The best season finale... ever!

I interrupt my mommy blogging to talk about the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

If you have not yet seen Grey's, I really don't want to ruin it for you, so stop reading now. Are you gone yet? Okay, good.

Let's talk Grey's, people.

Did you not totally freak out last night? I was totally freaked. And up until 1 a.m., because I didn't start watching until 11, because of course my boys went to bed late last night. So yeah, I'm on not a lot of sleep here, so bear with me on this rather long post about Grey's.

All week, I was preparing myself for the worst. I was going to be strong. I was assuming that Izzy might die. I was assuming that George would leave the show. I just didn't know how the amazing writers would make it all come together.

So, I watched. And at first, I was relaxed. I could deal. I was strong. I was ready for anything. Er... no, I wasn't. Because holy smokes, the last 2 minutes of Grey's? Totally blew me away. Seriously? I didn't expect that ending.

Was it the most emotional episode of Grey's? You bet.

Derek and Mer were super cute and when they signed their vows on Post-It notes, it was romantic. They were married. They're in love, and they're happy. Okay, great. Happiness for them. Happiness too, for Owen and Cristina. They were awesome last night. Totally great. Yay for them, too. Such chemistry.

As for the rest of Seattle Grace? Hmm. Not so much.

Okay, let's talk about George. What was the big shocker with George? He decided to join the Army! I was shocked, especially the scene when the "Doctor" goes in to the recruitment centre, because we all thought it was going to be Owen, (at least I did) but nope, it was George! And that did shock me. I loved how he told Bailey, too. Cute scene. I was warming up to him again. He really is good for the show. So, I was happy that he wasn't going to be killed off; rather, he was just going 'away.'

Or so I thought.

Now let's talk about Izzy and Alex. Izzy decided to have her surgery. Even though there was a chance she would lose her memory. Well, she survived her surgey. Phew. She asks if her tumour is gone. Yes, they tell her. She's happy. But, uh-oh. She asks again. They tell her again. And so on. So, Izzy now has short-term memory loss. And I could deal with that. Because I assumed it would get better. When Alex totally freaked on her? "I'm not the one with a carrot for a brain, but I'm married to it because of some crock of a wedding that we walked into, and only because the two of us thougth you'd be dead within a week..." Wow.. that was intense. I hated Alex. But I loved him, too. I felt his pain for Izzy. And then: "Did you forget yet?" "Nope." Loved it. So saw that coming. But hoorah! Izzy's memory is back... but oh, no... this can't be good. No happy ending here.

In the midst off all this, there is a trauma case in the ER - an unidentified man is rushed in, because he saved a girl's life by running in front of a bus to get her out of harm's way. Turns out, he was dragged quite a bit by the bus, and badly injured. His face, a bloody mess. Everyone is trying to save him.

No one could see where this was going... this was the real shocker of the night. The man eventually writes something in Mer's hand, with his fingers... 0-0-7... "Double 0-7... double 0-7.. Oh my God... George!" Mer screams. Totally the best scene of the night. Totally, totally blew me away. I was freaking out!

At the same time, Alex apologizes to Izzy, and tells her he loves her and then they hug. AND I KNEW that as they hugged, something would go wrong. Izzy coded.

So now, George and Izzy are almost dead. George AND Izzy. Everyone is trying to save them. Emotions really running high here. And then we see Izzy in the elevator, wearing her 'prom dress'... doors open... and George (in an Army uniform) is waiting for her. The way they were looking at eachother - wow. But then - a look of surprise appears on their faces. Does this mean they are both dead? Or is only one of them dead? If so - who? WHO DIED LAST NIGHT? What a cliffhanger... seriously!

Has there even been more drama in a two minute period on TV ever before?

Brilliant season finale. I loved it, just as much as I hated it. I don't want either of them to leave the show. Sadly, I know at least one of them will die.

Here is a little Q & A from The Ausiello Files with Shondra Rhimes:

Do you know which one of them lives and which one of them dies?
RHIMES: Yes. And I don't know that you should be saying 'which one of them lives and which one of them dies." I know what happens to the characters.

And with that, dear friends, I've got nothing left to say. I will enjoy my summer. But I am also totally looking forward to the fall so I can find out what the heck is going to happen with these 2 characters!

What did you think about it last night? Any insight? Who do you think dies?
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Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I am so watching the entire thing again tonight! I didn't sleep a wink last night because I was trying to analyze the whole episode in my head. Did you notice that every time the whole gang is talking about how George is not fit to be in the army and that he will end up dying from cleaning his gun, etc... THOSE CONVERSATIONS WERE TAKING PLACE OVER HIS BODY. Most of those conversations were done while they were operating on him. And then when he started drawing 007 in Mer's hand... I realized it about 2 seconds before Mer did and I almost threw up. OH MY DEAR GOD I WILL NOT MAKE IT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!

Kelly said...

I havent' watch any of the show but I kept seeing facebook updates on it. Thanks for giving a recap, I might have to start watching it next season.

Jessica said...

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Greys, but what a great re-cap! I'm totally with you!

Amy said...

I've never seen one episode! It was all over Twitter last night and it was all just lost on me.

Now you want to talk some Sponge Bob and I can Twitter with the best of them! (heh)

Laura said...

I loved and hated it too. It was great and it will be hard to wait until the fall! I have to say the first time the patient wrote an O on her hand, I yelled out "It's George!". I just knew it! Oh, the excitement of it all! Good finale for sure.

Nap Warden said...

I don't know why...but the second bus guy hit the ER, I knew it was George. I know both of them are leaving the show...thinking they both die?

I suppose the moral of the story is...don't p*ss off the Grey's writers. They can be nasty:O

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for next season. I'll be sorry to see George go, but I've lost interest in Izzy. After Denny she just went blah.

But, woot woot for Cristina and Owen!!!

A Crafty Mom said...

I have hardly watched it all season - only seen a few episodes, but I *did* record the finale in case I am bored enough one night to watch it (not a huge fan of the show). I couldn't not watch the Office last night, it's my favourite show!!!!

Loukia said...

Shannon - I'm watching The Office tonight. I'm sure falling asleep will be easier than it was last night, after watching Grey's!

Lola said...

I KNow. I was reeling for awhile. The 007 scene was shocking! WOW! It's unfortunate that T.R. has decided to follow Kathryn off the show as his role has been sparse most of this season....I think I can live without the character Izzy as the actress who plays her has become such a pain in the ass but I loved George! They better be careful over there-too many newbies and too many regulars leaving!

Connie Weiss said...

Great episode. It took me longer than most people to figure out it was George. My hubby said, 'it's George'. and I was all what? Then it hit me and I was bawling!

BeachMama said...

One show I never started watching, then when I wanted to I didn't' know what was happening. I may have to rent the past seasons this summer and start watching in the fall.

spearmint baby said...

funny! i love this post, i loved it!

Capital Mom said...

Great review. I haven't watched since the first season and we don't have cable anymore but I may have to check it out online.
Also, I tagged you on my blog. If you want to play check out

Ms. Porter said...

I've been soooo disappointed in Greys this season....but the finale yahoo! I realized it was George right after Meredith drilled into his skull and his one eye was all wide and wild. In a way it ruined it for me because I think the scene with Meredith and George where he draws the 007 on her hand and she realizes it's him was amazing..that was my fav scene this year. I have always loved George's character so I will be disappointed to see him go. I'm okay with Izzy leaving though.

Shana said...

I loved and hated it all at the same time! SUCH a cliffhanger! One of the best EVER! I think the writers totally left it open so that the characters could die or come back to the show. Oh and the whole Mer/Der wedding thing was cute but tricky!!!Hmmmmmm

Lisa said...

Just watched it 2night - only second hour though...long story. I blame my dumb husband. Anyway, the second hour was where all the action was anyway though. 007! Ahhh! Awesome.

Joyce said...

I think that she is on the elevator on the way to heaven and George is waiting to get into the elevator but then she may get off and maybe George does not get on? I have no idea? All I can say is that I am with you in the fact the last 2 mins were great.

Managed Chaos said...

Great recap of the Grey's finale (which I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED BTW). I think you should do the episode recaps for ;o)

My gut tells me George dies, but that comment by Shonda Rimes leaves me wondering. It's gonna be a long time until we find out in late Sept. though, *sigh*

Loukia said...

I loved reading all your thoughts about Grey's! Thank you. I'm not alone... ;) Can't wait to see what happens in the fall... such a long time away!

Emma in Canada said...

I loved Greys! I would hate to see Izzy die because Alex is my favourite character and I do love the two of them together. I also love George though...

I have heard that Katherine Heigel renewed her contract so she will be back. I guess I'll find out in September.


It was quite the show. My youngest daughter can't believe she has to wait until the fall to see what happens next.

Stacie's Madness said...

yeah, I thought it was GREAT...and the George storyline TOTALLY shocked me.

I'd heard the rumors of him leaving and I thought, "oh, yeah the Army, THAT'S how he will leave..."

ha. They got me.

Elisa said...

Ok, I was all good until I read the end of your post, because I had gotten my freakout out of my system. and then I read what Shondra Rhimes said... NO WAY!!! Is she going to kill them both? No way. That would really ruin the show, what with the lovely dovey stuff going on with everyone else, including Christina, who used to be hilarious, now she's gone all soft one me.