Summertime Fun (And Messes Made Easy With Tide Ultra Stain Release)

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Disclosure: I am a P&G mom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and have been compensated to put Tide to the stain test. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

Ah, the joys of summer... with only a few weeks left of school, my boys are definitely already taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we've been having—by spending all their time in the great outdoors, being kids. Bike rides, playing at the park, soccer games, shooting hoops, and swimming. Without a care in the world, as it should be, when you're a child.

I truly love watching them be kids, despite the fact that they don't seem to care how very dirty they get when they're running around the soccer field. Grass stains? Check. Juice-stained shirts? Check. Of course, none of this really matters because they're having such a good time, and also, I know these stains won't be tough to get out, because I've been using Tide Ultra Stain Release, and it does the job in removing all the stains on my children's clothes. Even the impossibly hard stains. In fact, Tide removes over 100 stains in one wash. That sounds about right, because that's how many stains my kids get on their clothes each and every day.

Tough stains on clothes are no problem for Tide Ultra Stain Release—even when we're dealing with very stained WHITE shirts. I simply remove all excess stain debris from the clothes I'm washing, if it's seriously stained, with a wet cloth with water, and I pre-treat the stain using Tide Ultra Stain Release with its Zap!Cap as a pretreatment. Then, I just wash the garment as usual on my regular wash cycle.

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Happy summer, everyone!

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