Saving You Mommy Minutes With Click And Collect Plus A $100 President's Choice Gift Card

Disclosure: I am a P&G mom ambassador. As part of my affiliation with this group I have been compensated to test the Loblaws Click & Collect service. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

Although I sometimes love grocery shopping, I prefer to be doing more important things with my time, like spending time with my children, working out, reading a book, catching up on other important errands, or having lunch with friends.

I have been using Loblaws Click and Collect for a few weeks now, and it's been so great—mostly because of the time I have saved.

The entire process is so simple, and makes shopping fun. If you haven't tried it yet, you totally should. Just go to, and start clicking away! Select your pick-up location (where you'll be picking up groceries from) and then browse each "aisle" by category or brand. It's simple and easy to shop, and takes no time at all, leaving you with more time to do the things you really love. You can choose your pick-up time, too, so it's the ultimate convenience. Once you're there, just call the number, and wait in your car for your groceries to be delivered to you.

I've saved so much time using Click & Collect. I've been able to attend events at my children's school, attend a few more classes at the gym, go to the hair salon, and clean my house—and my fridge—without feeling rushed to go grocery shopping. And it's a great way to stay on track with purchasing the items you really need. Since you're not physically browsing the aisles, you're not buying items you probably don't need anyway... like that bag of chips. (So hard to resist, I know!)

I'd love for you try Click & Collect too, so I'm giving away a $100 President's Choice gift card! I'd love to hear how your experience was, and how much time you saved, too. 

To win, just leave me a comment below telling me what you would do with all the time you save by using Click & Collect. 

I'll randomly pick a winner on June 30th. 

Good Luck!

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elaing8 said...

I'd like to read more with the time I saved.

lushka said...

I would use the time I saved to go golfing.


Thanks for the chance.

Glogirl said...

With all the time I would save using this service, I would enjoy more time outdoors in the sunshine just reading a good book or magazine.

flowerchild said...

I will read more books and take longer bubble baths with the time I save.


binabug said...

We don't have that program out West and doubt we'll get it. I'd jump on it in a moment if they could guarantee my items to be in stock (I have learned not to go on the weekends shopping but to go on a Tue, like I did yesterday) The thing I think I would miss though is finding instore deals (I bought a slightly crushed lemon pie for 30% off) I also prefer to pick my fruits and veggies and will impulse buy stuff LOL (yeah bad me, like all the hanging baskets I seem to have from there!! and OMG they were half price yesterday but I restrained myself) This program will help out employment as I suspect they'll have to have addtional staff just to run this program and that's always a good thing for the economy (unless you're out West were we can't find enough employees like where I work)

Jonnie (JB) said...

I would spend my extra time playing with our puppy

Maria Katie said...

I would go and visit my elderly neighbour, I would go and volunteer at the downtown mission and read a book

ginette4 said...

With the time that I would save I would lounge by the pool with a glass a wine and do some reading

Erika E said...

I'd probably spend some time reading. I never seem to have enough time to read and I could save lots of time with Click and Collect.

binabug said...

OK I'm not sure if I commented or not yet...pardon me if I have, but sometimes there are too many blogs hosting the same thing for me to keep it straight (And the email was read, so perhaps I ALREADY entered? But I didn't delete the email so I suspect not) ANYWAYS, we don't have this service in our area in the West, but I'd use it for sure, because right now I'm only going into the city for doc apts, and that way I could order online and then pick up and head back home and be within budget!!! I'm off because of surgeries and have limited funds right now, so this would rein me in

blogginggal said...

With my extra time, I'd get a chance to read all the books I've been stacking in my TBR (to be read) pile! Thanks for this opportunity! Suzi

Anonymous said...

I would love to spend my extra time with the kid's swimming and soaking up the sunshine!


pamalot said...

I would actually use the extra time to walk the dog.

Wendy Hutton said...

I never heard of this click and collect but sounds great and i could use the extra time to do some yard work

Juliee Fitze said...

I would use the time saved to have a nap after running after my granddaughter all day. Love her to bits.

Krista Miller said...

I would finally have time to prepare more complicated recipes that I've been wanting to make for my family but don't seem to have the time for! I am super excited to use Click & Collect as I have a child with special needs who gets overwhelmed grocery shopping. This is a life-saver for us!