SupperWorks: Helping Busy People Eat Well

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We all lead busy lives, and sometimes, meal planning can be a bothersome chore, especially if you're someone like me—a person who doesn't love spending countless hours in the kitchen preparing dinner. Yet, we all need to eat, so what's the perfect solution?

Thankfully I have Greek parents and in-laws who cook and drop off dinner for my family. (This is one reason I don't cook enough—or at least that's my excuse). However, this is not every day, so what's the other solution? SupperWorks.

My friends have been raving about SupperWorks for a long time, and I was finally given the opportunity to attend an Ottawa bloggers night to put SupperWorks to the test. It was a fun night with a great group of bloggers, as we all put together yummy meals to take home to our families, wine and appetizers in hand. I left with six servings of Beautiful Baja Fish Wraps, six servings of Glowing Goddess Quinoa Veggie Wraps, and a 4-Cheese and Garlic Crusted Chicken Breast for one—the perfect and healthy meal to eat for lunch when I'm at work. (The food, by the way? So delicious!).

SupperWorks was created by two passionate moms who came up with a simple solution for the meal time scramble: Provide recipes, ingredients, and a space for people to go and prepare home-cooked, nutritious, freezable meals, without the hassle of preparing them every day. The menu changes monthly, too, so you always have something new to try.

With two jobs, two children, and a million things on the go, going somewhere where all the time consuming work is already done for me—the washing, the chopping, and the clean-up—is time well spent. All I had to do was prepare my meals by following the simple instructions, and that's it. I prepared two meals in one hour—saving time and money.

Here's what else I love about SupperWorks:

  • You'll only find premium-quality, restaurant-grade meats and produce at SupperWorks, including plenty of fresh, local food.
  • You can have pick-up your meals if you're pressed for time, and you can even have your meals delivered.
  • SupperWorks is great for singles and couples, as well, as you can make meals that suit your lifestyle.
  • SupperWorks is the only meal assembly franchise in North America that's Canadian owned and operated, with ten locations across Ontario, including three in Ottawa—in Kanata, Nepean, and Orleans.

If you haven't had the chance to try SupperWorks yet, I suggest you go. You'll be as amazed as I was at how quickly healthy meals can come together in a fun environment. And you'll leave with dinner your entire family will love. Thank you for the great night, SupperWorks!

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