Netflix: Your Must-Have Travel Essential

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As the holiday season approaches, many families will be travelling to get away from the cold or to visit their families in other cities.

While we stay close to home for the holidays, we area already planning our annual winter getaway to south Florida. I am so looking forward to feeling the warm sunshine on my skin again, and spending hours on the beach and by the pool–pina colada in hand!

My boys have always been excellent travellers, even on long flights overseas. While I help them pack their carry-on bags, I make sure I have all their favourite Netflix shows and movies downloaded. After all,  travelling can be chaotic at times, so why not take a little time before you leave to make sure your kids have what they need to stay entertained, and not annoyed, during your travels?

If you travel often enough, you will know that sometimes, the unexpected can happen–delayed flights, lost luggage, long line-ups, and more–and I find that if my boys have their headphones and a few of their favourite movies downloaded on their iPads they are okay with anything that gets thrown our way. 1 in 5 Canadian parents say one of their main concerns when travelling is keeping their kids entertained. Netflix is all the entertainment you need to keep your kids (and yourself!) happy, no matter how long the flight or airport wait.

Downloading our favourites movies and shows (or movies we haven't seen yet) are always on the top of our travel 'to-do' list before each trip. With shows like Fuller House and Stranger Things (a favourite of my boys!) there is so much to choose from to keep everyone happy. (And if you haven't seen Stranger Things 2 yet, what are you waiting for? It is so good–even better than the first season).

Happy holiday travelling, and happy streaming, everyone!

Disclaimer: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. As part of my affiliation with this group, I receive special perks. 
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