Feel Like A Ten All Winter Long

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Winter has barely begun, and I'm already missing summer. The cold weather is not only hard to adjust to mentally, it can also be harsh on our skin and body. It's important to take the time to treat our skin to some much-needed self-care throughout this long season–and a visit to THE TEN SPOT certainly helps deliver some TLC where we need it most! I was invited to experience THE TEN SPOT in the Glebe recently, and I enjoyed an eyebrow wax and pedicure. The service was excellent, and I can't wait to go back!

In addition to visiting THE TEN SPOT (whether you're going in for a laser treatment, manicure, pedicure, or facial) you can also take care of your skin at home. With the help of skin care experts at THE TEN SPOT, here are four tips for transitioning your skin to the cold weather conditions of winter.

Exfoliate, but not too much!

Exfoliate only once a week. Your skin will be increasingly sensitive from the cold and dry climate, so you'll want to avoid added irritation by keeping exfoliation to a minimum. When you exfoliate, use a softer solution, rubbing it into your skin in a light, circular motion.

The cold weather tends to dry out our skin–keep hydrated.

Try THE TEN SPOT's lotion for your body. This formula is jam-packed with coconut oil, certified organic shea butter, grape sea oil, and vitamin E–and it smells delicious! At night, try a thicker moisturizing cream for an extra hydration boost while you sleep. THE TEN SPOT also sells calming bath salts, packed with therapeutic minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The earth-based formula promotes skin hydration while firming skin at the same time.

Protect your skin year-round by wearing an SPF moisturizing lotion or cream no matter the season. 

Don't be fooled by the grey sky; UV rays still penetrate the atmosphere during the winter. Although the cold weather can be deceiving, the sun shines through the clouds and can also cause skin damage even on a snowy day.

Pay extra attention to your hands and feet as they are most susceptible to becoming dry. 

Make sure to keep your hands and feet moisturized with a heavy-duty formula. After lathering your hands and feet in cream at night, put on socks to lock in the moisture. It's also a great idea to treat yourself to manicures and pedicures throughout the season. The specialists at THE TEN SPOT make sure the dead skin is removed, your cuticles are taken care of, and your nails are perfectly groomed for all your holiday festivities.

You will definitely feel like a ten when you're at THE TEN SPOT, and you'll leave feeling refreshed and beautiful. I love visiting THE TEN SPOT in the Glebe! There are locations across Canada, so find the one closest to you and make your appointment soon!

P.S. Gift cards to THE TEN SPOT also make a wonderful holiday gift idea, too.

THE TEN SPOT is the original anti-spa beauty bar. CEO and Creator, Kristen Gale, noticed a void in the market for an option that bridged the gap between luxurious spa and low-end beauty salon. Inspired to create something tailored for the urban professional on the go, Kristen imaged and founded THE TEN SPOT, a unique beauty bar concept that combines efficiency with high-end quality and standards. With a pinch of cheekiness and a dash of fun, THE TEN SPOT aims to make individuals feel like a perfect ten Check out their Ottawa locations in The Glebe, Westboro, and Kanata. 

Disclaimer: I was compensated and treated to a variety of beauty treatments at THE TEN SPOT in Ottawa in exchange for my review. All views and opinions are my own. 
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