Blog funk

Do you ever get into a blog funk? I do.

I sometimes get in a funk on Twitter, too, but Sharon figured out that happens when I haven't been to the hair salon in a few days. It's amazing what a good blow-dry can do to a woman! My confidence gets restored, and the world loves me again. Maybe it's all in my head, though? Anyway.

Getting into a blog funk is harder to get out of. Hearing people talk about finding your 'people' makes me question who my online tribe really is. I'm pretty sure I know who my people are, but sometimes it makes you wonder.

Other times, I have so much I want to say—so much I want to write down—that I don't even know where to begin. I start writing, and walk away. Later, I come back, start a new post, and walk away again. "No one will read this post." Delete. "This post is so silly, and only people who know me in real life will understand." Delete. "This post is going nowhere." Delete.

Then I just give up and watch Gossip Girl and imagine living in the Upper East Side with Blaire and Serena and then I look down and I'm wearing my lulu's and eating Apple Jacks and that depresses me even more so I start watching the news and then... oh, forget it...

Being in a blog funk isn't fun. It happens to all bloggers. I received some good advice on Twitter from Tanis last night, though. JUST WRITE. And so, that's what I choose to do. Someone else suggested "Write a lot of junk and edit it into submission." Which is what I tend to do, too. Especially since her voice has been in my head since BlissDom. She said wait it out. And that's okay, too.

Another reason I get into a blog funk is because I am censored on my blog. I am always thinking of my audience, and who will be reading what I have to say. With that in my mind, I can't write to my heart's content and I can't write about all the issues and thoughts I have, as much as I want to.

Everything I write is one hundred percent authentic and true, though. It's just not all I want to to be writing about. There is so much more I have to say!

Sometimes I get disappointed in the lack of comments. I know it's not about the comments—but you'd be lying if you said you don't love to receive them. Comments on blog posts are better than sex Christmas presents. Maybe not Christmas presents that come in a little blue box, but almost. Also, commenting about how much you liked a blog post on Twitter is not the same thing.

Just moments ago, I had a vision. I figured out how to take my blog from here to there—to Dooce level. All I have to do is start vlogging certain parts of my life. And voila. No more blog funk, right?

I'm sure that if I made public how I do certain things, my blog would reach monumental levels of success, and I could quit my day job and move to Florida. And stare at palm trees all day and have a solid year-round tan, one that doesn't cause me panic attacks and a near-death experience.

Here are some examples of the vlog posts I'd share with the world:

1. Me, ironing a shirt. Cue the horror music, because my God, I suck at ironing. I don't do it often, but when I do, clothes end up looking worse than they did when they came out of the dryer. How is it humanly possible to iron a man's shirt and make it look good? It's not. And to see me try is very comical. Especially when I start sweating and cursing under my breath. I guess it would help if I used my ironing board, and not like, a chair. The bonus feature of this video would include watching me fold a fitted sheet.

2. Me, in the kitchen. I am a wonderful, loving mother. I keep a clean house. I cannot cook well. Or bake. I burn myself, I burn the food, my kitchen ends up looking disastrous, and then I call for pizza delivery, defeated. Seeing a video of me take a homemade pizza out of the oven wearing only one oven mitt would probably go viral. Especially the part where I threw the pizza pan and pizza across the room.

3. Me, making carrot cake. I recently baked 2 carrot cakes, but not together because that didn't make sense to me. Rather then double all the ingredients together, I had to make 2 cakes. One at a time. So as not to confuse my fragile mind. You see, measuring = math and Loukia + math + kitchen = FAIL.

4. Me, driving. I could put a video camera in my car and show you how often I crash into concrete posts in parking lots. I'd be a great nominee for Canada's Worst Driver. And I'd provide you with countless hours of entertainment and laughter. The man who fixes my car? He was invited to my wedding. Let's just say we are very close friends.

5. Me, grocery shopping with my boys. The tantrums, the tears, the yelling, and the junk food consumption... and that's just me. My boys? In the grocery store after six p.m.? Gong show, straight up.

So. What do you think? Did I just come up with the million dollar blog idea or what?

No? Back to the drawing board it is...
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Scattered Mom said...

My funk from the last few months was more that I was just overtired and overworked that my creativity just fizzled. I'd sit down and all I'd want to do is sleep.

I then discovered that to really write about life, I gotta LIVE IT. So getting away from the computer seemed to be the best thing to get my creativity back again-whatever you love will do that for you. I needed to be back in the kitchen, cooking and allowing myself to just relax. For you, it will be something different.

In the last year as more and more people I know in real life found my blog, I began to feel censored as well. There are things I'd love to write about but can't for various reasons, but I keep those things fairly minimal. Like Tanis said, just write. Let the chips fall where they may. Unless it's going to make me lose my job or cause my hubs and son pain, I write it. And thankfully those things are a precious few topics.

You'll find your balance, Lou. Just be true to yourself.

Mom2Miles said...

So this would be the "Mom Fail" vlog, then? ;) I'd watch!

I totally understand what you're saying & I think every blogger goes through it at some point. I'm currently struggling with whether to start fresh with a new blog. The idea of vlogging makes me panic, though. Never! I prefer to hide behind my keyboard.

As for the comments, I wouldn't worry too much. I'm not a huge commenter because I often feel like somebody else has already said the same thing & what's the point of throwing in my "great post!" I get lots of people who tell me or e-mail me their comments instead of leaving them on my blog. Why?! I don't get it.

One last idea: I'm not advocating drinking & blogging, but sometimes I find it easier to write posts late at night when I've had a glass of wine. Try it!

Anonymous said...

I think we all get into the funk from time to time. I actually find that the more I study blogging for my dissertation the farther away from it I feel. I had to make a promise to myself not to let that be the case anymore! It didn't make the funk go away - but it is getting better...slowly!

WebSavvyMom said...

-->I've been in a blog funk for a few weeks now. I post more pictures than write or so it seems lately. I'm sure we'll both push through it.

Jen said...

I freaking adore you and your fragile mind. And I have tears in my eyes trying not to laugh out loud at the vlog descriptions.

Just write. We love it, and you. And I'm leaving you a comment to prove it. xoxo

Erin said...

we all get in funks, honey, you are NOT alone. and it's true that we all thrive on comments. nothing wrong with that. but if you have to force it? don't. no rule says you have to write every day. i've stepped back and am posting 2-3 times a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. and for the first time, i am guest posting something anonymous on someone else's blog next week! so exciting to be able to let some real stuff out without worry, you know? maybe you need some of that....

Avitable said...

These all seem like winning ideas, but to get famous, it's all about the nudity. Which is why I post the photos of myself that I do - and now I'm infamous.

Krista said...

Haha! Just you blogging about those ideas made me laugh out loud! Keep writing, I promise that your blog is more appreciated and loved than you probably even realize! I know it's hard not to censor yourself - but try not to. The way I look at it is this: it's YOUR blog. And your readers CHOOSE to read it because we LOVE you. If you offend someone, apologize for the offense. However, never apologize for your opinions or feelings. Your blog should be all about you - the good, bad, ugly, pretty, funny, angry, upset, happy, excited. Blog away, my friend! We're listening!

Also - I completely agree with your view on ironing. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make anything look good after my ironing job. I just don't get it. My husband won't let me near an iron unless it's an absolute emergency :)

ModernMom said...

LOL O sweetie, I think just blogging about your potential vlogs is brilliant:)

I know I struggle with a lot of "that is so not good enough to post" and then hit publish anyway. It is my blog and I'll write what I want too:)

For me tired=sucky writing ideas. I either need more sleep or more wine. Ohh or you and I could go driving together! :)

Muthering Heights said...

Everyone gets into a blog funk from time to time...I'm sure you'll bounce back in no time!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Man, I could make a few million doing the same! That is why I love you and your blog- we are the same!

Redneck Mommy said...

Write. Write more. Publish some, none, all, just write. I only publish when I feel moved. I refuse to feel pressure to post. But I write always. Most of it crap, sure, but you can't score a goal every time you swing a hockey stick.

And I have two rules as I write. First: I never think of my audience as I write a post. Second: I always think of the audience as I press publish. If you won't swear to it in a court of law or feel comfortable telling it to your grandmother, don't publish it. Save it for yourself or for when you are ready to press publish.

That's all I got.

Good luck Lou.

lindsey said...

I get into those funks all the time. Its natural and I seem to always look to my kids to get me out. Whether its how stressful it is to take care of them 24/7 or how cute they are...its always something worth writing about.
I am a 90210 kinda gal. I sit and day dream about what it would be like to live in their stilletos and drive fancy cars. HA.

Danielle Smith said...

I so completely, utterly, totally understand this post. Some weeks I post 7 times...other weeks is it suddenly Friday and I think - what in the WORLD did I do all week? Like you, I have a million posts in my head and 7 on paper. I write and walk away. This is why I vlog so much - I'm MUCH better talking than writing :) I also love comments... *sigh* we put so much pressure on ourselves, don't we??

Much love to you! oxo

Lady Mama said...

I like Redneck Mommy's advice, but I can relate to what you said about not having the confidence to write whatever you want or feel like at the time. Like you, I feel censored because I'm all too aware who's reading. I can't just be free and say whatever I feel like on my blog for fear of offending people or saying something someone wont like.

But I definitely do think you should do the vlog idea - especially the ironing one! You'll be in Florida staring at those palm trees before you know it. :)

designHER Momma said...

You just went to Blissdom Canada, didn't you? I find I have the worst writers block right after conferences, because I just don't feel I'm worthy. It's hard to write through that...

CaraBee said...

I've been in a funk for months. Look at my archives and I'm down to 5-7 posts a month. Not sure what my deal is. The posts run through my head all day, just like they always have, it's just a matter of typing them in and editing them. I really need to just carve out a couple of minutes every day and just write.

Mighty M said...

My problem is I don't sit down and "just write". Heck, all I posted was an update yesterday and I must have started it 10 times!

I LOVE your vlog ideas. Do it! :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I suffer from blog funks frequently. Mine usually happen in the summer.

Mommyfriend Lori said...

If your life was a reality show, I'd watch it. I get into major funks too. I love the idea of editing into submission. Brilliant. And the hair thing, so true. Good hair can cure whatever ails you, especially writer's block.