Hotel du Levant: The Perfect Parisian Hotel

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There is no better place to travel to than Europe in the summertime. I'm back to reality now after one month away–first, a few days in Paris, followed by four weeks in Greece–our second home.

It's easy to fall in love with Paris; what you've read about and what you've seen depicted of this magical city are all true. It's a city unlike any other, one that is filled with so much beauty it'll leave you awestruck with every step you take. It is, of course, a perfect city for lovers, but equally wonderful to experience with the entire family, especially if you love history, culture, fine dining, and breathtaking museums. Of course, the shopping is excellent, too!

I saw Paris for the first time last summer, on my return from my Portugal press trip. Earlier this year, my husband had the chance to visit Paris on a work trip. We decided to take our children this summer, before we went to Greece. It was the best decision ever. Our boys are at an age where travel and exploration are easy in different countries; at 14 and 11 years old, they're already so well-travelled and truly enjoy the experiences that come with visiting new countries.

The beauty of visiting Paris is all the things you will discover for yourself along the journey; it's about the memories you'll make with your family, more than anything else. Immerse yourself in the history, read about where you are, and enjoy it all—the sights, the tastes, and the sounds.

I'll be writing a post about all the must-see places to visit in Paris and another post about travel tips for Greece, but for now, I wanted to talk about the most perfect Parisian hotel that we stayed at, which made our Paris trip that much more memorable.

Where to stay

There are countless options of where to stay when you're visiting Paris. We wanted to stay somewhere close to Notre Dame Cathedral, but somewhere that would give us the most "Parisian" experience during our three days in the city.

I've always dreamed of staying somewhere in Paris where I'd be surrounded by little bakeries and restaurants; a place where windows open up to the city below. This dream became a reality for me at the Hotel du Levant.

This boutique hotel in the heart of Paris' charming 5th arrondissement has been open for over 100 years, and the fourth generation of the same family still manages the Hotel du Levant. In the heart of the Latin Quarter, between the Seine and Boulevard Saint-Germain, the hotel offers so much to visitors, from a lobby filled with books and games, to the most delicious breakfast buffet, with fresh food brought in every morning from local farms. We were given a true taste of the Parisian life during our stay at this hotel.

Our hotel room view, from the first floor, was so pretty–my favourite part of our stay at Hotel du Levant. Our room was large enough for my family of four, and had three beds (two single beds and one king-sized bed) and a spacious, modern bathroom. If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Paris, this is where I recommend. Perfect location, excellent service, and a fresh and delicious breakfast buffet that you'll remember even after you've checked out.

For more information on this beautiful boutique hotel, visit Hotel du Levant.

Thank you for the experience, Hotel du Levant. We can't wait to visit again!
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