Out with a bang!

Friends, let's talk.

Last night's Grey's Anatomy 2 hour season finale - what did you think?

Were you shocked?
Sitting on the edge of your seat?
Drinking from the bottle to numb the pain?
Watching with your hands covering your eyes?

Yeah. It was a pretty intense 2 hours, no? From start to finish, I didn't know what to expect. I told myself, "Loukia, after last year's shocker finale episode, anything is possible this year, so be prepared."

I thought I was strong. I was wrong.

A shooter in the hospital. Before I actually watched the episode, I didn't realize just how scary it was going to be. It was really, really scary. Consider yourself warned.

Pregnant Meredith. The gunshots. The anticipation. The worry, the fear. Who would die next? Would Alex survive? Poor Bailey! And that scene with Derek and the shooter, with Meredith and Cristina watching, too far to do anything to help? And April - hands up if you just wanted to slap this girl last night! Holy heart stopping episode!

The elevator scene with Cristina, like McMommy mentioned in her post today, was so well done. I really thought I was going to have a heart attack right then and there, didn't you?

And then, in typical Grey's fashion, the last 10 minutes or so, when Cristina is operating on Derek, trying to save his life, and the shooter has the gun pointed at her head? And then Meredith telling the shooter to shoot her instead? And then Owen getting shot? And then Dr. Avery saving the day (phew!)? It was all too much!

I loved it, truly. It was an amazing, shocking, and intense 2 hours of television, that's for sure. No one knew what was coming. No one was safe. Who would be the next victim? Well done, Shondra Rhimes, well done.

Now, a few cons?

Nothing, and I mean nothing, could have topped last year's season finale shocker. Nobody saw that ending coming, seriously. So after that, this episode, although amazing, left me expecting the worst for everyone. But still, I was terrified - man, Mr. Clark was creepy, no?

Couldn't Meredith have told Derek she was pregnant before he went into surgery? I would have totally told him. To give him something to fight for.

The lack of cell phones. Come on, Seattle Grace! While I understand doctors still use pagers, don't tell me NONE of them had a cell phone in their pockets! No iphones or blackberry's? Really? Also, if Meredith and Teddy and the rest of them were on Twitter, a lot less damage would have happened:

@Grey Holy shit meet me on the 3rd floor by the elevators!
@Teddy I need you, like YESTERDAY, Derek has been shot in the heart!
@Derek I'm pregnant. I love you. Stay safe.

I mean, seriously, Twitter would have totally helped in last night's situation.

Also, why was nobody (like Bailey) using a regular phone for help? Lockdown doesn't mean the phone lines are dead! Couldn't Bailey find a PHONE to call 9-1-1 to get the elevators working again? It would have a smart move, right?

Overall, phenomenal episode, and I am so glad we were not left with a cliff hanger like last year. If we didn't find out Derek's fate last night, well, how would we have survived the summer?

I turn the floor to you now. What are your thoughts with last night's season finale?

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Ann B said...

Great review! I loved the show and was on the edge of my seat!! I don't understand why the sniper did not kill the subject....why did he just shoot him in the shoulder? I thought snipers shot to kill?!?!

Patrice said...

Great post!
I was on edge the entire time... I was freaking out!
I totally agree with you on the pregnancy thing... I was wondering why she didn't tell him before surgery! I know it's not exactly "special" like she wanted, but he would fight harder if he knew they were having a baby. I am so sad she miscarried... I guess it's a good thing she didn't tell him.
oh and LOL @ the twitter stuff! Too funny, and so true!
Also, I'm guessing they don't carry around their cell phones w/ them & that's why no one used them..?
This episode was almost too much to handle, but it was so, so well done!

T Rex Mom said...

Wow! I've never watched the show but I sure enjoyed the recap of the last two season finales. I'll have to watch it sometime when it comes out on DVD.

Tiffany Lockette said...

I loved every last minute of it. I normally record the show and watch it later but last night I made the mistake of watching the first couple of minutes and then I was hooked. I never stay up until 11PM anymore, it is just to hard to get up the next morning when I have to get up at 6:15 but I just couldn't tear myself away. My only thing that I thought was kind of ridiculous was why were there only 5 SWAT members looking for the shooter? You know in real life that place would have been crawling every inch of that hospital with SWAT members. Great season ending episode though. I will definitely be back to watch next season, although a little sad that Meredith won't be pregnant.

Amanda said...

I totally agree with the part about Bailey calling for help. It bugged me that she just gave up. I would have called. 911 were getting calls from the doctors, there was a scene that showed them monitoring the calls coming in. I don't understand why she didn't go over to the nurse's station and call.

Great review Loukia!

Leslie said...

As a regular Grey's watcher (as in I NEVER MISS AN EPISODE) I was freaking out on my couch last night!!! Pretty sure I didn't blink or breath for 2 hours.

Was torn in a million different emotions with it. Fabulous. Now let's hope LOST can go out on a high note!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

I too wondered where all of their cell phones were. And too funny about April. My friend Sarah from high school plays here....I was just so hoping she would not get shot and be off the show!

It was a CRAZY episode for sure. And I cried...cuz I'm emtotional like that you know.

Stacie's Madness said...

i thought it was awesome...some say it was overdone, but it had me holding my breath through the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

New follower!!! Yes Yes Yes....the show was out of control...I kept pausing it and running in and out of the room going crazy!!! I was texting my friend the whole time, we were watching together, going "oh crap"..."im a mess".....sooo good!

I loved your recap, couldnt have said it better myself!

McMommy said...

STILL recovering from last night!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

I loved it!

I felt like I was one of them!

There was one part that I thought was overdone and that was the part where Cristina and that crazy intern were going to the OR to get Teddy after Derrick got shot and the crazy intern was freaking out. I wanted to jump into my TV and smack her! I reminded me of of a D-list slasher flick. That was it.

The rest kept me on the the edge of my seat!
When it was over, I changed the channel to watch it again!

Lise said...

I LOVED IT! and I pvr'd it at the same time so I could re-watch today just incase I missed something! LMAO

Chandra said...

I finally watched it over the weekend!
OMG!!!!! It was intense and scarry and all the stuff in between!

ModernMom said...

I finally watched Grey's so it is now safe to come back to your blog and get caught up!!
It was like a mini-movie!
You are so right that they could never top last year's episode, but damn they gave it a good try.
From the very first gun shot I was on the edge of my seat. i love the season wrap ups and Greys did not dissapoint....now LOST, that is another story :(

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I really need to read blog posts when they're first up and not weeks after the fact... I was just talking about the Gray's season finale last night.

On one hand, I've started to lose a little interest in the show since some of my favorite characters have left and it's changed a lot. And I find it annoying how we know they're leaving because the actors are unhappy and want to end their contracts... BUT on the other hand, I think it's actually a much better show now that it's not JUST about the various doctors and interns hooking up and fighting for alpha status. It's such a feminist show now. Always focusing on women making choices and HAVING to choose. Work or family. Love or career advancement... I'm always so impressed by the issues that are raised and how they are addressed. (and I'm not even that much of a feminist...)

So because of that - I think they can totally get away with all of the sensationalist story lines without just being a hospital soap opera.

I was definitely on the edge of my seat - not knowing what was going to happen next. The only downside was that the two doctors who died were so obviously characters that the writers didn't know what to do with anymore. They were new this season and just didn't make the cut. BUT Charlie did have a really fantastic exit and his storyline with Bailey that episode was so emotional.

And I really love Bailey. More kudos to S.R. for giving a very non-hollywood looking actress such a great role and such an interesting story (again with the feminist stuff...who am I?!)