Happy Graduation, my little boy!

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What a great Friday morning!

My little son graduated from his toddler playgroup today. It was way too cute, and the pictures will be posted soon! He had the hat, the diploma, and stood up on the little stage and everything. It's such a great playgroup/nursery school. I can't wait for him to go back in the fall - he loves it!

Finally - I also managed to do both our passports so they should be coming in the mail soon - yay - just in time for our vacation!

And last night - we went to Hi-5! Christos LOVED it, as did my sister and I, and my friend Mary and her niece. They are so cool to see in person - and so much skinnier! We stayed the entire show, and left about 10 minutes before it ended so we wouldn't be stuck in traffic leaving the NAC. The NAC was PACKED with children, all having a blast, singing along to the songs, and dancing. We loved it! Pictures to come...
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Catwoman said...

The graduation sounds too cute!!!!

I'm glad you guys had fun at the concert! It sounds like it would have been wild to see that many kids in one place!