Clean And Green: Tide Purclean Delivers

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Over the last several years, I've been very conscious about making wiser environmental decisions in my home, and teaching my children the importance of helping the environment any way we can. I love how much they know about the importance of recycling, and why we use energy efficient light bulbs. From the classroom to home, they are making smart decisions and learning along the way. We shop organic as much as we can, and bring reusable bags to the grocery store. It's the little things we do on a daily basis that will have a positive impact on the next generation and help reduce our carbon footprint while keeping our planet a happy one.

One area where I haven't completely made the switch to "green" is with my household cleaning supplies. Many of the products I use contain chemicals that are harsh—but effective. I'm actively looking at how to make the switch to products that are better for our environment and for ourselves. However, I don't want to sacrifice clean for green—especially when it comes to using a better-for-the-environment laundry detergent.

As a mom of two active boys, laundry seems to be never-ending in my house—almost as bad as the grass stains I find on every pair of pants my boys wear! I have always used Tide to get out the toughest stains, because it works amazingly well at treating and getting out tough stains, so when I heard that Tide had a brand-new detergent called Tide purclean, I got pretty excited. Tide purclean is the first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide that I've come to trust. Not having to compromise clean for green is really important to me, so I put Tide purclean to the test.

I was so happy with the results. Seriously, I couldn't tell the different between my original Tide and Tide purclean, and it even kept my white clothes looking new. It also works great at taking out tough stains on clothes, too. After putting it to the test through several loads of laundry, I was very pleased with the results, and even more pleased knowing that I can make the switch to a greener laundry detergent.  I'm glad that Tide has taken an important step towards a more sustainable future with the introduction of Tide purclean to the Tide family.

Here are some of the great benefits of using Tide purclean:
  • It's HE-Comaptible, and works in all machines.
  • Tide purclean is produced in a factory that uses 100% renewable wind power electricity—zero manufacturing waste to landfill.
  • It's free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates, ethanolamine and optical brighteners.
  • It's available in Unscented and Honey Lavender scent, which is delicious (and my favourite!)
  • It's available at all major retailers in Canada.

The best way to help create a more sustainable future is by using affordable, environmentally friendly products we use every day—like Tide purclean. It's a simple step in the right direction, and best of all, it works.

I love that I don't have to compromise clean when I'm choosing to be more eco-friendly.

Disclaimer: I am working in partnership with Tide and have been compensated to write this post. All views and opinions are my own. 


Getting Healthy In A Hurry: Tips That'll Keep You Fuelled Throughout Your Day

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Now that we've settled back into the fall routine, it's important to take note of what we're eating as we move away from the carefree days of summer. I know I'm definitely more pressed for time now that I'm working a full-time schedule again, and with my boys in school, I want to make sure each meal is as healthy as it can be—so we're getting the proper nutrition we need, and the energy to keep us going all day. I go grocery shopping several times a week, but I've never considered using the support of an in-store Registered Dietitian at Loblaw. This great (and did I mention free?) service provides shoppers a range of services, like:
  • Grocery shopping tours to make healthier choices (You'd be surprised what you'll learn!)
  • Health and wellness workshops and lunch and learns 
  • Developing a customized meal plan based on your dietary needs 
  • Interactive cooking classes 
  • Tips for encouraging children to try new foods 
  • Nutrition check-ups to assess dietary habits
I partnered with Loblaw recently to see how this could benefit my family, and I loved how informative my Dietitian, Margaret Hughes, was in helping me come up with new meal ideas. (I'm terrible at meal planning!) I wanted to focus on healthy meals in a hurry—meals I could make my family in a limited amount of time, that were healthy and delicious. I was provided with a ton of information on how to eat "healthy in a hurry" and ways I could incorporate the foods we eat every week (like eggs, fish, and beans) into other meals.

Here are some great tips for you:

Get organized

  • Print a weekly meal planner (which you can pick up the next time you're grocery shopping!) and make a grocery list based on what you plan on cooking for the week.
  • Keep your favourite recipes and cookbook in the kitchen so you can see what ingredients you'll need when you're grocery shopping.
  • Browse the hundreds of "Healthier Choices" recipes on
  • Check your pantry, fridge, and freezer first, then include the food you already have into your meal plan. 
  • Make a list of staples—the items that are essential in your home like eggs, milk, and olive oil—and keep it handy so family members can note when something runs out.

Start planning

  • Cook once, eat twice should be your mantra. What you're having for dinner one night can be lunch the next day. 
  • Prepare your own lunch to bring to work so you're saving money and eating healthy. 
  • If your dinner is lacking in vegetables, add a salad, raw vegetables and dip, steamed veggies, or cooked frozen vegetables. They take a lot less time to prepare, too!
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

Next time you're shopping, pick up the From Your Dietitian booklet—it's packed with helpful information like mindful meal planning and perfect portion sizes. It's a handy thing to have close by when you're in the kitchen preparing your next grocery shopping trip!

I'm excited to start meal planning and I'm even going to try some new recipes I know we'll all love. It's all about planning, shopping, prepping and enjoying the food we've made.

To learn more about the dietitian services and find out what store locations offer the service, visit

Disclaimer: I have been compensated by Loblaw's for this post. All views and opinions are my own. 

When In Andaz: New Boutique Hotel Opens In Ottawa's ByWard Market

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There's a new hotel in Ottawa that's getting some well-deserved buzz. Andaz Hotel recently opened its doors right in the heart of the ByWard Market, but first, there was a grand opening party that was the talk of the town. As a lover of fine hotels, I couldn't be more thrilled with this new opening.

The grand opening party—complete with red carpet, of course, and champagne upon arrival—was a blast, as hundreds of invited guests mingled from floor to floor, checking out the sights of the new hotel and enjoying delicious food and customized drinks.

This new luxury boutique hotel is the first Andaz hotel by Hyatt in Canada, with 200 rooms and 16 floors. It's clean, modern, and perfect for Ottawa. It'll be a hot spot for locals and tourists alike, especially the top-floor outdoor lounge and restaurant, Copper Spirits and Sights. And what a sight it is from the 16th floor, with views of downtown, Parliament hill, and Gatineau. (I suggest going there to eat and catching a sunset—it's breathtaking!)

If you're looking for a place to stay, whether you're from out of town or wanting to enjoy a 'staycation' in the nation's capital, definitely book yourself a room here. You'll love the luxuriously hip and ultra-modern hotel with great food, drinks, and breathtaking views.

I can't wait to go back—I'm thinking the rooftop will be Ottawa's newest hot spot. Welcome to Ottawa, Andaz!


Keep It Simply Beautiful With Aveeno And Win

I'm all about using the best beauty products for my skin and hair and I love experimenting with new products that deliver great results.

With summer winding down, it's a good time to change up our beauty routine to keep our skin extra moisturized and hair as shiny and sun-kissed as a summer day as we head into fall and, sadly, colder days.

AVEENO is a name I trust when it comes to keeping my beauty regimen simple and effective.

Here are the latest products I tried that I love:

AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Body Wash and AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Lotion Sheer Hydration are two incredible products I've started using. I love how they make my skin feel super soft after my shower, and smelling delicious. (They're also formulated with active naturals colloidal oatmeal).

AVEENO Positively Nourishing Shine Shampoo and AVEENO Positively Nourishing Shine Conditioner with active naturals wheat complex, are what you'll want to start using as part of your hair routine to keep that summer shine in your hair year-round.

AVEENO Positively Radiant Make-up Removing Wipes are a great product to help remove your make-up easily at the end of the day, or after a mid-day work-out. They help improve the five factors of radiance—tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots.

I'd love for you try these great products too, to keep the summer shine and soft skin going well into the fall months. 

Just leave me a comment below telling me something you love about fall, and I'll pick a winner randomly on September 14th.

Disclosure: I have received compensation/product for review for this post. All views and opinions are my own. 

Kid Loved, Parent Approved: A Kellogg's Giveaway For Back To School

September is here, and although it's sad saying goodbye to summer, I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into the routine of fall—and I think the kids are ready, too. With school just days away, it's time to start thinking about quick and healthy breakfast and snack ideas that'll get everyone out the door quickly—and snacks that'll keep the children satisfied throughout the day.

Kellogg's is always a great idea in the morning—and Rice Krispies is a cereal I loved as a child, and still do—so do my boys.

Kellogg Canada has just come out with some tasty and healthy Nutri-Grain Fruit and Nut Medley Bars that are perfect snacks to eat after school on the way to the dozens of after-school activities. (I save these bars for the kids for after school because they contain nuts. I also make sure to have some in my purse for my hectic days, too, when I'm always on the go.) These bars are packed with real fruits and nuts, and whole grain gluten-free oats, and come in two flavours: Orchard Cherries and Almonds and Harvest Blueberries and Mixed Nuts. 

Another great snack option for kids to enjoy during school hours is the Rice Krispies Squares—now made with brown rice. (A healthier option, and kids won't even know the difference). Easy and healthy snack options make the mornings go by so much easier, and I know my boys will be happy with what I pack for them.

As a Kellogg Ambassador, I'm giving away a great package filled with these healthy snacks and an awesome backpack perfect for any child heading back to school.

To win this package, just leave me a comment below telling me why you're looking forward to fall. I'll pick a winner randomly on September 12th.

Good Luck with back-to-school!
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