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There is so much going on lately I don't even know where to begin. I think the most important thing to talk about is the one thing that has been on my mind more than anything else over the last couple of days. You know, the story that everyone has been talking about, because OH MY GOD REALLY? |At what age do you realise that it's just wrong... so wrong... so terribly wrong...

You know what I'm talking about, don't you?


The capes. The weird, Eyes Wide Shut capes that Courtney and Lindzi wore on last night's episode of The Bachelor. God, I'm glad this season is over, because I couldn't bear to look at robotic, zero personality bad-haired Ben any longer.

In all seriousness, let's talk plagiarism. I learned it was wrong to steal other people's work years before I graduated from university. I mean, duh. This is something my boys, who are four and six years old, already know.

I have a hard time writing about a similar topic another blogger has written about unless I credit where I got the idea from. I used to have panic attacks when I would re-write news stories, wanting to make sure that the words I was writing were my own. Liz pretty much sums all I want to say about the topic, even though it's not a new post. Marinka, too. Funny, these two women also happen to be on my top ten list of favourite bloggers, often giving me inspiration with my blog. I support my blogging community and hate it when things get ugly. It's not that hard to do the right thing.

In other news, I haven't been online much because my children have been sick with a never-ending virus and high fevers. A week long fever in either one of my children causes my 'normal' (read: ridiculously high) level of anxiety to reach another level altogether, and night time with sick children means that the hours will move slower than dripping molasses.

I've also been busy with something else. I've been busy drawing pictures. Draw Something is my newest addiction. Admit it. You're totally obsessed with this game, too, aren't you?  I have accepted the fact that my drawing skills are nothing like my professional artist of a mother. No, my skills are the same as they were when I was oh, seven years old. That's pretty much where my math skills have stayed, too. Showing these pictures to you is nowhere near as embarrasing as it was when I showed you my most horrific childhood pictures. That was a really hard post to publish!

Even though I'm not a gifted artist, I don't think my drawings are that bad... right?

I'll return to the regular world of blogging as soon as I can stop trying to collect coins so I can buy new colours and more bombs. Peace out!

Fear 2.0

I have major fears.

Things that used to mildy scare me now completely freak me out.

I used to ski all the time, and even though I was always scared of crashing into a tree and dying, I did it. I liked the ski outfits, goggles, and hanging out in the chalet, okay? And actually, I liked skiing, too, even though once I accidentally made a wrong turn down a double black diamond hill. It took me all day to get down that hill on my behind, but I did it.

I went white water rafting when the rapids were at a level 4, and although at first I didn't even know I'd get wet once I was in the boat (ha!) I did it, and even fell OUT of the boat twice, but I did it, and I won the prize for "most entertaining" afterwards.

I went snow tubing, for crying out loud, when I was 19. I sat in an inner tube and propelled down an icy steep ski hill at top speed. I'm pretty sure I had a mild heart attack that night, but I don't remember because I drank so much afterwards so as to numb my state of fear. But, I did it. And now? I'd never. Ever. Sit in an inner tube again.

I got lost driving in Inglewood (Inglewood, Inglewood, always up to no good..) when I was in L.A. but hey, I didn't get shot, and I even made my friend take a picture of my "Oh, my God, I'm lost in Ingleewood what what" face to have as a memory. Remind me to show you one day.

I survived almost getting kidnapped in a taxi in Greece one summer, rode a jet ski in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and survived a strange man playing with my hair on the subway at 5 a.m. after a night of partying in Queen's, New York, one weekend.

Now that I'm a mom the fear I have is on a whole other level.

However, the fear of snow tubing or white water rafting doesn't have to exist for me anymore because I'm unlikely to do these types of activities again. No, I'm a responsible mom now, (for the most part) and I won't put myself in these types of situations anymore.

I can control whether or not I sit in an inner tube again, but you know what I cannot control?

All the other things that scare me to death.

You know, things like the end of the world.

There's also something else that scares me. Solar storms. And today, we're getting hit hard.

"The largest solar storm in five years is racing toward Earth, threatening to unleash a torrent of charged particles that could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights." No, CBC News, that didn't freak me out at all.

Actually, yeah, it did. What the what is happening today?

"The sun erupted Tuesday evening, and the effects should start smacking Earth between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST Thursday, according to forecasters at the federal government's Space Weather Prediction Center. They say the storm, which started with a massive solar flare, is growing as it speeds outward from the sun."

Okay, so?

It's a big event, the experts say, but not like, extreme. So, we have nothing to worry about, right? Except for the fact that, as one NASA solar physicist said, "It could give us a bit of a jolt."

In 1989, six million people in Quebec (that's like, my backyard) lost power after a solar storm knocked out the power grid. I will completely lose my mind if we lose power tonight.

And there could be GPS outages, so good luck to those of us who always get lost.

There could also be communication problems and added radiation around the north and south poles, which is forcing airlines to reroute flights. Thank GOD I am not boarding a plane today, because oh my goodness, you wouldn't want to be sitting next to me, even in my Ativan state.

No matter what happens today, know that I love you and also? Thank God for our iphones. Those will still work, right?

The Songs That Define Me

I used to think I had nothing in common with Einstein. He was a brilliant man who changed the world, the man who invented E=mc². Don't ask me to explain what that means, because I don't even know how to do long division. Einstein and I, we are not similar people. But. I once read something he said, and it made perfect sense to me. He was finally speaking my language.

“If I were not a physicist," Einstein said, "I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

Bang on, Einstein. Bang on. I, too, often think of my life in music, even though I can't play an instrument well, unless you count the two years I played the violin in middle school, or the several years I spent playing the guitar. Oh, and let's not talk about my voice; Adele, I am not.

However, music is in me. It moves me. Whenever I watch a movie with a good soundtrack, I get chills. I have dreams of being the person who gets to select what songs get placed in certain parts of movies. What is a good movie without a memorable soundtrack, after all? Yes, music is a huge part of my life, and has been for as long as I can remember.

Songs can lift you up, they can turn almost any bad situation good, and they can make you feel wonderful. Music gets me through a killer spinning class, music can get me through a bad day, and music can make road trips with friends incredibly, stupidly, fun.

Certain songs can bring back memories as if they took place yesterday.

Some songs make me feel like I'm 12 again, some songs I can't listen to because they're too painful, some songs make me burst into tears no matter how many times I hear them and other songs make me want to roll my windows down so everyone can hear the! most! amazing! song! on! earth!

Of course, the most amazing song on earth changes on a weekly basis for me, but trust me, I have good taste. I can't possibly fit all the songs that are meaningful to me in one post, but I'm going to highlight the most important songs that bring back all sorts of memories, memories that came flooding back after I read Ali's post.

These are the songs that take me back. They take me back to my childhood, to vacations in Greece, to summer camp, to high school, to middle school dances, to heartbreak, to friendship, to loss, to laughter, to crazy butterflies, to tears stained on my pillow, to my yellow Sony walkman, and to everything in between. These songs will always be unforgettable to me.

In no particular order, here are the songs that define who I am:

Yesterday - The Beatles
True Blue - Madonna
I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany
Into The Groove - Madonna
How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
Music - Madonna
Lost Together - Blue Rodeo
Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Riders
Hotel California - The Eagles
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham
Refuge - Tom Petty
Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
If You Leave - OMD
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy
Wasted Time - The Eagles
Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode
Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
Wild Thing - Tone Loc
Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys
Still D.R.E. - Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
Tiny Dancer - Elton John
Piano Man - Billy Joel
American Pie - Don McLean
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today - Bette Midler
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
All That She Wants - Ace of Bace
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Escape - Enrique Iglesias
Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac
Because I Love You - Stevie B
I've Had The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
Hangin' Tough - New Kids On The Block
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Let Your Backbone Slide - Maestro Fresh Wes
Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
Red, Red Wine - UB40
With Or Without You - U2
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (Lloyd Dobler. Say Anything. That scene.)
Graduation Day - Vitamin C
Patience - Guns N' Roses
At Last - Etta James
Angie - The Rolling Stones

These are the songs that define me. There is a story that goes with each one of these songs. These songs will always be special to me.

What are the songs that move you? What songs define you, and what songs make up the soundtrack to your life?

"The good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Bob Marley
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