after the Sens won their hockey game and advaced to the finals for the Cup. I received a message that night from Elgin's cousin, my good friend, Ana, telling me the news, but didn't get the message until the next day when she called me again to tell me the horrible news. He was at home, surrounded by his family, lying down beside his baby sister and he just closed his eyes and passed away. Thankfully and hopefully there wasn't too much pain and suffering... the parents are so strong... the funeral is on Thursday and will be taking place at a hockey arena in Carleton Place, since they expect a huge turn-out. This is the saddest story and I can't really talk about it because emotionally, I'm too sad. I'm sure some of you heard it on the news or saw it on the cover of the papers this weekend, too. Anyway... keep Elgin and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was such a brave 3 year old, who was fighting a terrible disease since he was only 9 months old. God bless him.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hot off the press...

Well, according to, anyway:


The Office and Grey's Anatomy.... my review!

Well at least The Office had a great season finale. It seriously was great, the entire hour, and kept us waiting until the last possible minute to see what, if anything, would happen between Jim and Pam. So... to make a long story short: Jim asked Pam out! Yay! Yay! Yay! The best finale, ever. I am so excited for next season. Michael, Karen and Jim - none of them got the job at Corporate. Ryan did! Haha... he was great in the last few seconds of the show, too. But I'm still on cloud nine over Jam. Sooooo about time!

As for Grey's Anatomy... reading viewer's responses on various websites, one thing is clear: there are not too many people out there who thought it was a good finale. In fact, almost everything I have read online has said the same thing: "Worst finale ever... too much drama... too much like a soap opera.. turning into Ally McBeal.... Dereck/Meredith dragging on too long.." And I kind of have to agree. While I thoroughly enjoyed the entire episode, I am pretty certain I don't feel sorry for the characters anymore. They are surrounded by so much pain and suffering and lost lives and love day in, day out... can't they take a step back and appreciate how good they have it? How there is someone there who will love them, if they only gave that person a chance? How can they ALL have such bad luck in love? That is so unrealistic. As if not even one main character is 'happily' married, and getting on with their lives. They're not 20, after all. It just seems totally unrealistic to me. But still... I love the show. And I think I want Izzie and George together. They're cute together. Dereck, well, I'm sure something will happen next season with him and the Grey sisters - did you know (as I found out from Kerry's blog) that the new girl intern who talked to George in the locker room was the girl that Dereck flirted with last week, and is also Meredith's sister? WOW! Yeah... next year, something will happen with her for sure. Will George re-do his internship? I think so. What will happen with Christina and Burke? He left her... does that mean he is gone from the show for good? And Alex... I hope he finds Ava again. All in all it was very entertaining. I especially liked Adelle and the Cheif storyline. Until next year!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Should I buy my boy a jersey... already?

So... we didn't win last night. I still believe the Sens will win the series, though. If not tomorrow night, then back in O-town. But I am hoping they'll win tomorrow as my stress levels get really high when I watch playoff hockey, especially now. The Sens haven playing amazingly well, though. Amazingly well. I'm proud of our team! These past few weeks, my little boy has been watching some of the hockey game with us... in between playing and running and laughing and reading, he pays attention to what is happening on TV and he even claps as loud as us when there is a goal. He screams 'goal!!!!!' and claps his little hands. It's the cutest thing, ever. I always say that, but it's so darn cute! He even has his own little Ottawa Sens hockey stick that he likes to hold. I can't wait to take him to a game. Next year, for sure. I know he will love the excitement. I think it's pretty darn neat that my son is now a little hockey fan. One night we were watching the game in bed together, lying down and it was a very nice moment. I wonder if he'll want to actually play hockey, though? I'd rather he plays soccer but I guess he can technically do both, right?

Yesterday after work I had a craving for donuts. And I knew we'd have people over to eat the donutes, I thought it was not a bad idea to buy some. Seeing as there is no real Krispy Kreme store here, I had to get Tim Horton's donuts. Now, my husband and I do not like Tim Horton's for many reason, mainly, their coffee sucks. Ask anyone who knows anything about real coffee - they'll tell you the same thing. We drink Starbucks, in and out of the home. (I know I'm in the minority here) So I really have not had a cup of Tim Horton's coffee since 2000, when I was still working at the TV station and well, we drank a lot of coffee from Tim Horton's then. Anyway... I caved in to my craving, and got a dozen donuts. I had one, and it was good. Later my sister and her fiance came over and he wanted a good donut so off he want to the gas station to get a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. HEAVEN. There is NO comparison, you guys. Krispy Kreme is all that. And more. They are sooo bad for you, but really, there is no greater taste. No donuts compare. My son LOVED his krispy Kreme donut. Mind you, he did not eat the entire donut, but he kept coming back to take a few more bites. It was very cute to see. He has such a sweet tooth!

So if you haven't experienced a KK yet, go out and get one, now! Better yet wait until you're in MTL and go to a KK store and buy a dozen or two when they are just freshly made. That's another thing - a KK is freshly made, right there in the store, and not frozen in a box like TH's donuts. So there!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TV happiness!

It's that time of year.. to say goodbye to our favourite shows for a few months.... I hate season finales, because they always leave us wanting so much more, and instead of only waiting a week to find out what will happen (for instance, between Pam and Jim from The Office) we have to wait a few months! It's agonizing. But of course, we all carry on just fine since it is, after all, summer and who watches TV during the summer, anyway? It's the time of year to really enjoy the outdoors and we are doing exactly that, BIG TIME, since my son is just loving this weather. Not today, though - today is cold!

So tonight is the last episode of the totally useless but addictive America's Next Top Model. I think it'll be between Renee (whom I mentioned at the beginning of this cycle of ANTM, only I did not think she'd last this long since she's blonde and typically pretty) and Jaslene. Who will win? Tune in tonight to find out!

Then tomorrow night, it's the Grey's finale and The Office finale. I'm more excited about The Office, after Pam's speech last week. But of course they won't end things how we want them, with her and Jim in a loving embrace. We'll have to wait until next season... yet again! Sigh!

And let's not forget the other MAJOR important thing on TV tonight - the SENS GAME! GO SENS GO! They have played amazingly this round. Just amazing. We have a lot to be proud of! I'm thinking they WILL win tonight! And then we'll be in the Stanley Cup FINALS! GO SENS GO!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

You heard it here first! (Thanks to Lucy and GG)

You can expect to see ZARA and H&M opening at RIDEAU CENTRE very soon! How fantastic is that? I was thrilled when Banana arrived, and I heard Coach is also opening a store in Rideau Centre. Yippee-yay-yay-yay!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our visit at CHEO

Our vist to CHEO yesterday went better then I thought it would. Christos's ultrasound lasted only about 10 minutes, because he was very cooperative and brave and strong. He cried the entire time, but listened and was aware of what was going on. I'm so glad that is over and done with! We meet with his urologist in two weeks, but I'm confident the results will be good based on his previous test results. Thank GOD!

What troubles me is when we arrived at CHEO, we saw police tape all around the front entrance. We ducked under the tape, and proceeded to walk in (as everyone else was doing the same thing, and there were cops there) We noticed a lot of broken glass and smashed in newspaper boxes. We didn't know what to think... perhaps it was an accident?

When I got back to work yesterday, I found out it was a man high on drugs carrying a loaded gun (I believe he had a few guns on him) and he crashed into the front doors at CHEO, and tried to get in. THANK HEAVENS the doors were locked - so he walked over to the Rotel next door (the motel that parents stay at when their kids are in CHEO) shot the lock off the door and got locked inside a closet. Everyone was evacuated (nice, at 3 a.m.) Cops finally got him, and now he's being sent for psychological evaluation... I think they should just take him and throw him in jail and throw away the key! I keep thinking of what could have happened... what if he fired the gun at CHEO? This is such a scary incident. I cannot tolerate this type of behaviour. CLEARLY he's got problems, so why bother wasting money on the psychological treatment? A man high on drugs with a loaded gun at CHEO? He should go straight to jal with no getting out pass!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Spring cleaning!

Ahhh... I finally attacked my closet this weekend and got ride of a HUGE garbage bag full of clothes I have not worn this year, or last year. Finally! It felt great to take everything out of my closet, and lay it all on my bed and just toss things. I read if you haven't worn something in 6 months to a year - forget about it - you'll never wear it again! So now I have a huge bag of clothes just sitting there... my sister went through the bag, taking some stuff she liked (or taking back some clothes that were hers to begin with!) and now my grandmother and mother-in-law will have a look to see if anything is worth keeping or sending to Greece, then I'll drop the bag off at the Salvation Army or call the Diabetes Society. Now, I am in serious need of new spring and summer clothes! I sadly gave up one of my favourite pair of skinny jeans that, let's face it, I won't ever wear again. Even if I lose 10 more pounds, they won't fit the same. And they are ULTRA low-rise... yeah... not something I should be wearing anymore! Sigh. It's okay, though - it just means I need a new pair of jeans and they will be a pair of Seven's! And there were a lot of little sexy tops I'd wear out that I just wouldn't wear anymore because well, I'm 30 and a mom and I have respect for myself! There are a few more tops in my closet that I could part with but didn't have the courage to do so this weekend, so slowly, those shirts I have not worn in a long time will also leave my house. Now my closet looks normal, and not like a tornado ripped through it! Spring cleaning is great!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Spiderman 3

I saw Spiderman 3 last night, and I LOVED IT! It was just terrific, never a dull moment, funny, exciting, suspenseful, scary... I loved it! I turned to my friend after the movie asking her how much she loved it, too, and she told me she actually didn't like it that much. I was floored! Then my husband politely reminded her that I don't get out much anymore, and going to the movies is a rarity for me, so that could be why I loved it so much... perhaps he is right, but still... I loved it!

Paris in jail?

I don't know why, but I don't feel sorry for Paris Hilton at all! 45 days in jail will do her some good! 45 days for her to think about her life, and her many luxuries, and how lucky she has it - to have soooo much money and to not even have to work for it, while so many others are suffering and have nothing. 45 days in jail just might humble her. (But I doubt it - I bet she'll be on the phone with her agents hiring someone to write about her 'dreadful' experience behind bars, so she can make even more money so she can buy even more ugly stupid clothes). The best is her parent's reaction... sure, as parents, they don't want to see their child in jail, but when Kathy said: "After all the money we spent!" I just felt like laughing. She is not going to jail for no reason - she violated her probation, driving her car when she wasn't suppose to. I have ZERO tolerance for people who drive drunk - if you ask me, she should have already been in jail. I actually don't even know if she was charged with driving under the influence, but whatever, I'm sure she's done that before, too...


Emotions flared at the Paris Hilton hearing on Friday, according to one eyewitness observer with an exceptionally good view: Mona Shafer Edwards, a freelance courtroom sketch artist with 25 years' experience.

Observing the Hilton family's reaction before and after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer sentenced the 26-year-old hotel heiress to 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation, Edwards tells PEOPLE that while prosecutors were delivering their final statements, Hilton looked down discreetly into her purse at a compact and checked her makeup.

Minutes before the sentence was handed down, according to Edwards, Hilton made the sign of the cross with her right hand, then kissed her fingers.

Judge Sauer was particularly stern with his comments to Hilton, whom, he said, "disregarded everything" by repeatedly driving with a suspended license.

After the general public had cleared the courtroom, Hilton began to tear up. Sheriffs brought her a box of Kleenex, and she held a wad of tissues to her face as she placed her head down.

Then, said Edwards, Hilton's mother, Kathy Hilton, angrily burst from the courtroom seating area toward the attorneys' table, saying loudly, "I can't believe this, I can't believe this."

She went over to her daughter's side, standing over her and putting her arm around Paris as others crowded around her.

Eventually, Paris stood and was hugged by her father, Rick Hilton, who said, "I can't believe this, either."

"I don't know what happened," said Paris. "I did what they said."

Kathy Hilton, red in the face, then walked up to one of the prosecutors and screamed, "You're pathetic." She then asked sarcastically, "Can I have your autograph?"

The prosecutor to whom Hilton had delivered her outburst completely ignored her, said Edwards.

About half a dozen sheriffs' deputies then approached Kathy Hilton, who screamed at them, "Don't you touch me, don't you touch me."

As the family was about to exit the courtroom, said Edwards, Kathy Hilton declared for all to hear, "[The judge] made up his mind before he even came in today. If it were anyone else, this would've never had happened."

She then exclaimed, "And after all the money we spent!"
Hilton's attorney, Howard Weitzman, vows to appeal the sentence, while Judge Sauer has ordered The Simple Life star to begin serving her time at the Century Regional Detention Center before June 5.

On Saturday, a despondent-looking Hilton was seen leaving a chauffeur-driven SUV and stepping into the Beverly Hills restaurant Prego for lunch, reports the New York Post.

Like other celebrity Los Angeles County inmates who have been incarcerated in the jail, Hilton will be separated from the general population for her own safety, the Associated Press reports. (Among previous names to have served there is former Lost star Michelle Rodriguez, whose 60-day sentence for violating probation terms after her drunken driving arrest in Hawaii ended after barely more than four hours, due to the jail's being overcrowded.)

Each day, the incarcerated are permitted outside their cells for an hour to shower, watch TV in the day room, participate in outdoor activities or talk on the phone. (Cell phones are not allowed in the jail cells.)

As for food, inmates are offered three-poultry-based low-sodium meals a day. The jail's overseer calls it "a very nice place."

Dreading tomorrow

Tomorrow morning my son goes for his ultra-sound. We have been through this many times since he was born, starting with his first ultrasound at 6 weeks old. I'm not looking forward to it tomorrow. I know it is painless, but still... I hate seeing my son uncomfortable and crying. It'll be over fast and I hope we hear good results. His last renal scan showed excellent kidney function, so we were thrilled with those results, and his urologist was very confident his condition would go away on it's own. I can't wait until the day I can stop giving him his daily dose of antibiotics! So I just hope things go okay tomorrow.

Facebook is out...

So, I deactivated my facebook account. Why was I on facebook to begin with? I admit it was fun, and addictive, but most things that are addictive can't be that good for you, right? I had a lot of my real friends on there, and old co-workers both from CRA and from The New RO that I liked being in contact with, along with a couple friends from school that I lost touch with. As well as every Greek I know, almost, and then a whole bunch of people that I would otherwise never have talked to again in my life. So why have them as my friends on facebook? It's a little weird... and freaky... why should someone I went to elementary school with, or high school with, see my personal pictures, and why are they there as my friends? When my 'friends' got to 100, I thought, whoa... these people aren't all my friends, so why are there here? I was spending a lot of time on facebook, too, and it was time I could have spent doing other things. Anyone I want to talk to, I can, through a phone call or email. Facebook was just an added useless thing in my life. So I just... got rid of it. I'm tempted to go back on, but not now. Maybe I'll re-register under a nickname or something and be a more strict about who to add as friends, that way it will not be so weird! It's like this crazy phase, and while it was fun while it lasted, it was pointless, for the most part. And then there is the whole security issue - how safe is it, really? Why do I have pictures of my family on there? Just bizarre... so for now... I'm out!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I used to not really love it. I mean, I would watch it on occasion, whenever I could. And now I am hooked, 100%. It is my new favourite show. It's great! I loved tonight's episode so much! The spin-off - will there be a spin-off? Or not? If there will be one, i'll watch that, too! Those characters were really great! They were all so great tonight.
It's late and I have to get ready for bed. I'm sure someone (i.e. Kerry) has put together a much better post about tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy. So in closing... yeah... I have a new favourite show!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wow... it has been a while!

I don't know why, but I am just not motivated to update my blog anymore! Perhaps because I am so busy at work, and then so busy when I get home, and then when I have a few free moments, I'm on facebook! I don't know where I want to go with this blog. I guess I'll keep doing what I do, just writing about everything, my son, my life, entertainment updates, my views on politics and life in general. However... I'm so far behind I don't even know where to begin! Sigh...

So I guess I could start by saying my little boy is just so so awesome right now. As always, but with the weather as nice as it has been lately, we are outdoors all the time, and he is loving it! It's so wonderful to see, to be with him, to run around, go for walks, explore nature, be together outside, swing together, and watch him master going up the stairs and down the slide all by himself. I can't believe he is almost 2 years old... I don't know where the time went! He is such a little boy!

Work is good and busy. I am liking it a lot.

Facebook is still super fun. I'm liking that a lot, too! I reject all the time, though! I mean, I'm sure you all get friend requests from people you don't even remember, even after staring at their picture for 5 minutes. I mean, really? If I haven't talked to you in 100 years, there is probably a reason! Other friends who I lost touch with, it's fun to talk to again and add as friends, people I genuinly cared for at one time, but not total randoms! Seriously!

I did my highlights today after work. I went to a girl who blowdry's my hair every so often. She is the first person who has coloured my hair besides my hairdresser, Andre, whom I've been going to since I was 15. So, it was a huge deal for me, and she did a great job! So, I have to avoid Andre for at least 3 months... but he'll probably figure it out anyway and be seriously pissed at me for doing this. Sigh. But she was soooo good... I'm so happy with the results! It was a bit more expensive, but totally worth it.

Entertainment news... I'm either out of the loop or nothing crazy has been going on. I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy. I keep forgetting to watch ANTM. I must remember to PVR it tomorrow!

Okay... and what's this about Britney doing a few suprise concerts? I think if she is ready, yay! I want her to get well. It makes me sad that she is all screwed up. Is it/was it PPD? Or is it just this is who she is? Because I have always loved Britney for some reason, and have gone to 2 of her concerts. Her shows are great. I was excited when I was pregnant at the same time as her, and then seeing her spiral downhill made me sad. Not sad, maybe that's not the right word - but just like, why? If she can't find happyness with her children, the 2 little miracles she received, then I give up... she needs help!

Okay.. back to facebook and then into bed...

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