The shoes

Please, pay no attention to the dirty stroller. This stroller has been around the block a few times, and has been to various cities and countries, from Bahamas, to Florida, to Toronto and Washington, D.C.

But - please pay close attention to my little baby boy, holding a really amazing pair of Manolo's.

Yes. My little boy has excellent taste in shoes. Paired with his love for the colour blue, he saw these shoes, held them in his little hands, looked up at his mommy and said: "Buy?"

Oh, sweetie! If only I had an extra $1000 in my wallet that day at Neiman Marcus... I would have loved to buy these shoes, because I love making you happy.

And when you're happy, I'm happy, right?

Sigh. One day, my little boy is going to be make a wonderful boyfriend, don't you think? He's the next... Mr. Big!

P.S. Aren't these THE SHOES?


Mommy guilt

Mommy guilt. We all experience it. For some moms, like myself, it can be overwhelming at times.

I feel guilty when I'm out having a good time without my children. I refuse to go on any tropical vacation without my children - I can't imagine being somewhere sunny, lounging around a pool, without my kids there. If I saw other children having fun, and my kids weren't there? I'd break down in tears.

I have mommy guilt when I take my youngest son to the park without my oldest son. I feel like my other child is missing out on the fun, even though he may be having his own fun at a birthday party, or swimming, or whatever.

A few days ago, I took the boys to see the ice sculptures at Winterlude, even though I knew that after a full and fun day for our 4 year old - swimming lessons, lunch at his grandparent's house, and playing with his cousins all afternoon - going to see the ice sculptures at 4 p.m. was not the best idea, because he'd probably fall asleep in the car. And fall asleep he did. I felt so guilty that he didn't get a chance to see the ice sculptures!

Mommy guilt.

All the time.

In 4 years, I have only been apart from my children for a maximum of 24 hours. Twice. Twice, on a girls getaway weekend. Rather, a 24 hour getaway with girlfriends. A fun time, but at the same time? I felt guilty about leaving my children. Leaving my children in excellent hands, mind you, with their father, with my parents and inlaws, and with my grandparents.

And I worry! I worry that they'll miss me, that they'll cry for me, that they'll think I've abandoned them forever!


I really want to go to BlogHer this year. In fact, I am going. BlogHer is in New York City this August. In NEW YORK CITY! OH-MY-GOD-THE-SHOPPING-THE-CITY-TIMES-SQUARE-THE-SHOPPING-5TH-AVENUE! I haven't been to NYC in years... I love that city!

Most importantly - I'm going to get to meet some amazing people, some amazing bloggers, people I talk to everyday. Some I've met before, some I'll be meeting for the very first time. And I can't wait. I've also scored some amazing roomies, too.

I'll be gone for 2 nights. 3 Days. I need a serious pep talk, people. I need to hear that I am going to be okay without my kids for 2 nights. That we'll all get through it just fine. That my children will still love me and not be mad at me.

I need to be able to fall asleep at night and not think about how much I'm going to miss my boys for the two days I'll be away from them. I need to not feel so guilty about BlogHer.

Because it's totally going to be worth it, right?

I'm also blogging at Canada Moms Blog today... check it out!

Rockabye, baby...

Updated to add: Congrats to lucky number 7 - Hailey - you're the winner of these awesome CD's! Just email me your address!

You can buy these CD's at Pottery Barn Kids. Or at Chapters and Indigo. These CD's would make a great gift for a new baby, and even Kate Hudson is a fan! Tori Spelling has The Beatles one. Nicole Richie has a few for her daughter, too. They've been featured in Vogue, Parents, In Style and People Magazine.

And the best part? Rockabye Baby CD's are Lullaby renditions of some of your favourite music - from Aerosmith to Queen, to U2 and Bob Marley. Even Coldplay, The Eagles, Radiohead, and No Doubt.

You'll love hearing these sweet lullabies of songs - and they are a great way to get your little one drifting off to sleep peacefully, too!

Rockabye Baby has given me two CD's of Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith and Queen to give away to one of my lucky readers!

To win these CD's, just leave me a comment telling me what your favourite Queen or Aerosmith song is!

Extra entries:

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Good Luck! I'll pick a winner randomly on February 24th.

At the car wash

I just could not help myself. This picture? Was way too cute not to take. Even though yes, my 2 year old is having a complete melt-down in the car, and crying so much that he spit out his granola bar...

What prompted these tears, you ask? Nothing more than the... car wash. Yup. The good 'ole car wash scared the crap out of my son, and he couldn't stop crying.

Of course, being the good mother that I am, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to snap a picture of him because, well, he looks so darn cute with tears streaming down his face!

My poor little darling...

Tips for a new mom

Before I became a mom, I was clueless about how my life would change once my baby was born.

I wasn't sure what I needed.
I wasn't sure what I wouldn't need.
I wasn't sure how to burp my baby, or how to hold my baby, or, let alone, how to hold my baby and vacuum with the other hand.

I didn't know how little sleep I'd get, or how my stomach would look for weeks (months, years) after giving birth.

I didn't think I'd ever pee myself as I changed my newborn baby's diaper.

I didn't know I'd have no idea what the hell to wear those first few days after having my baby.

Well, with time, you learn. You do your kegals.

And eventually, you sort of become an expert in motherhood.

Of course, everyday is still an adventure, everyday, a challenge. And, everyday, there will be the happy, proud 'heart is about to burst' moments, and there will also be the moments you feel like ripping your hair out, the times you want to cry out in frustration, sure that no one is having as hard a time as you.

If only... if only I had a list. A list of things new moms experience after having a baby. Helpful tips on making life with a new baby easier, advice from other moms.

As you know, my baby sister is having a baby girl in a few months.

Luckily for her, she has spent a lot of time with my boys, so she's way more ready than I ever was.

She knows the basics. She's seen me in action. She knows, basically, what to do. How to hold a baby. How to change a dirty diaper, how to feed a squirmy 13 month old.

She also knows that there are a lot of things she will not do - for instance, she is not a fan of co-sleeping - at least, not to the extent that I've taken it. She's more independent that I am, and she'll likely get out of the house earlier than I did with my first-born.

However, I thought I'd be the nice big sister and offer her some tips that might come in handy, as her life is, no doubt, about to change in a huge way.

1. Giving birth is not that much worse than a brazilan wax. (Get the epidural.)

2. Going to the bathroom after giving birth sucks.

3. The pad you'll have to wear after having your baby is massive and humiliating.

4. Don't bother packing those novels you wanted to read. The nurse laughed at me when she saw I brought 3 books with me to read after the baby was born. I soon learned why...

5. Breastfeeding is pretty easy. Try it. Ask for help. I buzzed the nurse a million times that first night, asking her if I was doing it right, until I was comfortable enough.

6. Eat! I had a pizza right before having my baby, and chicken fingers and fries right after. You'll need the calories, and really, right after you give birth is not the time to start thinking about losing weight. It's far too despressing a thought.

7. There is nothing on earth as magical as holding your baby for the first time. This thought alone is making me ovulate.

8. If you're too scared to bathe your baby at home for the first few days, let your husband do it. I learned by watching.

9. Find a comfortable place to breastfeed at home. It took me at least one month to find the right position.

10. You don't have to accept visitors for the first few weeks. You don't even have to answer the phone.

11. Make sure the Purell is visible for anyone who does drop by unexpectedly!

12. Write thank-you cards as you receive presents. I know you'll be tired, but it's better than having a huge pile to write later.

13. You will be so tired, you won't even remember your own name, what day it is, or what season it is outside. Eventually, you'll sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. And that day will be a very happy day, indeed!

14. I'm a huge fan of soothers.

15. Always have your diaper bag ready to go. Prepare it the night before.

16. Have extra supplies in a bag in the trunk of your car - extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes for baby - and a top for you - as well as toys, blankets, and books. They will come in handy!

17. You don't need a diaper genie.

18. But you will need the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper for your bedroom.

19. And a pack-and-play on the main floor.

20. Television is okay!

Also, I feel like it's important for me to say here: "Don't sweat the small stuff", even though you all know I am not one to follow that rule - I worry far too much, all the time, about everything. The worry that comes with being a mom is unavoidable, but hopefully, you'll handle it better than I did and do.

Do any of you moms out there have any other advice or suggestions you'd like to offer a mom-to-be? I'd love to hear what you have to say - so I can write it all down for my sister and give her a little book at her shower called Advice from other Moms!

Emails from my mom...

I'm lucky to have my mom (and my grandmother and in-laws) take care of my children when I'm at work. While I get dressed up and go to work in a nice building downtown, my mom and in-laws (on different days) come over to take care of my boys.

Although my mom is a full-time artist, she has put her career on the back-burner for my children. It is really awesome to see the relationship between my children and my mom - they are very close. My mom is a great grandmother, and most of all, she's hilarious. She always makes me laugh.

One of the highlights of having her babysit my boys is getting really detailed emails from her everyday.

Like how many times my boys have gone poo.

And the exact amount of food they've consumed. (Dimitry ate 4 spoonfuls of soup! Christos had 3 bites of his hamburger!)

And although she has a blast with my boys, I know she also really looks forward to me picking up my boys at the end of the day!

For your reading pleasure, here is a look at some of the emails my mom has sent me when she babysits:

Dimitry drank all his milk, and fell asleep at 1. Christos rested for 1/2 hour, drank his milk, went on the computer, had some apple and apple juice and just went to Home Depot with dad. The kids are great. We'll eat fish and mashed potatoes tonight.
See you soon!!!!!

Christos was painting and we're both covered in paint now. Dimitry fell asleep at 2:15 in his crib - I just left him there and only went in a couple of times and he fell asleep! He had fun at playgroup. Christos had a great day and is eating McDonald's now.
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christos was outside shovelling for over 1/2 hour, jumping around in the snow. He had hot chocolate and macaroni and kima. He's great. Don't call for a while, Dimitry is sleeping.
See you soon!!!

Just back from Greek playgroup. Baby kept going up and down... his nose is stuffy, I think he is getting a new cold.
Christos had to poo at school but it was quick.
I am exhausted....

Put the humidifer on for Christos.
Get the address for Florida.
Thank S. for gift for Dimitry.
Look for new housekeeper for your house - this is important!
See you soon!!!!!!

The boys are a handful! Especially Dimitry... he wears everyone out! Christos is riding his bicycle inside. Dimitry sleeping since 1:15. It is now 2:00. See you soon.

Dimitry hit one cheek on the wall at playgroup and so one cheek is red. He had a blast at my moms house for almost 2 hours, running, playing, eating.
Christos is great, but this morning, after you left for work, he got upset because Dimitry took his gems and crystals and threw one on the floor, then Dimitry hit Christos and Christos hit him back and then Christos took off his pants and underwear and I finally got them dressed again but Christos was late for school. It was tough....
See you soon!!!!

And there you have it - am I lucky or what? Even when I'm not phyiscally with my children, I still know how much food they've had in a day, and how many times they've gone to the bathroom! My moms emails always put a smile on my face.

Memories from Greece

Although I was born in Canada and have lived in Ottawa most of my life, I lived in Greece when I was a toddler, for over one year. I don't remember much about living in Greece, but my family and I would spend our summer vacations in Greece, every two years, so it certainly feels like my second home. It's where my roots are. My parents were born in Greece, and my husband's parents, too.

Greece is a breathtakingly beautiful country, rich in history and culture. You really have to experience it yourself–to see the marvel that it is. I remember the first time I went to Santorini, I was amazed. I never believed an island so stunning actually existed. I thought all the postcards I had seen were fabricated, not real. But it is real, and it feels heavenly to be there.

Most hotels in Santorini are build off the side of a mountain. When you're in Santorini, you do a lot of walking up and down uneven steps, in the heat, but it's well worth it. There is nothing like waking up to a view of a stunning volcanic mountain, surrounded by a never-ending sea. I am always in my best shape ever when I'm in Greece, because of all the walking we do all day long.

At night, sitting on your balcony, you get a very clear view of the billions of stars in the sky... and if you look up, hundreds of tourists are snapping pictures of the view they're seeing for the first time. It really is an island like no other.

Other beautiful islands worth visiting when you're in Greece? Zakynthos and Kefalonia. Both islands are favourites of mine, along with the city my dad is from, Patras, and my mom's city, Tripoli.

Of course, you have to spend a few days exploring the wonders of Athens, and seeing the Parthenon up close and personal. It really is a sight to behold!

One of things I love most about Greece is the history and the culture. The Olympics, which originated in Greece, began as a 'festival' or sorts, and they were held every four years to honour the King of their Gods, Zeus. Just like the Olympics of today, athletes traveled from far and wide to compete in the games. I've walked on the grounds of Olympia, and it was truly an amazing experience, to see all the ancient ruins from so long ago, still making such a huge impact on the world today.

Of course, we are all familiar with the brilliant Aristotle - the Greek philosopher who was the student of Plato, and teacher to Alexander the Great. He wrote about physics, poetry, music, politics and government. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates - Plato's teacher - were the founders of what we now call Western Civilization. (Thanks, guys!)

Apparently, Socrates never really held a 'real' job - instead, he spent his days talking about philosophy with other people. Greeks today like doing the same thing - we love sitting in coffee shops, discussing various topics. And by discussing, I mean having heated arguments about things like politics and sports. What can I say? We are a passionate group of people - we love food, wine, the beauty of the world, and always getting our way, damn it!

Let's talk about food now. Greeks love to eat. We love our food. We celebrate every occassion with huge feasts. In fact, every night, we eat a dinner that can easily be compared to what other people eat on special occassions like Thanksgiving. Meat is our main food group. Pork souvlaki and lamb are enjoyed by everyone. Eating lamb at Easter is like, THE highlight of everyone's day. I love pulling off the tender meat as it's being slowly cooked on the spit outside... mmm... mmm!

In summary, here's a list of the things I love the most about Greece:

1. The food. The smell of souvlaki on almost every street corner. Eating souvlaki after a night out partying really hits the spot. (FYI: A night out in Greece usually starts at midnight and ends around 5 a.m.)

2. Did I mention the food? Eating spaghetti with fresh Greek cheese on top. Eating my grandmother's homemade food, like meatballs and pastitso and yemista - even eating pizza with zambon. And tzatziki and Greek salad. (FYI: Greek salad? Does NOT include lettuce!)

3. The drinks. And by drinks I mean frappe. Iced coffee, gliko me yala. (With milk and sugar!) I can have like, a dozen of these iced coffees every day when I'm in Greece. They are SO good and I've yet to have an iced coffee anywhere else on earth that tastes as good!

4. Ice cream from the periptero.

A periptero is basically a big outdoor convenient store. I remember I always used to buy Mickey Mouse comic books from the periptero when I was a little girl, and always, ice cream. As I got older, I traded my comic books for Silk Cut cigarettes, which were, of course, purchased at the periptero. Along with my ice cream, of course!

5. Orange Fanta. Not to be mistaken by the Fanta that is sold in the USA and Canada today. European Fanta is so much better - I'm dying for one right now!

6. The carefree lifestyle. Although almost everyone in Greece (okay, not everyone...) smokes, they live LONG, healthy lives. Why? Because they have mastered living the stress-free life. They will go home and take a nap whenever they can. Stores will close for siesta. They will sleep in. They take lots of vacations to pretty islands, and they have lots of sex. (I'm pretty sure they do, since even the commercials advertising ice cream show topless women emerging from the sea licking ice cream cones!) Greeks also eat well. Their diet is filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, olive oil and wine. And bread. Of course, the bread.

7. The dancing and the music. I'm not usually a huge fan of Greek music, unless I'm in Greece - then the bouziki bitch in me comes out, a little. (With some help from a little Ouzo first - Opa!)

8. The shopping. The shopping in Greece is amazing! Everyone is very well dressed in Greece. People take care of their appearances.

9. The Greek flag. I love seeing this beautiful blue and white flag flying when I'm in Greece. I happen to think it is one of the most beautiful flags in the world. My 4 year old knows the Greek national anthem by heart, which makes his grandparents very proud. And his mommy, too!

10. The people. Even though I have more than a dozen stories worth telling about rude taxi drivers in Greece, and about mean salespeople, I have to say, even those experiences make my vacations to Greece all the more funny! What good is a vacation if you don't have ridiculous stories to bring back home, right?

11. The closeness of the family unit. There is nothing more important than family, and I think that's such an awesome thing.

Sigh. Would you believe I'm totally craving a trip overseas right now? I wish I was on the beach on a beautiful Greek island, soaking up the rays and having a frappe!


Dear Rainbow Brite...

Dear Rainbow Brite,

As a child, I loved you. I played with you to no end. You were a part of my innocent childhood, a childhood where body image and big boobs and a tiny waist meant nothing to me.

You were super cute. You had a lot of super cute friends. I especially loved your good friend, Canary Yellow. I remember getting Canary Yellow at my 9th birthday party from a friend, and I was really happy. I also happened to be wearing a yellow dress at the time... coincidence? Hmm... anyway, I have a bone to pick with you, Rainbow.

What. Have. You. Done. To. Yourself?

You went out and pulled a Heidi? I mean, come on! You looked good before... and now, you look... all grown-up. Was this really necessary? I don't think so! Your dress is more revealing now - low-cut, and shorter - to show more leg. Your arms are exposed. You're wearing too much make-up, and are those hair extensions I see?

Sigh, Rainbow Brite. If this was not bad enough, you're now 'best friends' with Moon Glow and Tickled Pink? What? What happened to your core BFF's? Like Lala Orange? And Canary Yellow?

I don't know, Rainbow. You're not the girl I once knew.

Oh, and while we're at it, can you please pass along this message to Strawberry Shortcake, too? Strawberry - your nose job is SO obvious, and your hair extensions look fake!

I tell ya... it's a good thing I'm a mom to boys only!

P.S. I need to know - did you ever hook up with Red Butler? Or was Buddy Blue the guy for you?

This post was written as part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

Three: An anniversary, of sorts

3 years ago today, on a cold day in February, I started my blog. My baby was 18 months old, at the time. He is now 4 and a half years old, and his baby brother just turned 2 years old.

3 years ago today, I started blogging because there was always something I needed to say, something I just had to write down.

Before I started blogging, I would send my friends a dozen emails a day, to discuss the latest news from around the world, to vent about Canadian politics, and to get conversations going about our legal system. I'd complain about the weather, talk about Britney's latest mishap, and analyze why Jessica and Nick broke up.

I would also, of course, send out dozens of emails about each new milestone my baby would reach, always attaching pictures of him for them to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over.

As a new mom, I wanted to talk about my child all the time. And of course, if you happened to be a friend of mine who also had a busy, full-time job, getting emails about the colour of my son's poop was a hightlight of your day, no?

Ahh... I see. Not so much. This is when the light bulb went off in my head! A better place for me to write about all these things was: a blog! A place where I could write down all my thoughts and views and have people come to read about them on the Internet, when they had time. I was much happier. (So were my friends.) And there was no stopping me now!

3 years later, I'm still blogging.

I can't imagine not having a blog, not having a special place that is all mine where I can write about the things that are on my mind. I've written about the reasons I love being a mom, why I'm a scary mom, my views on health care, why firefighters came to the rescue on Christmas Eve, and changes.

Of course, I've also talked about my love of shopping and why sometimes doing it solo is better, and facing yours fears.

I talk about fear a lot, actually. And stress. And worries.

I've gotten emotional, and talked about quitting smoking .

I've interviewed a few of my favourite bloggers, and talked about regression.

And of course, I've written about everything entertainment!

I've written posts for other great parenting sites, and have been featured on a few cool sites, too. Being voted the Best Family Blog in the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards was so sweet because you took the time to vote for me, and for that, I thank you.

Blogging is a wonderful way to make connections with other people, and through my blog, I've made some great friends along the way. Blogging is a place where we can network, share laughter, worries and fears, and ask questions, knowing that there will always be someone on the other side to offer advice, a nice comment, or a seal of approval. We can talk about how we felt after the earthquake hit Haiti, or we can talk about the feeling of accomplishment we felt after finally getting our child potty trained. We can offer fashion advice to others, tell stories of our past, and write about traditions.

I can't imagine not having a blog. I don't know what I'll be doing in five years, but two things I do know is that I've always loved writing, and I love being a mom. So, chances are... I'll still be here.

I hope you will, too.


Loulou's Hollywood Review

Did you watch the Grammy's last night? What did you think of the performances? Who totally rocked it for you? Were you bored to tears? Did you actually sit through the entire show, or fast-forward through it, like I did? Who do you think deserved to take home the trophy for Album of the Year?

Here's what was going through my mind last night:


Lady Gaga - she's fabulous. She can put on a show - even though she may not be the best singer live - at least she's singing, right? I think her crazy outfits are awesome. And even though she's always over-the-top, it's so... real. It's who she is. She's just... Gaga. Awesome. Her duet with Elton, though? It was just okay. Elton's duet with Eminem a few years ago was way more exciting, no?

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce... she's a superstar. I thought she looked great last night - especially her hair. I think her hair stylist should talk to Taylor. But hearing Beyonce sing You Outta Know made me want to scream. That song sucked when Alanis sang it, and hearing it sung by Beyonce still didn't make it any better!

Slash with his November Rain guitar solo? YES! That was awesome. Totally awesome.

And Pink? She's a great performer. She's totally cool. And even though she already did the whole trapeze acrobatics thing before at the VMA's - it was still fun to watch. And her body! Solid!

Black Eyed Peas also rocked the house last night. They are my favourite group because no one makes me wants to hit the gym like they do! I'm on Team Fergie, for sure.

What where they thinking?

The 3D tribute to Michael Jackson? Really hurt my eyes. I was running around my family room trying to find the 3D glasses that came with my son's Lego magazine, but no luck - I had to watch blurry television for a few agonizing minutes. Would have been better without the whole '3D effect' for viewers, I think! I did like the Canadian connection on that stage, though - from Celine Dion to Carrie Underwood, who you all know is engaged to Ottawa Senator's own Mike Fisher!

Rihanna? Really? Your hair is bad enough, but your white dress? Horrible! Why would someone choose to accentuate their hips? That is the dress I'd wear in my worst nightmare! I also think if I bumped in Rihanna into real life, she's be a real bitch, and give me the death stare with her icy cold eyes. And I hate bitchy people, so I don't think we'd ever be friends.

And Carrie Underwood - also in white - wore a dress that did nothing for her cute body. Usually she doesn't disappoint on the red carpet - but last night, her dress was far too big for her small frame. She's almost too skinny, actually. She needs to move to Ottawa, because our harsh winter will make her want to eat - a few extra pounds will help keep her warm!

Cute factor:

Cutest singer in the audience who didn't make an appearance on stage? Britney! Yes, she will be on every worst-dressed list, but her hair and make-up looked great, and she looked happy. So she gets a thumbs up from me!

Best dressed presenter? Lea Michele! I loved her dress! So pretty. But seeing her made me miss Glee. Is it April yet?

Huh? moment:

I was wondering why Olivia Newton John took to the stage in her Grease outfit with Bon Jovi, then I discovered it wasn't Olivia - just some country singer. Yeah, clearly I don't keep up with the whole country music scene. But hello? Bon Jovi performing Livin' On A Prayer? One of the best performances of the night, hands down!

Bleep, bleep, bleepity bleep bleep bleep:

Every time I see Eminem on stage, I think: this dude is talented. I love him. I do. You can't deny that he is an awesome rapper. I was just SO ANNOYED that during most of his performance, I couldn't hear him! I mean, hello? It was like, 11 p.m. - I'm going to go on a limb here and say that most children under the age of 13 were asleep. Why, then, can't performers swear on television? Aside from the fact that my television muted itself for 5 minutes straight last night, Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem were awesome.

Most in need of a flat-iron:

I get it. Taylor Swift is cute. And nice. And she put out a really popular record this year. With songs that I didn't mind listening to. And she dated Taylor Lautner, which was super-dooper cute. And we all thought they'd get married, and have cute little children called Taylor Jr.But come on! Somebody give this girl a flat-iron! I am not a fan of her curly-curls. And her dress? Bleh. She looked so... old. The colour, the cut, everything. Why couldn't she have gone with big loose curls, a la Jessica Simpson and a more simple dress? She would have rocked it last night if she did. And as for her winning Album of the Year? I wasn't surprised, but I don't think she deserved it. The Black-Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga were much more deserving! Sorry, but I Gotta Feeling was one of the best songs of the year! And Poker Face! There is no denying Taylor's popularity this year, but really? Album of the Year? Meh... not for me.

So... what did you think?
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