Falling In Love With The Dailey Method (Try A Class For Free!)

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Spring is finally (finally!) in the air. This means it's time to start spring cleaning to make room in your closet for all the new pieces you have to buy this season. Along with spring cleaning your closet comes spring cleaning your mind and body, too—by eating healthier, and working out several time a week. I love incorporating a number of different activities to stay fit, but what I love most of all is taking classes at The Dailey Method.

I began working out at The Dailey Method last summer when I was invited to take part in the #DoItDailey30 challenge as a blog ambassador. Once I got through my first class, I was in love. It was more of a workout than I expected, and after the 30 day challenge I not only felt better, I looked better, too. It was so motivating and a lot of fun.

The Dailey Method, in case you're not familiar, is a group fitness class that helps you increase muscle length, strength, tone, and balance, while improving your cardio strength, posture, and motivation.  You'll feel the burn—in the best way—and your muscles will thank you!

Not only can you take these barre classes, (and easily book the classes you want to go to on their easy-to-use app) you can also enjoy working out and really getting your sweat on in the new cycle studio.

Dailey Cycle is amazing!

Dailey Cycle fuses The Dailey Method's signature focus on alignment and body sculpting with the cardiovascular benefits of indoor cycling to deliver a musically infused, balanced, full body workout resulting in a high calorie burn.

Here are some things I love about Dailey Cycle:

1. I feel incredible after a class. I'm energized throughout the class, and when I feel like I can't possible go on any longer, the teachers always pump me up and I get through it, feeling better than ever. (Also, the music is always so amazing!).

2. All classes are planned with an intentional purpose: Speed, Strength, or Endurance. Combined with music to pump you up, the result is a high-energy class that leaves you feeling super accomplished (and sweaty).

3. The bikes are top of the line and use the most advanced technology to accurately measure your ride (calories, distance, speed, and power).

If you are not sure you should give The Dailey Method a try, I am here to tell you: you can definitely do it! And once you do, you will fall in love with it like I did. You can go at your own pace, and take as many breaks as you want. Remember: you are there to have fun and do something good for your body.

If you`d like to try a class for free, just let me know and I can give you more details. Right now, The Dailey Method is offering unlimited barre and cycle classes for one month for only $79. Such a sweet deal!

The Dailey Method is the answer to achieving a fit, healthy, long, lean and toned body. Bonus: your core will feel and look amazing, too. Barre or cycle, each work out is efficient and effective. You`ll feel (and see) results right away, and you`ll have much more energy, too. Trust me. Your mind and body will thank you, and it`s perfect for everyone, whether you`re a marathon runner, or a beginner.

Have fun!
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