Review: The 2018 Ford EcoSport

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From driving the new Jaguar I-PACE in Portugal to summer road trips in the brand-new Ford EcoSport, I have found that as much as I love compact cars, I'm also a huge fan of the smaller sized SUV–especially when driving long distances with my family. They love the extra space as much as I do, and I love the clean, simple look of the EcoSport.

The Ford EcoSport, with heated leather-trimmed seating, is a super cute vehicle that look good outside and inside, and drives really well. It always takes some getting used to for me to drive a car that is not stick-shift, because I love the control of driving standard, but I still enjoyed driving the EcoSport to and from Montreal.

Some of the features I loved about this vehicle:

8-inch touchscreen that works like your smartphone. It's easy to use, simple to understand, and looks good.

4WD. The EcoSport is a really capable vehicle no matter what road conditions are like; this means you can feel just as safe driving in the winter when we have to deal with less than favourable weather for almost half the year.

Auto Start-Stop Technology. This technology helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as the auto start-stop shuts off the engine automatically when it's not needed, helping you save money, while helping the environment, too.

EcoSport's Standard Cargo Management. I like this feature because you can adjust the rear cargo shelf and customize how you want to stow your luggage and gear.

Available sync connect powered by FordPass. This is an awesome feature and one that I would most appreciate in the winter months, because it remotely starts, locks, and unlocks your vehicle. It can also check your approximate odometer reading, fuel level, and distance to empty.

Standard rear view cameras. I love the rear view cameras; I have a feeling it's helping a lot of drivers avoid minor accidents in tight spaces and parking lot, and I know this is a feature I need in my next vehicle.

The all-new 2018 Ford Eco-Sport is affordable (starting at $20, 985) and sporty, and the perfect vehicle for families looking to own an SUV for the first time. The technology in the EcoSport makes driving fun and convenient, and with Apple CarPlay, two fast charging USB ports, and 12-volt outlets, you'll always be connected on the road.

Thank you for the great experience, Ford!
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