Sunday, December 28, 2008

Every parent's worst nightmare...

We had a rough November. My 3 year old got a bad case of pneumonia, and was hospitalized in CHEO for just over two weeks. The whole experience was a nightmare, because seeing your child so sick is the most hopeless feeling ever. This was his third time in CHEO - the first two times were for a UTI that required IV antibiotics, etc. so we were sadly familiar with 4 East at CHEO. This time, my son needed surgery - yes, surgery... he got complications from the pneumonia, plural iffusion and he needed to be operated on. The Doctors and nurses were amazing, so I am thankful for that - (one of his friend's dad was his surgeon, actually!) but the many hours spent in that hospital room were very sad. After surgery, my son had a chest tube remain in him for 4 days to continue draining the fluid... he had an oxygen mask, IV's, everything... countless x-rays, ultrasounds and even a C/T scan. We lived through it, but it was something I hope to God we never have to go through again. I can say this, though - my son was the bravest, strongest child ever! I want to write a longer post about our experience, but I have no time now... hopefully soon I can get the full story out... for now, though, I am thankful that he is 100% better - our follow-up Doctor appointments have been going well, and he is totally fine and will have no long term effects from this ordeal and illness, thank God.

A quick little update!

Christmas 2008 has come and gone, and it was such a wonderful, memorable, merry Christmas! There is nothing as wonderful as seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child... my 3 year old loved everything about it, especially singing Christmas carols... and of course all the presents! Yes, Santa was great this year as usual! My baby also loved unwrapping all the presents! Here are some pictures...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dimitry's baptism

My baby boy was baptised this past weekend. It was a wonderful ceremony and we had a lovely reception at Vittoria Trattoria. God bless my baby boy!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The weirdest story of the day....

So, PETA suggested that Ben and Jerry's should stop using cow's milk to make their world-famous ice cream, and instead, use breastmilk... absurd, I tell you! PETA has said some dumb things in their day, but this just might take the cake. (Remember when PETA activists were targeting schools, and handing out little cards showing that children who drink milk could get pimples, etc.?)
Anyway... clearly Ben and Jerry's is sticking to cow's! But seriously? What is PETA thinking? Brestmilk is best - for babies! I don't think too many people would go into Ben and Jerry's to have a double scoop of chocolate chip breast milk ice cream, do you?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The two second update!

I have about two minutes to update this blog, before my baby wakes up from his nap! So here's the short form of what's new with me and my life as a busy mom:

1. My 3 year old was toilet trained last week! I never thought I'd see the day. I bought a stock of nice underwear from Gymboree, and a big bristol board and stickers from Dollarama, and turned it into a game... he loved it, and has been doing pee-pee and poo-poo on the toilet ever sice! WOOHOO! Now I fear going to public dirty bathrooms with him... ewww!

2. Baby Dimitry is 8 months old and a wonderful baby with great vocal cords! He's about to crawl, he pulls himself to a standing position, he loves his big brother and he loves FOOD! He's already 20 pounds! And eating Cheerios! He smiles 24/7. And is becoming very, very demanding!

3. I am not looking forward to going back to work in two months. Sigh. Luckily my family will be the care-givers so that's a big sigh of relief for me.

4. We are about to register Christos to Montesorri, but I'm thinking giving it another year and then enrolling him there for kindergarden... it's a great school and because he's so smart, I think he'll really benefit from being there. He's at the asking 'why' phase, to everything! "Why does the water go down the toilet like that? Why is the grass green? Why why why all day long, I love it, although sometimes I don't have all the answers! Recently, he asked where energy comes from. Ummm...

5. My sister got married! It was a gorgeous day. I'm posting some pictures to make up for the lack of words in this post.

6. I have an interview tomorrow and need lots of luck!

Gina and Sean's wedding day!

My gorgeous baby!

My gorgeous 3 year old!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time for an update!

Wow... I have not been here in a while! I am doing well, and my boys are doing great. Dimitry is 6 months old already! I cannot believe how fast time has flown... Christos will be turning 3 years old in 2 weeks... again, I can't believe that. I am still enjoying maternity leave and can't imagine going back to work. But, I know I have to. It's just... I don't really want to think about it! I'll be going back in a few months... sigh...

We are just back from a great family vacation to sunny Florida. We go every year to Fort Lauderdale, and stay at the Westin Diplomat. We had a blast, and the boys had an amazing time. They travelled well, too. They were super on the airplane. It was Christos's second time going to Florida, and Dimitry's (obviously) first time. There was no time to lounge and tan like I did back in the day, instead, I swam with my boys, and stayed in the shade with them! My parents, hubby, sister and her fiance came as well. It's great travelling with that many family members because there is always someone there to lend a helping hand!

Oops... it is almost midnight! Time for bed before I have to wake up for Dimitry's middle of the night feeding! (I'm still breastfeeding as well as formula feeding once a day). I'll write more later!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy summer...

Wedding season has officially begun! This summer, it seems that every single weekend, there is wedding or baby related event, from showers, to baptisms, and of course, weddings! I can't believe it already almost June... I have a feeling this summer will fly by which is not necessarily a good thing, since we had such a long winter that I need a really, really long summer to make up for all that snow!
I am loving maternity leave... I am not looking forward to starting work again, however far away that may be. Being home with my two boys is so amazing! Every day, a new adventure. Christos amazes me, still, every day. The way he play so independently, the way he works around the house, helps clean up, help garden, put things together, and always ask questions. The kid is way too smart! It is astonishing to me. "How do they make merry-go-rounds? How do they make bulldozers? How do they make beds?" He asks, asks, asks... and the memory on him! He is such a sponge. He is my love! What a great age... and Dimitry... almost 4 months, and the sweetest, most lovable little baby boy there ever was! His laughter melts me into a puddle on the floor every day. His bright, bright sunshine eyes... his interest at everything around him. Sigh! Babies are just, well, perfect. I can't complain about his sleep pattern, either. Nice naps during the day, and a bedtime of 9 p.m. The funny thing is, like clockwork, him and his brother will wake up at 8 a.m. everyday, even though they are not in the same room. I think it's hilarious! He's still a great nurser, and we've introduced cereal to him which he LOVES. He doesn't love the bottle, but we give him one a day and today he took formula with me. It's amazing how fast he grew... anyway, happy long weekend, and let's hope for some sunshine! I am hoping the shine for my friend's wedding tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time flies...

Time is going by so quickly, it's unreal! My baby boy is already one week away from being 4 months old... and August is right around the corner and my big boy will be 3 years old! I can't believe how quickly time goes by...
I'm loving this gorgeous weather, and we are all enjoying spending lots and lots of time outside, enjoying our backyard.
It's also a crazy busy summer, with literally every weekend packed with events - from bridal and baby showers, to weddings, weddings, weddings, and baptisms, my bank account is quickly depleting. But I love wedding season...
Since time is something that I don't have a lot of right now, here are some pictures!

Greek Easter! We had great weather!

Friends and family waiting for the feast to begin!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A little bit of this and that....

Life with two kids is great. Hard, but great. Dimitry is already 3 months old today, and he is growing up so fast... it's amazing how fast they grow! The second time around, I am so much more relaxed. Luckily, Dimitry also had a very loving, sweet, and gentle big brother. Christos is great with him. Watching the two of them together makes me so happy, and complete.

Christos amazes me daily... with all he says, and all he knows. He is smart beyond his age, truly. He is such a great help - he loves to do housework, (don't know where he got that from!) he loves to help me fold clothes, vacuum, dust... he even takes everything off the tables before he dusts... it's too cute! Today he was reading Dimitry a book... "Look, Dimitry... a truck... the book... made from trees! A moon... a star... Dimitry, look!" So cute... Dimitry was just gazing at him with a huge smile on his face. Sigh... kids are the sweetest thing ever!

Now I must get back to putting away the grocceries, change a diaper, and figure out what to make for dinner before Christos wakes up from his nap!

I just have to add - I don't know how single moms do it. They deserve so much credit. Handling two kids with one adult - not easy! I think it is especially hard when you have a toddler (boy!) and a baby... both need your constant attention. I have not figured out how to take the two out of the house alone yet - I've always had my husband with me, or mom, mom-in-law, sister... we don't have a double stroller - maybe that's something I should look into getting - otherwise it is very difficult! Going to the park this morning, I had my mom pushing Christos in his wagon, and I had the baby in the stroller. I have a baby bjorn, but Dimitry likes it only for short periods of time. So if I was alone, how would we all go to the park with all our gear? Sure, Christos can walk, but he likes to be carried sometimes, so it's tough. Okay enough rambling! Time to get some work done... by the way... who isn't LOVING this gorgeous weather!? I had a pedi today, (brought sleeping baby with me while mom-in-law took care of Christos and his cousin) and it feels great to be waring sandals again!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scary... more about this later....

HBC will pull baby products if bisphenol A labelled 'dangerous'
Sarah Schmidt, Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
One of Canada's largest retailers will pull all baby products containing bisphenol A from sale should the federal government slap the chemical with the "dangerous" label.

The Hudson's Bay Company has decided to pre-empt Health Canada with plans for an urgent national recall of plastic baby bottles, cups and toys containing the synthetic chemical compound from 280 Zellers and 94 Bay stores.

A "dangerous" designation or "toxic" label under the Canadian Environment Protection Act doesn't require Ottawa to ban or even restrict its use in consumer products, it simply kick-starts a lengthy review process that could lead to the status quo.

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Font:****Sources say Health Canada will make an announcement on the matter Thursday.

HBC has decided to act on its own in the interest of consumer safety, director of communications Hillary Marshall said Tuesday.

"We're going to take the direction that by labelling it as dangerous, and in the spirit of the new consumer product safety legislation that the government has introduced, that we will act in the interest of customer safety and remove the product."

Health Minister Tony Clement would only say Tuesday the government will "let science dictate what our determinations must be."

Marshall said the company's anticipated move is unparalleled.

HBC conducted an internal audit earlier this year to determine what baby products containing bisphenol A were on store shelves. The retailer then secured BPA-free products to replace them in the event of a voluntary national recall.

"We've taken it really seriously. Preparing in the way we have is unprecedented for us. We took the additional step because it's baby products," Marshall said.

Already, HBC has over 55,000 glass baby bottles in stores across the country in preparation for the massive recall. The company has also purchased plastic baby products free of BPA, including polypropylene bottles, liners, nipples and drinking cups.

Canadian Tire issued a statement late Tuesday stating that it would also remove plastic water bottles and food storage containers known to contain the chemical from shelves at Canadian Tire, Mark's Work Wearhouse and PartSource stores.

The corporations says is stopping the sales of those goods in order "err on the side of caution" ahead of the Health Canada assessment and will sell stainless steel drinking containers along with glass and polypropylene food storage containers as alternatives.

Recent research has shown that bisphenol A is an estrogenic hormone disrupter that causes reproductive damage and may lead to prostate and breast cancer in adulthood.

A draft brief on bisphenol A of the National Institutes of Health's National Toxicology Program, released Tuesday, bolstered these concerns.

The brief concludes "there is some concern for neural and behavioural effects in fetuses, infants, and children at current human exposures. The NTP also has some concern for bisphenol A exposure in these populations based on effects in the prostate gland, mammary gland, and an earlier age for puberty in females."

The brief cites scientific evidence from a number of laboratory animal studies involving low-level exposure to bisphenol A during development.

The plastics industry maintains BPA in baby products is not a risk to human health. And any dangerous designation by Health Canada during the current risk assessment process doesn't mean plastic bottles will be banned in the future, said Steven Hentges, executive director of Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group at the American Chemistry Council.

"It does not draw that conclusion at all. Many substances are labelled as dangerous, but that doesn't mean they're removed from market. It's not inconsistent with safe use of the material."

He added, "We are confident there will be the continued safe use of bisphenol A."

The council has recently hired Kim Doran, former deputy national director of the Liberal Party, to lobby MPs and senators, to push for BPA to stay on the market in Canada.

Meanwhile, consumer demand for baby products with BPA is drying up, say retailers.

"We haven't been told to pull them or not, but the sales are dead," said Debbie Ranger, owner of Macklem's baby store in Toronto. Unlike HBC, she said she's going to wait for direction from Health Canada.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another picture post...

No time to write anything! Two kids = a very busy lifestyle that is go, go, go! But I am not complaining... loving every second of it!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My grandmother...

My grandmother, with her great-grandchildren. Having fun as usual!

I just wanted to write a post about how terrific a lady my grandmother is. My grandmother is a hard worker. She devotes her life to her grandchildren and to her great-grandchildren. She always took fantastic care of me growing up, and she continue to do so today. She is over almost everyday, helping me around the house, cooking wonderful Greek food for me and my family, and loving and loving and loving my children. My boys LOVE her so much. We would be lost without her, really. She is going to Greece for almost 3 months and we are going to miss her so much! She's just wonderful. A saint, truly. Such a hard worker. And I am blessed to have her in our lives. I hope my boys grow up to remember they had one amazing, loving great-grandmother! There is nothing as important as the closeness of family. Last night was especially special, watching my 2 and a half year old make fresh bread with my grandmother. It was a moment I'll always cherish. Thanks yiayia!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shopaholic! The movie about my life...

I got so excited when I saw this picture of Isla Fisher, who will be playing Rebecca Bloom in Confessions of a Shopaholic. I am SO. SO. SO. EXCITED. for this movie. Sigh.

I read Confessions a loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago... had to be over 6 years ago since I've been married for 5 years (this coming June) and I remember reading it in bed at my parents house. Finished the book in one night, which really wasn't hard since it was a light chick lit read, and not too long... I would read a few page, put it down, and sigh, thinking, WTF. This author went into my head and wrote all about me! We're talking - I'm a crazy shopper. Besides being a great mom, I am great at spending money and shopping. I'm proud to be a great mom - my children are my life - but I am not so proud to be such a great shopper, because damn, I spend a lot of money! And being on mat leave, when I have a few hours to myself and the baby is sleeping, I hit the stores and shop and shop. It never ends! Now, I shop for my boys. Way too much... I could run a daycare for the entire city of Ottawa in my house, that's how many toys I have. And now that I'm losing weight, buying clothes and shoes again is so nice. It's sad that Ottawa doesn't have very many good stores, but I make do, and look forward to future shopping trips south of the border. Anyway, this post is neither here nor there so I'll end it now... and go shopping!


So I'm doing some online shopping at VS, and did you know they also have nursing bras... take a lookie! Yeah.... I look JUST LIKE THAT right after having a baby! Puh-lease...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

2 months already....

My baby Dimitry is already 2 months old! We had his two month appointment yesterday, and he weighed in at 13 pounds, 3 ounces! My big boy! Christos was 12 pounds, 9 ounces at 2 months old.
It's been so much fun staying home with my boys... my hubby has had all this time off work, too, so he's been a great big help, along with my mom, mother-in-law and grandmother.
Seriously, though - babies are so easy! I go shopping with Dimitry and I can take my time, trying clothes on, grabbing a coffee, flipping through magazines... it's shopping with a toddler that is a little more challenging! I like the comfort of knowing the shopping centres I go to have nice nursing rooms, so I can go and feed the baby and continue on with my day.
Christos is growing and he is so smart. His words and sentences amaze me everyday. He's got the greatest sense of humour, too. He is hilarious! He's also a loving, gentle big brother. I love my boys! I already want another one... I just have to convince hubby!
My big dilemma now is deciding if we should put Christos in the Ottawa Montessori school next year... or keep him at his great Alta Vista nursery school, where he loves his teacher and knows his classmates. (One of us always stays with him right now, we are not ready - and neither is he, I don't think - to stay alone). Hmm... not sure what to do! We went to see how Montessori runs their toddler casa program, and we were very impresesd and I think Christos would do great there. It's just... I am torn! More about that later... have to go see my babbling baby and smother him in kisses! It's also a great day for a walk....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just pictures...

Cause I have not time to write anything now! (No, it's not because of facebook...heehee...)

Zafy, Dimitry's soon to be Godmother, and Christos.

Me and my baby.

Christos having fun in the snow.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My baby boy is almost 2 months old!

Wow, where does time go? I can't believe next week, my baby Dimitry will be two months old! All I have to say is, having a newborn in the house again is amazing, and wonderful, and soooo much more easy then the first time... my precious baby boy is just such a joy, and his never ending smiles, well, they melt me in puddles all day long... not to mention his loving older brother, Christos, who gives him kisses all the time, and says "it's okay, mitry..." if he starts to cry... I have to say, it's been easy. And fun. And I already want another one! Dimitry is probably around 13 pounds now - probably way more since size 6 months clothes are tight on him, I can't wait to find out what he weighs next week! He feeds well, takes the bottle (so I can go out with Christos, go shopping, or hit the gym!) and he sleeps great, too! Thank goodness!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mommy of two beautiful boys!

So my baby Dimitry was born on January 18th... I had the best labour and delivery ever! Super fast...4 hour labour, 6 minutes of pushing. Got an epi, which I hated (ewww.... the feeling of the needle in my spine!!) Anyway baby Dimitry is gorgeous and healthy and a super champ eater, and his big brother Christos is so great and wonderful and gentle with him. I'm getting used to no sleep again, but it's worth it... so worth it! I'm loving every second. It's tough with two though - thank goodness hubby is off on paternity leave for a couple months to help and thank goodness for my mom, mom-in-law and grandmother and dad and father in law and sister to help out! :) I'm loving being home with my babies... :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm late, late late!

Can't believe I am SO LATE! Over a week now... totally normal but still! Didn't think I'd be late! :) I am so anxious to meet my new baby love! :)

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