Oh, Baby!

Last weekend, I hosted my little sister's baby shower at a lovely restaurant. I'm so excited that my sister is going to be having a baby in June - a baby girl! This means, of course, that I have already been buying lots of 'pink' stuff - you know, to get my fix!

We all had a lovely time - the food was amazing...

All our friends were there to celebrate with my sister...

And the favours were especially delicious!

The best part, of course, was having a memorable time with our wonderful grandmother who baked most of the yummy desserts there...

And of course, our awesome mom!

I brought my boys to the shower too - and they had a great time! Of course, I wasn't as relaxed as I could have been, but it was all good. I even had a chance to sit down and eat my lunch. That's rare, you know.

My sister had fun opening up all her beautiful presents, too. It's amazing how much one receives at a baby shower but the truth is - everything you get at your baby shower is actually used!

We had a blast playing a few baby shower games, and the biggest hit was the baby shower poem I stole from Pauline. Everyone loved it!

A huge thank you also to the talented Cherie-Lynn - she is the most amazing photographer and if I could afford to have her take pictures of me everyday, I would hire her! She is awesome! She recently took some new headshots of me, too - of course, I'll be sharing those with you as soon as I get them - I can't wait!
My sister's baby shower was a blast. Now, the countdown can begin until I get to hold her sweet baby in my arms!

The problem with saying 'no'

Most people who read my blog know a few thing about me - I love my family more than anything. I am addicted to shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with carbs. And I can't say no to my children.

Yes, I have a problem with discipline. It's not that I don't say the word no. I say 'no' all the time. Every day, in fact. My children know that word well. They are just not sure what to do with it.

And I'm not sure either, to be honest.

How many times do I say no before giving up? About two times. Which lasts a total of five seconds.

Typical situation? I see my 2 year old grab another piece of chocolate to eat.

I say: "Dimitry, no more chocolate. You already had enough today. Give that to mommy."

His big bright eyes look up at me. He smiles.

"No more chocolate. I mean it!" I say, in a firm 'I mean it' tone.

Smile. Then the pitter-patter of little feet, walking away from me.

I sigh. And empty the dishwasher.

I can't lay down the law in my house. I am not the boss. I am ruled by a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

Luckily, my children do listen to my husband. And I now find myself in the position of saying: "If you two don't stop fighting, I'm calling daddy!" Because they won't listen to me! In all fairness, yes, sometimes, they do listen to me. And for the most part, they are well behaved children. But kids will be kids, right?

I give in too easily, I know. I can't handle seeing them upset, or crying, or throwing a temper tantrum.

Especially in public. Good God. That is embarrassing, isn't it? I'm sure you've all been there - trying to pick up you crying toddler, who has perfected arching his back so it makes lifting him nearly impossible - and the tears! The drama! How can I deal with that calmly? I can't.

If my toddler wants another book, I will buy him another book. I know this is a bad habit, and one I must try to change. But it's really hard for me to say no. Mostly because I hate seeing my children upset. And because it is easier to take the easy way out in situations like that.

Sometimes, though, a child just wants to play, or do something that you know will only equal more work for you later on. This is when I think saying 'no' is not fair to the child. For instance, if my child wants to play in the kitchen sink, 'washing' dishes - it means I have to stand beside him, supervising. I will always say 'yes' because it brings my child pleasure. I think sometimes saying 'no' is also the easy way out for the parent.

Of course, each situation and each child is different - and no one method of parenting is 'perfect'. I understand that I need to be more firm and set more rules for my children. For their benefit, and for my own.

What are your tricks - how do you say 'no' to your children?

The importance of unlearning

Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned. Mark Twain

Everyday, on this journey we call life, we are learning. We start learning from a young age, from our parents, from school, from teachers, and from our friends. We learn from textbooks, and from experiences. We are constantly storing our own set of 'life rules' in our head, and we are on a never-ending journey of self discovery. However, there are some things we learn that we should 'unlearn', because not all things we learn are true. Things we've learned that we thought, at one point, were expected of us, or things that were considered 'right'. Now, as adults, we can choose to ignore. And we can unlearn.

Here are ten rules I have unlearned:

Sharing means caring: Okay, so yes. It is sooo good to share. We learned that sharing is important when we were in nursery school. But really? It isn't always FUN to share, you know. I tell my boys everyday: "Please share." And inevitably, someone gets sad, because someone has to give up the object they are playing with to SHARE! In a house filled with toys, can't one of my children find something else to play with so I don't have to tell them to share and witness yet another meltdown? Also? I don't like sharing. There, I said it. I hate sharing my french fries. AND ESPECIALLY MY POPCORN at the movies. DO NOT TAKE MY POPCORN! Get your own damn popcorn. I also hated it when people asked for a drag from my cigarette. I'd just give them their own. So, sharing is good but let's unlearn that it's the most important thing, okay? Sharing means caring sometimes.

Be nice: I am nice. Most of the time. I don't like being mean to people, and I try to be fair. In grade 7, a group of my so-called friends huddled together during recess and decided not to be nice to me anymore because my boobs were bigger than theirs. And they thought I was using my boobs to get attention from the boys. And I was NOT. And so, I have unlearned that I should be nice all the time. It depends on the situation. And who is around me.
And playgrounds/recess/school = cesspool for mean girls. So protect yourself, and your children. Teach your kids to be nice, fair and kind but prepare them also that the world can be harsh. Girls can be bitches. So be nice. But be on guard!

Be super healthy: Don't get mad - I understand that staying fit and eating well are key to living a long and healthy life. Organic foods. Lots of veggies. No smoking. Limited drinking. Sleeping 8 hours a night. Yada yada yada. I respect healthly people who manage to get 8 servings of fruits and vegetables in their children daily. It's just, I don't. My kids don't LOVE veggies. Aside from some - tomatoes, corn, peas, carrots, celery - it's hard to get them to eat veggies. And I'm okay with that. They are healthy, active boys. And well, they're well fed. They are Greek, after all.
When I was pregnant I slept for 9 months straight, waking up to eat McFlurries. I was very not active. And I had one of the easiest labour and deliveries ever. My great grandfather lived to 99 and smoked. BUT he enjoyed life. Living in Greece, it's this mentality, this wonderful way of life, that makes people less stressed, and more happy, thus resulting in long lives. The key is lots of sex, wine, good food, and hell, a smoke here and there. Live life! So I sort of unlearned to be super healthy. Right now, I am staying fit - working out four times a week and eating well, and I feel great. But I also know how to induldge!

University is important: Yes. University IS important and I'm glad I went, I'm glad I graduated. It was a great 4 years. But when I fast-tracked the two year Broadcast Journalism course in college - that's when I learned the skills I needed to apply to the real world and was able to get an on-air job in radio. (Don't worry, though, I'm still going to make sure my kids go to University and stay there until they get their Ph.D!) Just make sure to look at all options. University is not for everyone. College is good, too.

Be an adult: There was a point, after University, when it was awesome being an adult, to have no rules to follow, to be living in the real world. Working. Making money. Traveling. Buying a house, getting married. It was all very exciting. Then, becoming a parent - nothing makes a person more of an adult than that! But, pretty soon, you re-discover your innocence, and you experience being a child again. You play with your children, building LEGO towers, making things with PlayDoh, reading children's books, and swinging at the park. Playing soccer in the street, lying down in the grass, and running through the sprinkler. It's fun to unlearn being an adult. Embrace your inner child! It makes being a parent so much more fun!

Aim for perfection: Too often, we push ourselves too hard. Sometimes, we try to be perfect. The truth is, perfection is not attainable. I just don't have the desire to be perfect at anything. I have unlearned to be perfect. Instead, I aim to be the best I can be. I focus on the things that matter in life. All I want at the end of the day is for my children to think I'm a great mommy. Even if I don't always cook dinner and even if sometimes I yell or lose my patience. We should all aim to be the best we can be. That is good enough!

Words don't hurt: We all remember "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." This simply is not true. Words sting. Words can hurt. I have unlearned this, and everyday I remind myself to think before I speak, because sometimes, words, as innocent and cute as they seem, can hurt.

It matters what others think: It can be downright stressful when we focus on what other people think about us. "What will they think if I say this?" "What shoes should I wear?" "How should I style my hair?" "What if my parenting style is different than hers?" You know what I'm unlearning? It doesn't matter what other people think! If someone doesn't like you - who cares? They are NOT WORTH it. Be true to yourself. People like that! Do things for you.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger: Sadly, I have unlearned this from being the truth. When I go through certain experiences, life changing experinces that make me truly worry, like when one of my children is sick, I don't come out of it stronger. Maybe this is not true for you, but for me, it only makes me weaker, and it makes me worry more. What doesn't kill me makes me weaker.

You can't always get what you want: I don't have the luxury to fly to Monaco for the weekend, and I don't live in a 6,000 square foot home. But I have everything I want. And everything I need. I have learned that you CAN get what you want. You just have to do it! After University, I wanted to see L.A. and work for Entertainment Tonight. I applied to be an intern, and one day, an acceptance letter came in the mail. I never thought it would happen, but it did. That is one experience I made happen for myself. Whatever you want in life - do it. Try. Don't give up! I have unlearned that you can't always get what you want. You so can!

This blog post was inspired by Mama Kat's fabulous Writer's Workshop!


Suddenly, I noticed a change - a change in the volume of noise in my house. Not exactly silence, but... no yelling, either. No fighting. I looked up. I stopped what I was doing and I just stared.

It was pretty new to me, and I wasn't sure what to do - yell, scream for my husband to come upstairs to witness this phenomena, or call my mom.

But I just continued staring, quietly. I wanted nothing more than to just take it all in, because it was something I was not used to seeing.

I knew the day would come. I just didn't realize how quickly the day would come, and how amazing it would be to witness. To see what I was seeing was a beautiful thing. I knew there would be many more days like this to come, and I guess I was sort of in a state of shock and happiness.

You see. My two boys, my two children, the loves of my life? They were playing together. Nicely. They were talking to eachother, laughing. Bonding. Brothers.

My boys are now best friends. They ask for each other as soon as they wake up in the morning, and when the other is not around, they are not as happy.

The moments when you witness your children playing together, laughing with one another, giggling, smiling, happy together - that makes your heart want to burst with happiness, doesn't it?

Yup... seeing siblings playing together makes being a mom a totally awesome thing. And everyday, my two boys are getting even closer.

Right now, they chase eachother on their plasma cars, giggling with delight. Our hardwood floors are taking a beating at the same time, but to see them laughing uncontrollably together? Totally worth every scratch.

Mini Mioche

I was recently introduced to a fabulous new Canadian clothing company that offers trendy, comfortable and affordable clothes for children called Mini Mioche. As you all know, I love to shop. Not only for myself, but for my children, too.

I'm picky about what I buy for my boys - I like high quality items, at a few select stores, and I love to dress them in 100% cotton. My oldest son once wore a pair of polyester pj's to bed and woke up scratching himself. Since then, I'm extra picky when looking at the labels.

As a Mini Mioche mom, I was lucky to receive a few pieces from their spring line to test out on my youngest son. He received an awesome pair of casual cotton pants, a cute polo style t-shirt, and a long sleeved white shirt. The thing I loved right away? The feel. The cotton is super soft. The company only uses the absolute softest organic cotton - and the clothes fit great, too! I loved them. Huge bonus? They are stylish. The clothes are made in Toronto, too!

Check out Mini Mioche - how cute are the clothes? YOU can also receive 20% off your purchase! All you have to do is enter the code: surfer to receive your online discount. (The code will expire at the end of May, and both Canadian and US residents can use it!)

Happy shopping!

And stay tuned -I'm having a fun Melissa and Doug giveaway soon from an awesome company that sells everything from swing-sets to toys and books to kids bedding! It's an awesome website - and you're sure to find just what you're looking for your children!

Wake-up call

When I was in my twenties, I faked-and-baked a lot. As frequently as a few times a week in the summer, or before a vacation down south in the winter. It never crossed my mind how bad it was for my skin. Same thing with smoking - I smoked all through my teen years, and into my twenties, quitting when I got pregnant both times, and even blogged about it when I stopped. (I will admit, I do still smoke socially, sometimes, but I consider myself quit.)

A few months ago, I went to my dermatologist, and she noticed a suspicious looking mole on my back. A small dot, a black, flat dot, but still, it concernced her. "Hmm," she said, "Let me just get my special light and magnifying glass." She left the room, and I started to panic. All those years of me faking-and-baking had now come back to haunt me.

I was doomed. I was convinced that I had skin cancer. Why would I be one of the lucky ones? Not to mention the fact that I never wear sunscreen, and in fact, lather up on the oil (with an SPF of 8) when I'm on vacation somewhere hot. Not the best thing to do, right? However, I was naive. Young. Stupid. And in the need of a tan!

Now, as a mom of two young children, I see things differently. I do things differently - not thinking about myself only, but thinking about them first, and about their future.

They are the reason I quit smoking. They are the reason I started watching what I eat. They are the reason I work out. And now, I'm going to try to give up something else, too. Tanning in an indoor salon.

My surgery was scheduled. For one month, I had to wait to get the procedure done. The day of my surgery, I was nervous. I was convinced I was dying. Still afraid of what to tell my family, still thinking about how my children would live without their mommy. Skin cancer is no joke. Yes, it is one of the 'better' cancers to have, but still - it can be deadly. And the saddest part - it is preventable, for the most part.

Last July, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer declared tanning beds "carcinogenic to humans', and reclassified tanning equipment to the highest cancer risk category. I was never under the impression that tanning beds were safer than the sun, but I also never truly believed how bad they were for us. Now, doctors in Ontario are trying to ban the use of tanning beds for people under the age of 18. I'm in full agreement.

And although I'm no doctor, I'm sure if tanning beds are used in moderation - a couple of times a year - you will likely be okay. Don't take my word for it, though.

After my suspicious mole was removed, I had to wait one week to get the results. One day after work, I came home to a message left for me from my doctor. "Hi Loukia, it's Dr. R. I just wanted to let you know that we have your results and your biopsy is back. I wanted you to know that the results show that you are okay - there is nothing to worry about and it is benign."

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I hugged my children even tighter that night. And I was so, so thankful that I was so lucky.

Royal Reno-cation: I dream of... a new kitchen!

Just picked a winner! The lucky winner is number 25, Lara! Congrats to you!

Ahh... spring is in the air! Now that we don't have to be bundled up in ten layers of winter gear anymore, I have a lot more energy. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the grass is green. Suddenly, I want to start many projects in and around my house. Like organizing. And cleaning out the closets. (You know, to make room for all my new purchases!) And thinking about revonating my kitchen!

I think it is perfect timing that a great contest - Royale Reno-cation - is going on right now, because you can win $13,000 towards a home renovation AND an $11,000 cruise on Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas!

Before we had children, my husband and I went on a Caribbean cruise, and we are dying to go back - it was heavenly! The food. The entertainment. And stopping at fabulous places like Grand Cayman Island made the trip very special.

And now? You can win. All you have to do is enter here!

If I won the Royale Reno-cation, I would totally renovate my kitchen. I have been dying to get new countertops, a new backsplash, and a new kitchen table. You see, if I had a new kitchen, I would totally become a better cook. It's true, don't shake your head at me! And if I won the cruise, I would be so excited to take our children. Cruising really is a fun way to travel.

I also having something just for you, my friends. I'm giving away a pretty awesome prize! You can win a $50 gift card to Cara Restaurants, which is accepted at Swiss Chalet, Montana's, Milestone's (my favourite!), Kelsey's and Harvey's (mmm...) as well as a $50 Home Hardware gift card - so you can tackle those do-it-yourself-I-mean-get-your-husband-to-do-them projects!

All you have to do to win? Tell me what your ultimate reno-cation is! What are you dying to renovate in your home? What is your dream vacation? Just let me know in the comments section for your chance to win! (Sorry, this contest is only open to Canadians!) Winner will be announced on April 27th.
Thanks Mom Central for this blog tour campaign!


Interview with a Yummy Mummy!

One of the great things about blogging is getting to meet and talk to other amazing, succesful moms and women who make you feel confident in yourself, who provide you with great advice, and who offer something back - to you, to other moms, and to the community at large.

I 'met' Erica Ehm on Twitter - and earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet her in person at a Yummy Mummy Club event in my city. Of course, she was already familiar to me, because I used to watch her on MuchMusic when I was younger!

When I met Erica this winter, she was personable and friendly. A couple of days ago, I called her for a little chat, for this interview. Once again, we started talking up a storm. (I found out - and don't be mad - that her children don't wake up before 7:30 a.m. In fact, her daughter likes sleeping in until 9 a.m! I know, the unfairness of it all!)

Anyway, we talked about our experiernces as moms, about blogging, and about her website, Yummy Mummy Club - an awesome site for every woman and mom, a website that proves we're all yummy - because, after all, 'yummy is a state of mind!' Erica's Yummy Mummy Club is a great resource for moms across the country - I wish it had been around when I first became a mom!

Here is my interview with Erica:

Erica Ehm... you're such a busy lady! From television to radio, to recently publishing your first children's book, Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery, and of course, being the brains behind Yummy Mummy Club - tell me, how did you make it all happen?

I made things happen for myself. I took the initiative. I believe strongly in the saying: "If you build it, they will come." If you wait around, and do nothing, nothing will happen. So I made things happen for myself. I had kids late in life, and when I had my son, I had a mini nervous breakdown. I didn't know what to do with him, I had no training... I was struggling to get out of bed everyday. I would look at other moms pushing their prams, wondering how it was so easy for them... And eventually, I realized: it is not easier for them. A lot of moms act like everything is perfect, when it is not. Nothing is perfect. So many of us struggle with the same issues, the physical and emotional aspects of motherhood.

I started to write things down. I wanted to write something for women to tell them the truth - that we are not alone. That it is hard. No one before our generation had done anything like this before - before the Internet, women would use Valium to deal with issues. Twitter and the online world has helped so many people by allowing us to connect. It's a place we can go to vent, to complain, to share stories, get ideas. It's a huge group of women with parallel challenges.

What has been your biggest achievement?

This is probably a tie, and the two things are interconnected: Having kids - raising 2 amazing, beautiful, passionate kids, and starting and watching Yummy Mummy Club grow to what is has become. My website is such a proud achievement of mine, more than my time spent on MuchMusic, even. It started from nothing, just a twinkle in my eye, and by sheer force, vision and passion, I made it what it is, along with all the other great women I work with. Finding Sharon, who is now the editor of Yummy Mummy Club, and everyone else who works for Yummy Mummy Club, and seeing it expand... I never believed it would be what it has become. It is literally changing women's lives! I started something that has taken on a life of its own.

What are three pieces parenting advice you'd offer new moms?

1. Pretend you're an old woman, and look back on this, on your life right now. It's all about perspective. Some things are so insignificant... and they seem so much more important than they are... chill out, relax. Enjoy.

2. Don't try to find the perfect balance - it doesn't exist. Life is like a rollercoaster. You will be happy, sad, up and down, all over the place. But it all evens out in the end. Don't freak out when times are bad... you will get through it!

3. Feed your kids adult food from the time they are toddlers. There is no reaon for you to make a different meal at dinner time .- You should all eat the same meals!

Who has been the greatest inspiration for you?

Life is full of inspiration... different people inpsire me for different things. Of course, my mom (@journeywoman on Twitter) is a huge inspiration - she's intelligent, loyal, supportive and very driven. Sharon DeVellis is also an inspiration in my life, because she puts family before her work. I tend to sometimes put work before family, and she's a great role model in how to balance work and life with passion. She's equally driven, but by different things. My dad is also my inspiration. He survived the Holocaust, and came here and became a success.

Erica, where do you see yourself in five years?

I'll be the mother of a teenager! That is a scary thought... as well, I hope that my website has managed to weather the changing technologies - I hope it continues to evolve, to grow. I want it to be a safe haven for moms with kids across the country.


Parenting style

As parents, we all do things differently. There is no right or wrong way to put a child to sleep. There is no perfect day or age to start to potty train, no easy way to transition from crib to bed, no way to stop breastfeeding without shedding a tear, and it's impossible to return to work without feeling guilty.

The challenges, milestones, and achievements we experience as parents are more or less the same in every household, even if we don't do things the same way.

There are certain things I do that others may not do. Like:

1. I have never put mis-matched pj's on my children. No matter what. I can't stand the thought of my children in pj's that don't match. If I have do an emergency change at 3 a.m. because of a diaper leak, I'll change the entire set of pj's, not just the bottom. I know, I'm insane, right?

2. If my child gets his pj top wet (because he loves to play in the sink after his pj's are on, of course!) I will not change his pj's, but I will blow-dry the wet spots away. I learnred this trick in a Baby-Sitters Club book. And it's so much fun to watch the wet spots disappear!

3. Every time I go grocery shopping with my children, I will disinfect the shopping cart. Every single time. I have a serious case of OCD!

4. My boys will open and eat whatever they want while we're shopping. This includes cupcakes, bread, grated cheese (very messy!) and even yogurt - yes, yogurt. I've had to use my finger to feed my baby yogurt in the grocery store before! Many people stare at me like I'm crazy, but? I manage to kill a good 30 minutes in the store, get everything I need, and leave with two kids who, for the most part, behaved.

5. I sometimes scare my children into eathing their food. "Dimitry, you have to eat all your meat, or else the mamouta will come!" (Mamouta = monster, in Greek.)

6. I tell my children I love them all day long. I praise them for the small things they do. I tell them how proud of them I am all the time. I am an overly enthusiastic mom!

7. I always arrive at the park prepared - toys, water, snacks, wipes. I wish everyone remembered to come to the park with their own toys and snacks!

8. I'm not a fan of 'CIO". I understand the lack of sleep - I haven't slept more than 5 hours straight in over 4 and a half years. I'm tired, too. But if my baby is crying, he needs something. Sometimes, it's just a hug. Other times, a diaper needs to be changed, or a tummy needs to be fed. If my child is crying, I will make sure he is comforted right away.

9. I don't have patience for people who have no patience for children on planes. I hate receiving dirty looks from other passengers when my child cries on the plane! And I will always win the evil eye stare down, I promise you! And yes, I do let my child walk up and down the aisle in only a onesie and socks, thank you very much!

10. I hate receiving parenting advice from non-parents. Hearing things like: "You're on mat leave? Lucky you, you get to do nothing all day long!" makes me want to scream! Until you have a child, you will understand just how much you can do in a 24 hour period - on such little sleep!

What about you? What's your parenting style - what are things that might be unique to your style?

TOP TEN things blogging has taught me

Blogging is a big part of my life. I've been blogging for over three years now, with no end in sight. I love having an online journal where I can write about anything I want.

I can read things I wrote when my oldest son was only 18 months old, and find out what we were doing on any given day. I love having our lives documented this way. That's just one of the great joys of blogging. Blogging has also taught me a lot.

Without further ado, here is my list of...

The TOP TEN things blogging has taught me:

1. The unexpected surprises life throws your way are suddenly great blog fodder - like the time I found two raw eggs, cracked in the bottom of my Louis Vuitton? Great blog fodder. Add that to the copious amounts of times I've had to clean up poo from a bathtub (ew!) or had to clean up vomit (I don't, really - I'm a deer caught in headlights, so my husband does that nasty pick-up), or the mess one toddler can make when left alone for one minute in the high chair - these life experiences become exciting things to write about!

2. Trying to explain your love of blogging to people who are not bloggers themselves is almost futile. I try. And each time, it fails. Non-bloggers just don't care all that much! They don't get the obsession. (Really, what's wrong with these people?)

3. When you're blogging - reading other blogs or writing posts for your own blog - time passes so quickly, you will not believe it's already 1 a.m. Seriously - sitting in front of a computer screen, blogging, it's as if life is in fast-forward mode. That dishwasher you were supposed to empty after the kids went to bed? You put it off for another day. The laundry you were going to tackle? Nope, not going to get done. Blogging comes first!

4. The relationships that are formed are awesome. The blogosphere is filled with talented, helpful people, other great 'mom' bloggers. I've met quite a few bloggers in real life, and they are just as great as I thought they'd be. Bloggers are the real deal! Friendships are formed, and the connections are great.

5. Comments make me very happy - reading comments from all of my readers really puts a smile on my face. Seeing familiar faces and reading what people have to say about the things I write about is a wonderful thing.

6. Blogging has taught my children to fend for themselves, sometimes. "I'm coming!" I'll say, only to seconds later (okay, fine... 20 minutes later) realize that the fight my boys were in has now been resolved. See why me being busy on the computer is a good thing? My boys are learning to interact without as much involvement from me!

7. Blogging has also taught my four year old a lot about the Internet, and about what a blog is. And I get to hear him say: "No more blogging on your phone, mommy!" Which, of course invokes some MOMMY GUILT!

8. There are some seriously talented bloggers out there. I'm really thankful for these great writers, because they make me want to become a better writer myself. Blogging has taught me that it is important to write it all down. Inspiration, baby!

9. Blogging has also taught me that sadly, I have to censor myself at times. There are far too many 'real' people who read my blog, and sometimes, great blog posts cannot get published. I don't need those types of confrontations, you know? Let's take a moment to mourn the blog posts that will never be...

10. Blogging is so addictive, that sometimes, I even forget to eat dinner! That's a huge bonus - easy weight loss!

Thank you Mama Kat for another fabulous and fun Writer's Workshop!
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