I am sooo going to be THAT mom...

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Next Friday, my darling little 22 month old is going to graduate from his nursery school class! Oh. My. God! My mom, who babysits my boy a few days a week, takes him to playgroup on Wednesdays and Fridays, and stays with him. It's a great playgroup in the Alta Vista area, so wonderful and Christos loves it. I found out that next week, they'll be 'graduating' for the summer until they resume school again in the fall. They even measured his head for a little hat!

Guess who is taking off next Friday a.m. to see her son in his first graduation ceremony! With cameras in tow, and tears streaming down my face, I'm sure... doesn't help that I have all these extra pregancy hormones, either, ya know?

When they were practicing singing their graduation song, my son didn't want to sing, wanting to play outside instead.. haha... that's my boy!

I'll make sure to post pictures!
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Catwoman said...

I would totally be that mom too!!! How fun!!! Please post pictures! :)