Mommy of two beautiful boys!

So my baby Dimitry was born on January 18th... I had the best labour and delivery ever! Super fast...4 hour labour, 6 minutes of pushing. Got an epi, which I hated (ewww.... the feeling of the needle in my spine!!) Anyway baby Dimitry is gorgeous and healthy and a super champ eater, and his big brother Christos is so great and wonderful and gentle with him. I'm getting used to no sleep again, but it's worth it... so worth it! I'm loving every second. It's tough with two though - thank goodness hubby is off on paternity leave for a couple months to help and thank goodness for my mom, mom-in-law and grandmother and dad and father in law and sister to help out! :) I'm loving being home with my babies... :)
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Catwoman said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Glad everything went so well and that you're now able to love on two perfect baby boys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Loukia! So glad everything went well for you and you and the baby are fine.

Barbara said...

Congrats, Loukia. I pop in and out but have been out for too long and missed the babe's arrival til I saw your most recent comment on Postcards. It's great that your hubby is home to be with you all. I think it will be easier to adjust to the new fellow that lives there. :+)When the dad goes back to work right away, he loses out on the time to adapt.