2 months already....

My baby Dimitry is already 2 months old! We had his two month appointment yesterday, and he weighed in at 13 pounds, 3 ounces! My big boy! Christos was 12 pounds, 9 ounces at 2 months old.
It's been so much fun staying home with my boys... my hubby has had all this time off work, too, so he's been a great big help, along with my mom, mother-in-law and grandmother.
Seriously, though - babies are so easy! I go shopping with Dimitry and I can take my time, trying clothes on, grabbing a coffee, flipping through magazines... it's shopping with a toddler that is a little more challenging! I like the comfort of knowing the shopping centres I go to have nice nursing rooms, so I can go and feed the baby and continue on with my day.
Christos is growing and he is so smart. His words and sentences amaze me everyday. He's got the greatest sense of humour, too. He is hilarious! He's also a loving, gentle big brother. I love my boys! I already want another one... I just have to convince hubby!
My big dilemma now is deciding if we should put Christos in the Ottawa Montessori school next year... or keep him at his great Alta Vista nursery school, where he loves his teacher and knows his classmates. (One of us always stays with him right now, we are not ready - and neither is he, I don't think - to stay alone). Hmm... not sure what to do! We went to see how Montessori runs their toddler casa program, and we were very impresesd and I think Christos would do great there. It's just... I am torn! More about that later... have to go see my babbling baby and smother him in kisses! It's also a great day for a walk....
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Catwoman said...

So glad you are loving life as a mother of two!!!

I wonder if the Montessori school you looked at is the one where my mom is a French teacher at... That would be such a small world!

Honestly? Christos would do just fine without an adult there with him. Little Man is EXTREMELY shy and needs a long time to adapt to situations and he does great at school by himself. In fact, he totally pushes me out the door now when I take too long to leave.

He's in a Montessori school now and we love it! It is so perfect for him and his personality and to have big kids looking after him, well it's really pushed him in the potty training area and he's so cute, because he takes his "work" so seriously. Even at home, he'll tell us "I do my work now" and grab a placemat, roll it on the floor and then put a puzzle on it and work.

Email me if you have any questions! catwoman.in.texas at gmail.com

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